Kiss Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

17 year old Caila Malik takes a risk at dating 19 year old Harry Styles. She never thought dating a member from an international boyband would be this hard. Find out how she deals with it in Kiss Me...


8. Only with you... Forever and Always

I heard Liams breathing slow down meaning he fell asleep. I wriggled carefully out of his arms. I slipped on my slippers and ducked out the back door back onto the porch. The snow had started to fall thicker in the last hour. My mind was to busy to feel anything. My heart was pulling in two different ways, numbing my body. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and froze to the spot. "Relax baby it's just me," Harry chuckled into my neck. I spun around in his arms and smashed my lips onto his. Our lips molded together. This is what I had been missing. His fingers played with the hem of my shirt and mine intertwined behind his neck. Then a thought occurred to me. Zayn. I pushed away as fast as I had kissed him. He looked shocked yet pleased. I sucked in the sweet air my lungs were craving for. Then he finally recognized why I pushed away. "I wish we could tell Zayn," he whispered. I nodded and bit my lip to hold back the tears. "What about you spend the night at my house again babe," Harry said, nestling his face in my neck. His hair tickled against my chin and his hot lips pressed against my neck. 'What am I gonna tell Zayn this time," I asked, pushing him away. He shrugged and smirked. "I don't know think," he chuckled. I smiled and pushed past him. As soon as my foot hit the hardwood the warm air wrapped around me. "Remember it's only you... forever and always," Harry whispered into my ear. I shuddered as his warm breath slid down my neck. Those words ran through my mind. Only you... Forever and Always. What mattered the most to me at the moment though was the fact I gave him my heart. I kissed him. But I had to remember he won't hurt me like Hunter. 

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