awesome imagines

if you want a personal imagine just comment and tell me


1. louis imagine

(y/n)have you seen my tie. he called from across the room. ''no why'' I replied he didn't answer. I walked into the bathroom where he was he had a tail around him. ''what do you need the tie for? we're not going out.  are you?'' he looked at me. he said ''because we're gonna need it tonight'' I could feel my face getting red  "  so did you find it?" he asked. "uhh I-i'll go look for it lou" I was shaking just thinking about what he was gonna do. last time I was sore for about a week> I had marks on my wrist from cuffs. I was interrupted by Louis again "(y/n) ??" I stopped looking "yeah" I was just standing there. he came out and said " I found it!!" I couldn't move I was frozen. " whats wrong" he said I just stared at his perfect body "oh nothing its just last time it really hurt" he had a big, and evil smile on his face "oh, well I wont hurt you this time" he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the wall "jump" he said in aggression. I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. we started making out aggressively and he threw me on the bed t and jumped on top of me " (y/n) you know what to do" I started tugging at the hem of my shirt and I finally got it off. he started playing with the buckle on the back of the bra he pulled and tugged but he couldn't get it off. he said in an evil way " (y/n) take it off!!!" I did as he commanded and took the bra off. he pulled off my pants and underwear. he slid in slowly enough for me to adjust. he shoved the full thing into me. I moaned at the pain and pleasure of his full size. he started pumping in and out faster and harder. then HARDER, HARDER, HARDER then I started screaming. " whats wrong babe" it h-hurts l-lou" I struggled to get out.  "oh suck it up (y/n)" he went harder and harder. I started whimpering "L-Lou please stop! it hurts to much" he stopped. he looked at me then said 'ok fine" he rolled next to me and pulled me in "(y/n) your perfect" I was trying to breath " th-thanks lou' I said outta breath

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