Ancestry~ Book One in the Can you See Me trilogy

1754- Whales, Massachusetts

The leaves scraped together like a squeaky door hinge, the rustling made poor Veronica Moore uncomfortable as she made her long journey through the deserted woods. The path here was fresh, and still had many obstacles but what choice had she? Her mother was sick, and her father dead. She needed to care for the four other children.

A noise, and then the glisten and whistle of a dagger caught Veronica's attention. A man she knew to be Thomas Whales Jr. came out of the bushes, his dagger inches from her face.

"Leave me alone."

"Marry me, and I won't kill you."

"Never! My heart belongs to another!"

"So be it!" The dagger plunged deep into her throat, and as she dropped into a lifeless heap, Thomas kissed her bloody lips. "May you forever walk these woods, wondering why you didn't accept my proposal."

Present Day- Whales, Massachusetts.

Kora Michaels had always seen ghosts. It was just something she didn't tell anyone.


3. Register


I woke up on the floor in a sleeping bag. I had to let all the paint dry before I could set up anything else. I got up and stretched my limps. Every bone and joint in my body did 'Snap, Crackle, Pop' jingle for Rice Krispies. I went into the kitchen the only unpacked room in the house and saw my mother toasting a bagel.

"Hey mom." she jumped, startled by my entrance.

"Hello dear."

"You going to work?"

"Yes and I am going to register you as a student. Would you like to come along?"

"Sure." I dressed in shorts and a "Be my Ninja" tank top and got in the car. I placed my sunglasses over my eyes and waited in the driver's seat. My mother rolled her eyes and handed me the keys.  "Ready mom?"

"Yep." I put the car in reverse and rolled into my lane. 

"Which way to the school?"

"Straight dear. Just go straight." I put the car in drive and drove off towards the school. When we reached the school entrance I was stunned. The place looked like a freaking castle. I whistled and pulled into a parking space. I looked at my mother and said,

"Private school?"

"Nope that is the next town. This is the public school." I whistled again and said,

"What does the Private school look like?"

"Nothing like this." I stepped out the car and walked next to my mother towards the doors. Inside the lobby was made of granite floors and marble walls. Trophy cases made of the finest woods lined the walls. The main office was directly in front of us so we started out. Our feet made loud 'thump thump' and 'click clicks'. It was truly magnificent, the main office was pretty normal. The principal's office was open slightly and a balding man around forty sat at the office chair, phone in hand, fan going. My mother strode in all confident and business like. She knocked on the side panel of the door frame and when he looked up his chubby cheeks turned up into a smile.

"Hello Ms. Michaels. This must be your daughter, Kora."

"Yes this is Kora,"

"You'll register Kora in the Guidance office."

"Okay. Mom I'll meet you there."

"Okay dear."

"Kora hold on a moment, Cynthia, can you send down Mr. Clark Vincent?"

"Of course sir." A few minutes went by before a young man, presumably Clark stepped into the office,

"You wanted to see me?"

"Yes, Clark could you show our newest member to the Guidance office?"

"Of course." I followed Clark out of the office and into the hallway.

"Hello, I'm Kora Michaels,"

"I heard, you're the new teacher's daughter aren't you?"

"Yes. Why the sudden opening?"

"She retired or that's the story." 

"Oh." We started walking down an adjacent hallway until we hit a black door with 'GUIDANCE' inscribed into it. 

"This is it. Ms. Mayweather should help you with anything."

"Thanks Clark, its nice to know someone here."

"Yes, I suppose a move from a big city to this place is scary."

"Promise to be my friend?"

"I promise. I'll take you under my wing so to speak." Funny that he didn't mention Veronica at all. Seems she's famous here. 

"See you around." I opened the door and lights flickered on. A woman sat in a chair in another room. Searching something on the computer. She looked up and saw me, she motioned with her hand for me to come forward. I did so, and when I entered her office, it was freezing, if I didn't know any better I would say she liked it cold, but she sat there unflinching. Her coffee still piping. This was paranormal. So much for an easy year. I looked instinctively towards the corner and a man with a ghastly hole in his chest stood there, glaring at Mayweather in contempt. Had she somehow angered him, was she behind his death?

"Something wrong dear?" she asked me. Noticing my stare to the corner where only a fern inhabited. 


"You must be Kora?"

"Yes. I seem to be famous."

"Is Kora short for anything?"

"No, its just Kora." I said still uncomfortable after the sight in the corner.

"Something bothering you?" she asked again.

"No, its just that, how is my schedule looking for next year?"

"Your mother transferred your chosen classes from your old school. Everything seems to be in order. All advanced placement studies and college courses paid for."

"Awesome. My mother should be coming soon to register me in school."

"Speaking of the devil." Mayweather said.


"Hello, please call me Tanya." Mayweather said standing to shake my mother's hand. "Please sit."


"Now all you have to do is sign here, and your daughter will be set for school." My mother signed the form and said goodbye to Tanya Mayweather. We exited the school.

"Mom, when do you start?"


"Like me then."

"Exactly, exams are taking place today. The principal is impressed by your IQ and your SAT and ACT scores."


"Yes, he said you were an 'asset to the Whales High School' team."


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