awesome imagines

if you want a personal imagine just comment and tell me


3. your crush sleeps over your house

your super nervous because your crushes family is going on vacation and he needs to stay with someone and your parents know his. you run home and walk in on your and his parents talking. your mom says that you either sleep in your brothers room or the living room you pick the living room

**** that night******

your watching t.v at around 11:30 and your not supposed to be awake. you hear a door creak open and you act like your sleeping. you see a shadow at the top of the steps. you see the shadow walk down the steps and sit next to you on the couch. you feel a hand pull your hair behind your ear and feel warm soft lips brush against your cheek. you jump up in reaction.

(your crushes name) what are you doing

"uhh umm well i've really liked you for a while and i couldnt help myself" he smiles weekly.

"oh..well i um liked you too"

he leans down and kisses you very passionately.

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