Ancestry~ Book One in the Can you See Me trilogy

1754- Whales, Massachusetts

The leaves scraped together like a squeaky door hinge, the rustling made poor Veronica Moore uncomfortable as she made her long journey through the deserted woods. The path here was fresh, and still had many obstacles but what choice had she? Her mother was sick, and her father dead. She needed to care for the four other children.

A noise, and then the glisten and whistle of a dagger caught Veronica's attention. A man she knew to be Thomas Whales Jr. came out of the bushes, his dagger inches from her face.

"Leave me alone."

"Marry me, and I won't kill you."

"Never! My heart belongs to another!"

"So be it!" The dagger plunged deep into her throat, and as she dropped into a lifeless heap, Thomas kissed her bloody lips. "May you forever walk these woods, wondering why you didn't accept my proposal."

Present Day- Whales, Massachusetts.

Kora Michaels had always seen ghosts. It was just something she didn't tell anyone.


2. The Move


The move from sunny California, to foggy, wet and sometimes freezing Whales, Massachusetts was hard for me to accept. I had finally made some friends, and even a boyfriend. Now my mom believes moving to this small village away from dad and every other sad memory is the right move for us. I highly doubt it, just because she and dad couldn't find it in their hearts to stay together didn't mean we had to travel to the East Coast. I saw the sign and read it with a groan, 'Welcome to Whales! Enjoy your Stay With us, Argh!' Great a pirate town. I rolled my eyes and turned up my music on my iPod. My dog MariBella sat next to me in her carrier, she hated car rides. I didn't blame her, all her family lived back in Orange Blossom, now we're in Fog City. I glanced out the window and already I began to see them. Ghosts, spirits, apparitions. My curse is going to be a royal pain in the a$$ this year,

It wasn't raining, it was sunny outside and for a moment I thought I was on Dad's movie set. Then of course I remembered where I was and wiped the smile from my face. A Ghost town overlapped the modern town and the people now didn't even know. I turned to my mother, a woman I haven't spoken to in three days.

"Mother, why here?"

"We have family here, or we did in the late 1700's." Of course we did, my mother was a history teacher and Paranormal Investigator. She thought my 'gift' was great, she even took me on some of her jobs. I puked each time, soon she stopped taking me along. The clients didn't appreciate the puke everywhere she said. I had danced for joy at the thought of the halt of my Paranormal career. I just wanted to be normal. Every T.V show I've seen that interviews young mediums and psychics such as me I felt it was just a bunch of crap. They were so paid actors they didn't know what it was like, to actually see them, and see how they died. That was the worst part of it. We passed an old Tavern called "Raven" and I noticed a young ghost girl around eighteen standing on the path way. The other ghosts paid her no attention. I made a mental note to at least talk to _her_. 

Mom pulled into a bungalow's drive way and I jumped out and grabbed MariBella. 

"See you mom, I'm going to walk around a bit and put MariBella in the back yard."

"Okay dear." I entered the fenced in back yard and let Mari out of her carrier. She yapped at my ankles until I bent down and stroked her head, her silky cocker spaniel ears flapped in the wind and she took off towards a shady tree. I shook my head and hopped the fence leading into the forest. I just started to walk, until I heard a noise, I turned to my left and a young boy around the same age as the girl I saw came forward,

"Ronica? Is it you?"

"Who are you talking about? I'm Kora Michaels."

"Emilia married an Andrew Michaels. You look like my Ronica I'm sorry."

"Who are you? When did you die?" I had no idea why I was asking these questions. I hated my 'gift' why was I using it?

"I'm Erich Goodman, I died in 1767 from the flu."

"1767, gosh you're the oldest ghost I've spoken to,"

"Ronica's been dead since '54. She was only eighteen." 

"I think I've seen her. Are you searching for her?"


"Come on."


Erich and I made our way through the forest. He made most of the paths when he was alive so he knew his way around. We came to the ally between the Raven and the barber. There she was. Standing in the center of the road.

"Careful. She's powerful. That's why no one goes near her." Erich whispered, almost as if he was afraid of the girl he claimed he loved.

"She doesn't look dangerous."

"Well, she is, she was enraged when her murder wasn't solved, set the whole town a flame. Only I and her remaining family survived. In a way justice was served. Thomas was killed and those who did not believe it was he who killed her."

"How awful. She killed all those people."

"Only three hundred and four."

"Seriously, you honestly know the exact number?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

"Never mind." I walked towards the floating figure of Veronica Moore. "Veronica?" I called, she turned and her eyes held the pain and suffering she had dealt with for centuries. I was suddenly very scared. She did look like me, or I looked like her. We had the same length hair, the same color, brunette with hints of red, and the same wide doe eyes the color of sea weed. She opened her mouth, at first I thought she was going to set me on fire or worse,

"Hello, who are you and why do you look like me?" Veronica said in a steady voice filled with power.

"I'm Kora Michaels. Great-Great-Great-Great Grand daughter to Emilia Moore Michaels. Daughter of Dianna Michaels, and Keith Whales."

"Whales? Your father is a Whales? How dare the family of the man who killed me mate with my own blood line?"

"I'm sorry Veronica, you're my great aunt aren't you?"

"Well, of course."

"Is Emilia here as well?"

"No, she moved on to a better life. As did the rat Thomas Whales Jr. his better life would be Hell."

"How do you know? I saw his light, it was red, he's in Hell."

"Do you need help moving on?"

"I've done too much evil in my after life to move on." Veronica said steadily.

"I've got a surprise for you. Do you remember Erich?"

"Of course I do."

"He didn't move on. Erich?" Erich stepped out from the shadows and Veronica's face lit up with happiness. I had reunited them.

"Thank you Kora, thank you." She kissed his lips and they disappeared living me alone in the woods, I shrugged and turned around the way Erich had showed me. It didn't take me long to get home, _home_ how strange to call this place that only after a few hours. Maybe this year wouldn't be so bad. School starts in September, I have a whole three months alone. Its still June here and the teenagers are still in school with exams. I might as well ride my bike down to the school and get registered. Mom was far too busy to remember anyway. She had to go down to the school tomorrow to start her job. I would just go with her tomorrow to register. I hopped the fence and MariBella came over to me and licked my bare legs.

"Hello girl, how was your day?"

"Woof!" I laughed and led her inside. In the few hours I had been gone mom had unpacked _everything_ I raced up into my new room, which already had my name spelled out in curly letters. Letters I've had since I was seven. I didn't mind though. Reminded me of home. Dad lost custody of me in the very beginning to long of hours being a Hollywood actor. Mom would be home more and more responsible of me. I get to see him in August to get the rest of my stuff. I opened my door and boxes met my gaze. I smiled, good I get to decorate. I opened the first box, marked walls. It was the heaviest of the boxes, because it had all my paints in it. I took out my smock and pallet and got to work.


Three Hours Later~ Dusk

When I had finished, I had painted the Hollywood sign, scenes from my favorite movies and a family portrait of me, mom, and dad, with a zig zag between mom and dad like a torn photograph. Above where my bed would be would be a picture of Veronica and Erich, my great aunt and possibly uncle. I climbed up a ladder and started to paint well me, in a victorian style dress. My hair though would be wavy like Veronica's. When I finished her I started on Erich, his black hair and blue eyes and then his full lips he was an unnatural beauty for sure and mom would freak when she saw him. But whatever something told me to paint a baby between them, a faceless baby in a blue and pink blanket. This was the sign for me that Veronica died when pregnant with this child. This faceless baby was my cousin. Thomas Whales killed him or her when he killed Veronica in a bitter rage. If anything I hated my father more now. His ancestor killed one of mom's. No wonder that they divorced. I finished and climbed down just as mom called for dinner. I raced down the steps my face splattered with paint.

"Hello dear, did you finish painting?"

"Yes. I just painted what came to me."


"Yes, so what's for dinner?"

"Chinese food."


"So on your walk to you meet anyone interesting?" I knew she meant 'paranormal' anyone's.

"Two, Erich Goodman, died 1767, and then Veronica Moore, 1754."

"Veronica? You mean our ancestor. You met her?"

"Yes, oh mom she set the fire that kill three hundred and four people, she saved Emilia and Erich, and I believe an Andrew Michaels."

"Who killed her?"

"You don't know?"


"Thomas Whales Junior."

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