never easy

Sara thought he was the one. The one for her. She thought he would ask...he never did. She thought he was different. Instead he leaves her. Never came back......


3. sometimes an illusion

"Ok so you see Liam, he see's you. You both fall in love and then he breaks your heart. Is that what your story mostly is?"

"Kind of."

"But, there is more?"

"Yes. There is more to the story than that."

"Like what?"

"If you would stop interrupting me I think you would find out."

"Oh, sorry. Go on."

"Thank you."


"Hello. You're Christine's dad and my husband's friend, right?"

"Correct. Now may I have a word with you and your family?"

"Of course. I just don't think there is enough room for all of us."

"It's ok. I'll stand. You guys should sit down."

"No. Please sit. Make yourself at home."

"I'm fine. Really. Now sit."

"Fine. So what is so important?"

"Well I know that you and your family are going through some tough times. So I have a little something for you. As you might have heard I own a new business in town. I would love to hire your husband to work. Also I have a check for you guys. Looks about 1000-"



"I don't know what to say. Thank you so much."

"No problem. And for Christine and Sara I have 2 tickets for them to see One Direction second row."

"No, I can't take this."

"You must. Please, it's a gift. You need the money more than I do." Then, my mom threw her arms around him and started crying with tears of joy. "Thank you! Thank you so much! How could I ever repay you?"

"Don't. It's a gift. Here is the check, the job application, and the performance is next Friday." I guess my mom couldn't take it all in at once because she fainted. Right when the check was placed in her hand. "Sara, is she alright?"

*Present Day*

"How much longer?"


"Sorry, I just wanna know."

"Alright fine. Emily there is so much more to this story. It may take me a couple days to tell you the whole thing."

"Did you just say a couple days? No! not days!"

"Well, maybe if you stopped interrupting the story would go by faster!"

"Sis, don't yell, please. I'm sorry."

"It's ok. Just try not to. Please?"

"Ok, on with it."


"She's alright. Just too much to take in at once I suppose."

"Oh I see. Go drench a towel in hot water and drip it on her face."

"Will that work?"

"Maybe. Now go get one. I should get going. Tell your mother I said your welcome and hugs to you all."

"Ok I will." So what now? Alone in a house with your mother passed out on the floor. I would be surprised if she didn't faint. I mean she was really poor, now she has all this money. I didn't know what to do. I decided to cool myself down with a nice cool shower. With only a towel on I open the shower curtain................... "Sara! Get out of here!"


"Hey! I'm sorry that people get dirty and maybe need a shower sometimes!"

"Fine be quick though." What a pleasant sight. Running back to my room to put my cloths back on I find that my mom has awaken. Her a face is as white as the snow on a clear crisp winter morning. Her eyes are as dark as the night sky and she looks ill. "Mom? You alright?"

"Yes I'm alright. What happened?"

"You passed out."

"Oh, um, where's dad?"

"He went with Christine's dad."

"Oh, okay."


"Um, guys? No towel here!!" Jacob says as he barges in the hall naked.

"Jacob!! Get some cloths on!! No one wants to see that! Get out of here!! Mom! Help him!"

"Jacob! You know better. Leave."

"But I'm not dry."

"Just go!! I don't care!" I yell. As I barge out of the hall with my hands locked on top of my eyes. Even though he's my brother I don't want to see that. Never.

I hop into the shower and feel the nice cool water on my skin. 

*Present day*

"That's all I'm going to tell today. You should get some sleep, Emily."

"Awe, it's not that late. Come on please. Haha Jacob he-"

"No, Emily, that is enough for today. It's almost eleven. You'll be tired tomorrow."

"I don't care."

"Then you will fall asleep in the middle of the story tomorrow."

"Ugh fine. Good night Sara." 

"Night Emily, now get some sleep." It's a very clear and dark night. I remember Liam and I would always go for walks on a night like this. He would hold me close and whisper in my ear with his fragile voice. Every time he said "I love you and always will. Don't you ever forget it." I don't believe him now. I never did anything to him. If I did hurt him in anyway I never knew. I just miss him so much. We were so close and loved each other with all our hearts. I tried calling his phone. 

The phone rings for about twenty seconds then I hear the annoying voice of the voicemail lady. Tears fill my eyes that he didn't even want to answer. I could tell it was declined. I'm so sad that I look over at a framed picture that has been thrown and cracked when I found out he wasn't coming back. It's a picture of Liam and I the night he asked me out about three years ago. More tears fill my eyes. I need to go back home. This is all just too much being in my old room with pictures of Liam and I. 

As I twist the key and get the car started I hear something. A familiar voice. Very familiar. I turn the car off and follow the voice by foot in the dark cold night. As I get closer the voice sounds even more familiar, but I can't pick up the words he's saying. It almost sounds like someone is calling my name. I start walking into the misty woods and now I see who's calling my name. "Liam?"

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