Kiss Me- A Harry Styles Love Story

17 year old Caila Malik takes a risk at dating 19 year old Harry Styles. She never thought dating a member from an international boyband would be this hard. Find out how she deals with it in Kiss Me...


1. Beautiful

Hi i'm Caila Malik. As in Zayn Maliks little sister. I'm 17. I have Light brown- almost blonde hair with dark chocolate brown eyes. I guess i'm beautiful. That's what Zayn and the boys always told me. I rolled out of bed on a cold Winter morning. I ran into the bathroom and turned on the heated floor panels. Immediate warmth spread all over the floor and into my feet. I turned on the water inside the shower and shut the door. The mirror began to fog as i slipped out of my silk pajamas. I pulled my hair out of the high ponytail and stepped into the shower. The hot, steaming water ran down my back as I exfoliated my hair with coconut shampoo and conditioner. I washed that out and shaved my legs. I washed away the sweat and dirt of yesterday with my mango soap. After washing off I shut off the water and grabbed a towel from the cabinet. I wrapped the towel around me and left the heat of the bathroom. I stepped into my walk in closet and ran my fingers over the racks of clothing. I pulled a pair of black leggings off the hangar and paired them with a white knit sweatshirt with 'Lets Make Out' written in black lettering across the front. I grabbed my aztec printed bootie slippers and pulled my straight hair into a ponytail. I slipped on the booties and ran down the stairs. The sound of laughing greeted me at the door. All of the boys were sitting at the table. I walked up behind Zayn and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Hi sis," Zayn said, looking up at me. "Hi," I said cheerily, placing a kiss on my brothers cheek. I looked around at the boys and glared at Harry. He got up from his seat and pushed past me into the kitchen. Harry and I are supposed to "hate" each other. We do "hate" each other. So far it's been easy hiding our relationship from Zayn. It will get harder though and we both know that. I pulled away from Zayn and walked into the kitchen. "Hey babe," Harry whispered. "Hi," I breathed, jumping on him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. "Aye what did I tell you about kissing me," I hissed. "Sorry," he mumbled. "It's okay baby," I whispered, ruffling his hair. I grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and poured some Lucky Charms into it. "So what about you spend the night at my house tonight babe?" Harry asked curiously. "How would we hide that from Zayn," I asked obviously. "Say your spending the night at Dana's," Harry whispered. I gave it a thought then smiled. "Okay let's do it," I agreed. I pushed open the swinging door out into the sitting area and plopped down next to Liam. He was the only one who knew about me and Harry. We both knew that he would never tell Zayn. He was too trustworthy. He nudged me with his elbow and i glared at him. Harry came back into the sitting area and scoffed when he saw me. "Can't you guys get along for 5 minutes," Zayn asked seriously. "They get along real well," Liam mumbled. I kicked his shin with my heel and he shut his mouth. Niall gave me and Liam a confused look and I went back to eating my cereal. Zayn coughed and Louis chuckled. Every head in the room looked towards Louis. "What's so funny," Harry asked. "Nothing," Louis laughed, "nothing." My mind kept wandering towards the thought of tonight. Staying at Harry's house. Alone. With him. What was gonna happen? What if Zayn found out? Zayn would kill me. But I loved Harry. With love being killed by your overprotective brother is a risk you have to take...


a.n.- Hey guys this is the first chapter to Kiss Me. Hope you guys like it. I'm gonna try to update everyday. Schools out for the Summer but I start Algebra Academy on the 3rd. x_x  Well let me know what you guys think!!!! ~Jillian 

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