awesome imagines

if you want a personal imagine just comment and tell me


2. jai and breanna (personally for me)

I woke up to the sound of my alarm I hurried up and threw some skinny jeans on and tank top that showed a little belly. I grabbed my bookbag and ran out the door. I had to be at school extra early because I was in drama and they wanted to meet at like 7:00. I got to school to see a group of people and when I went to open the door it wouldn't open. I knocked and after 5 minutes a tall brown headed brown eyed boy came to the door and pushed it open. "hi im jai" I just stared at him. he was soo hot. "yeah I know your like the most popular kid in school!" he kept looking at me. he didn't say anything he just stared. we got to the circle of people and we separated. he was standing acrossed from me and him and luke (his twin) kept staring at me. I felt uncomfortable and flattered at the same time. two amazingly hot guys were staring at me. when we started walking to the drama class jai and luke walked over to me "hey im luke" I said "yeah I know and you have a brother beau" he looked weirded out " I only know that because you guys are like the most popular kids in school" he started laughing then he leaned in and said "then wouldn't that make you the most popular girl" I was really confused "how??" I asked he looked at me and whispered in my ear "because your the most popular guys girlfriend". was he trying to ask me out or was he testing me? I wanted badly to go out with him. ive liked him for a while now. "uh how" I asked and he stepped in front of me separating us from the class. " can I have the honor of calling you my girlfriend?" I couldn't breath did he seriously just ask me that. am I dreaming. I finally chocked out "hell yes" he started laughing and said "ok follow me" he grabbed my hand and led me to the boys locker room. "what are we doing here" I asked confused. he didn't answer he grabbed my head and pulled me in. he started kissing me then he bit my lower lip as if asking for entrance. I separated my lips and he slid his tongue in. he started pulling up at the hem of my tank top. he pulled my shirt fully off .he started taking my bra off. I pulled out "whata you doing" he looked at me "just go with it breanna". my whole chest was exposed. he started kissing my neck then he found my sweet spot and started biting, nibbling, and sucking. I let a loud moan out and then we heard the door open. "hello who's there" said a deep voice. he started walking

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