Lynn is drowning. She struggles as she gasps for air and reaches and claws her hands trying to get some source of surface. Of safety. She's isolated in her own self hate; tearing at her skin and she feels like happiness is one big fuckery. Although she does not know a boy at her school, Harry knows exactly what she feels. He may not see her scars or hear the screams and sobs of her pain, but one look in the eyes and he can read her like a book. If only Lynn would know. That this boy is falling hard.


1. Imperfection

Perfect. They're fighting again. Why can't they shut the fuck up? They already ruined me. Look At me, I'm a mess. I'm ugly, and nothing's going to change that. Im Lynn. If you can't tell, I'm pretty.... Self hated? I don't what to call myself. But the point is; I'm miserable. My parents are fighting almost every second of my life. They ignore me and are so absorbed of their problems, they don't even notice my scars. And they don't even care. I don't really have any friends.... There's only this one girl, named lily. She understands me (a little, I guess) . But we sometimes have good laughs, and that's basically what I look forward to in school. Speaking of that hell hole. I have to go.

Picking up my bag, I walk past the screaming idiots and walk out the door to the bus stop. It was cold, I could see little puffs of glowing clouds escape my lips as I gave a sigh walking towards my bus stop. I saw a lean and strong silhouette. They walked up to the stop and leaned back on the pole. I looked closer and saw a boy. He goes on my bus but I don't really know him.. I started to walk a little slower, and noticed his eyes fall down my path. He looked up straight at me, and then quickly looked back down. I noticed what he was wearing. A Ramones tee, and some very skinny jeans. His hair was usually curly but this time it looked like brown waves, swept back into a quiff. I stepped up, being careful to keep my space. He looked at me and smiled, I pretended like I didn't notice; until I heard a low, raspy voice say "hey babe"

my eyes widened and I looked up at him.


my face grew red and I despised it. I noticed him chuckling, that made me even more embarrassed. God this asshole.

"what's that?" He said 

i fumbled thinking he saw my cuts; I quickly pulled down my sleeves. He raised an eyebrow and grabbed my binder out of my hands. He looked at the paper I slipped through the clear sleeve. It was a drawing of my little sister, she was sitting in a field, and looking up to the sky, smiling. My sister died 2 years ago. She was 10 years old. She died because of my parents. Again, they were fighting and got in an accident and killed her. Another reason why my life is a living hell.


"'s, my sister...." I mumbled 

"it's really good" he flashed me another cheeky smile and pointed at the bus driving towards us. I got my things together and watched the bus pull up. It's stopped and opened the doors; The boy signaled his hands towards the door


"Ladies first" he spoke, with a cunning wink

i stepped up the stairs, not noticing I was smiling to myself, and in the back of the bus and gazed out the window

"who is this boy" I whispered softly as the bus went off to school.

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