Ancestry~ Book One in the Can you See Me trilogy

1754- Whales, Massachusetts

The leaves scraped together like a squeaky door hinge, the rustling made poor Veronica Moore uncomfortable as she made her long journey through the deserted woods. The path here was fresh, and still had many obstacles but what choice had she? Her mother was sick, and her father dead. She needed to care for the four other children.

A noise, and then the glisten and whistle of a dagger caught Veronica's attention. A man she knew to be Thomas Whales Jr. came out of the bushes, his dagger inches from her face.

"Leave me alone."

"Marry me, and I won't kill you."

"Never! My heart belongs to another!"

"So be it!" The dagger plunged deep into her throat, and as she dropped into a lifeless heap, Thomas kissed her bloody lips. "May you forever walk these woods, wondering why you didn't accept my proposal."

Present Day- Whales, Massachusetts.

Kora Michaels had always seen ghosts. It was just something she didn't tell anyone.


4. Visitor


I walked along the long forgotten path of my childhood. Erich strode beside me in his own ghostly form. We were silent for not having seen each-other in centuries you'd think we would have something to talk about. Instead I silently replayed my murder over and over again. Living out the curse my murderer bestowed upon me in my last moments as a human girl. As a ghost, the most powerful ghost in Whales since I was killed in cold blood. As I died I realized I was a witch and when I did I realized I could've fought back if my family would have told me.

I have been an angry horomonal teenaged ghost for almost three hundred years perhaps longer. I remember trying to keep my mother's spirit trapped on this plane as I was, but she was an old shrew and overpowered me and moved on, she never looked back. She didn't even realize I was dead. Then suddenly when I thought I had no family left here Kora shows up, reuniting me with Erich and stirring old memories. Her blood is tainted with that of my murderer's. I couldn't let that stop me from offering her any help she may need. She can see me and Erich and probably all the others. The other despicable beings who cannot cross over. Erich stopped walking or rather floating when we came upon where my murder had taken place. Where my mangled body had been found. Where I had realized what I was minutes too late.


"What was it like?" He asked me.


"To be murdered I mean."

"To feel absolutely helpless as you feel your life drain away? It was awful. When I died I realized all the things I could've done. I realized what I was as well."

"What are you?"

"A witch. A dead witch." I glanced over at him. He was growing more transparent. "What's wrong Erich?"

"What? Oh I must be going. Kora is calling to me."

"How can you tell?"

"If its Kora?"


"Not sure, but who else would call?"

"True." I looked away trying to hide the hurt in my dead eyes.

"I'm sure she'll call you soon. I warned her that you can be a bit..."



"Angry? Mean? Homicidal?"


            "Oh. You should go then. Don't keep her waiting." I watched as he left and sank to the forest floor where once my blood flowed and seeped deep into the dirt. Most people believe ghosts don't cry. But they do. We can feel, and see, and touch. We can do everything a human can, except eat a meal. I placed my head in my hands and cried. Its always dangerous when I let my emotions loose, things happen that I can't explain or control. I heard the thunder and knew I had created another storm, just like the one that killed the whole town centuries ago. I panicked and Flickered to Kora. I couldn't control my dead magic, but maybe I could teach here how to control her's. I materialized in a room that I had many murals on the walls. One caught my attention more than the others, it was a paining of what I assumed was me, and Erich, and then in the center between us was my unborn child. I walked towards the wall and through the bed to touch the painting of the faceless child. When I touched it, I heard a child's scream and I released the wall hurriedly. If I were alive I would have had chills going up and down my spine. It frightened me mostly because the scream came from me. The storm came from me, death followed me everywhere, ironic now because I'm dead.





      Erich followed me into my bedroom, the storm had come on suddenly, and  MariBella whimpered in my arms. She hated storms, when I entered my room I saw Veronica in the center of my bed, her fingers inches from the painting of the faceless child. She looked paralyzed with fear, if I'd known any better I would've thought she was in a faint. I placed MariBella in her bed and walked over to the edge of the bed.


"Veronica, hey are you alright?" I asked. Afraid to touch her.


"Everywhere I go."


"What do you mean Ronica?" Erich asked her

"Everywhere I go, death follows." she whimpered. Erich looked at the painting of the faceless child and a flash of recognition crossed over him.

"Our child dying was not your fault Veronica. That pig killed you and our unborn child!" Erich said, now very angry. "Why is it fair that he gets to move on while the good ones and the victims of his sleazy ways are stuck here in Limbo?" Veronica turned, and locked eyes with him, I felt suddenly like the unneeded spare tire.


"He's in Hell, he didn't cross over to the Afterlife I made sure his door was red." Veronica whispered harshly.


"You guys know you don't need to whisper, right?"


"Your mother may hear our important discussion!" Veronica replied.


"The gift skips a generation."


Veronica came out from the middle of the bed and hugged me. I was surprised I could feel her. I could smell her, she smelled like lilacs.

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