Kiss Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

17 year old Caila Malik takes a risk at dating 19 year old Harry Styles. She never thought dating a member from an international boyband would be this hard. Find out how she deals with it in Kiss Me...


9. The Memories and power outages

I sat in the bean bag while the boys chatted endlessly around me. "Yea she laughs just like your mother," someone said. You didn't have time to register who because the memories came rushing back. The man in the black suit. The car crash. The screaming. The doctors. Everything. The  happiest memories I had with my mom and dad. Two separate memories. It was my mom and I sitting in the backyard on the hammock under the oak. It no longer stands there. I would cry every time I saw it. We were laughing, pointing out the shapes we found in the clouds.  Another memory popped into my head. Dad. We were sitting in a fast food restaurant. Pulling the ends off the straw paper and lowing them at the back of peoples heads. The memories of being asleep them pulled out of my dreams by Zayns screaming downstairs. I groggily walked down the stairs to see him slamming the phone against the counter. "Zayn what's wrong," I ask, scared of his actions. "Mom and dad they...they," he stuttered, breaking into more tears. I was 14 at the time i'm 17 now. Then the memory of Hunter pulling me down to the ground by my hair. I was broken out of my thoughts and terrible yet wonderful memories by someone wiping their thumb across my cheek. "Calia why are you crying," Louis asked. I looked at Zayn and he understood why. I looked down and wiped away my remaining tears. I was bombarded by the overwhelming weight of four boys on me. I sucked in all the air I could get and attempted to push them off me. Liam felt the impact of my hands on his chest and got the message. I surveyed the scene and noticed because of our act Harry seemed unnerved and didn't crush me as well. As I sat up on the couch, Zayn ran over and sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled my face into his chest. Right then the power went out. The only thing lighting the room was the flames. It illuminated every perfect feature on Harry's face. Not that I was paying attention. Oh who am I kidding I was totally paying attention. To the way his lips curved into that perfect smile or the way his eyes lit up when he saw something beautiful. "Looks like we'll be spending the night at Zayns," Liam said, in between laughs. I looked at Harry who was looking right back at me. I gave him a sorrowful look and he frowned. The room went silent. Everyone had nothing to say. The silence goes from comfortable to creepy. A small chuckle escapes Louis lips. He's the only one able to digest the situation. But what was there really to digest? What does he know? I glance at Liam but he only wears the same mask of confusion as I do. I glance at Niall and a smirk plays on his lips. Still the eerie silence creeps up my back making me shiver in my skin. The only noise in the room is the sounds of metal hitting metal. "Do you hear that," Liam asks. Everyone nods. Fear takes over my body. I glance at Harry and he seems to have read my mind. "Baby it's okay," he mouths. 

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