Ancestry~ Book One in the Can you See Me trilogy

1754- Whales, Massachusetts

The leaves scraped together like a squeaky door hinge, the rustling made poor Veronica Moore uncomfortable as she made her long journey through the deserted woods. The path here was fresh, and still had many obstacles but what choice had she? Her mother was sick, and her father dead. She needed to care for the four other children.

A noise, and then the glisten and whistle of a dagger caught Veronica's attention. A man she knew to be Thomas Whales Jr. came out of the bushes, his dagger inches from her face.

"Leave me alone."

"Marry me, and I won't kill you."

"Never! My heart belongs to another!"

"So be it!" The dagger plunged deep into her throat, and as she dropped into a lifeless heap, Thomas kissed her bloody lips. "May you forever walk these woods, wondering why you didn't accept my proposal."

Present Day- Whales, Massachusetts.

Kora Michaels had always seen ghosts. It was just something she didn't tell anyone.


5. Lilacs

Veronica released me and the smell of lilacs dissipated, I turned to Erich and he looked dumbfounded, as if Veronica never hugged anyone. I remembered all the hugs I had recieved in my short life, and none of them compared to Veronica's, it wasn't just that I had been hugged by a ghost that made it different, special even it was the very fact of it felt full of power, of love and of longing. She wanted to be alive, she wanted to her have her unborn child hug as I would hug my mother. She was the unhappiest ghost I had ever encountered, and it tugged at my heart because she was my aunt. A distant aunt but she was a relative and I would do anything to help her, and Erich.


"Veronica, I was wondering, what would you have named the child?" Veronica's face turned into a smile and she had a amused expression in her eyes,


"For a girl I wanted something different. Like a flower or something."


"Now a days every girl is named after a flower or a bird, but carry on."


"I wanted her to be named Liliacia, my favorite flower was the Lilac, and for a boy Gregory."


"So pretty. My ex-boyfriend's name is Gregory." I revealed, and Veronica smiled. Erich sat on my bookshelf and was looking through one of my many art sketchbooks. When he had gotten to the last page he stopped.


"When did you draw this?" I walked over to him, and on the page I had drawn a man holding a woman in a passionate embrace, I hadn't realized at the time that the couple looked like Erich and Veronica,


"Before I came here I believe around November of last year."


"Your talents are astounding I hope you know. The very likeness in our expressions is undeniably true love. I haven't a clue how you knew of us. Heaven's sake we've been dead for centuries, and we weren't in any books that we know of." Erich exclaimed with delight and amazement.


"Why thank you Erich." Veronica had made her way over and saw the picture.


"I remember that day."


"You do, this is a real historical event?" Erich exclaimed again.


"Shush yes, it was when I told you I loved you."


"Ah yes, it was full moon and we were walking, it was before your father had gotten sick and your mama to. The lake was still and the crickets were silent as if anticipating the events of the night untold. Oh that was a glorious night." Erich whispered almost to himself.



~That Night August 22nd 1752~


Veronica's POV


I waited with undescribable anticipation for Erich to arrive. I had something to tell him. Oh it was so glorious to feel the way that I do, I heard father's hounds start to howl and I raced out of the door giving Mama and Papa a kiss each, the twins were asleep and Emilia didn't feel the greatest. Erich met me at the end of the path. He embraced me in a hello hug and off we went. The moon was full and the night was warm. I gathered my skirts in one hand and rested the other in Erich's. He led me to the lake, our special lake, it was hidden from all the paths and no one knew of it. Especially not the Sir Whales' son.


"Erich, you told me earlier you had something to share with me." I said expectantly. I was bursting with anticipation now. I wanted to tell him badly.


"I suppose I could tell you now, but I like to see you wiggle. You are the most curious girl I know."

"OH! Don't be mean to me Erich Anthony Goodman!" I exclaimed playfully poking him in the arm.

"Then why don't you share your news with me?" he said reaching for me, I ducked away and ran off towards the water's edge. I could hear him laugh and run after me. He grabbed me around the waist and he whispered close to my ear, "Fine, Veronica Rosalind Michaels I am in love with you."


"Erich Anthony Goodman, was that so hard to admit?"


"No, I want to scream it from the top of the Church and yell it in Jr's face."


"I love you," I whispered softly. His hands found my face, and he kissed me as if my words were the permission he was seeking to touch his lips to mine. I found myself releasing my strong Puritan upbringing as I began to kiss him back. My hands ventured to his waist and then up around his neck. The crickets, which were quiet before were going mad, Erich started to unbutton my frock, and I let him, as I undid his shirt strings. I pulled it over his head and I was faced with his perfectly sculpted chest from long days in the field and his tan skin. I was still in my corset and he was having difficulty with getting it off, my mother had made sure it was done tightly for she knew that I was meeting Erich. "It's okay, mama doubled it."


"You can breathe?" He asked bewildered.


"Barely." I laughed. His lips found mine as he finally succeeded in untying the knots and my petticoats were gone and discarded in a bush. I was naked and so was he. We knew not of what to do next, we were told sexual relations was forbidden. We didn't care. We embraced once more and we fell into each other and onto the ground. Erich braced himself above gazing into my eyes, I wanted him to kiss me, my body pulsed with the anticipation of would come next, mama had told bits of what created me and my siblings but I was still unsure, I'm sure Erich knew much more than I. He kissed me once more and then he was inside of me. At first it hurt like a thousand bee stings and then the pain receded and I started to enjoy the fact that I was making well love to Erich, we were joined as one, the closest two people could be. When he was finished we were both out of breath. He rolled over to the side of me, and I nestled into his side.


"That was unreal." Erich whispered.


"It truly was, it was enchanting." I whispered back.


"Have I told you lately that I love you?" He asked.


"A few hours ago I believe. I love you Erich." I said looking up at him. 

"I too love you Veronica. I must get you home." Erich said, removing my arms from his body. He got up and gave me my clothes. I skipped putting my corset back on, surely mother would believe I had Emilia take it off for me. I put on my dress and Erich took my hand. The moon as our compass we made our back to our homes.



~Present Day- Whales Mass.~

(Kora's POV)


I released Veronica's hand and my own hand flew from the sketchbook. I looked at Erich and he was blushing...well if a ghost could blush that was what he was doing. I looked to Veronica and she smiled, like she wasn't sure of what had just happened, happened. I moved my lips to speak about the incident but before I could I heard my mother call for me from down the stairs.




"Yes mother?" I called back,


"Are you upstairs? I heard screams."


"Screams mother? No one was screaming at all. And I'm the only one up here." I called down to her, Veronica leaning over my shoulder to look at my mother. She whispered in my ear,


"I told you she could hear us. She looks like Emilia." 


Oh shush. I mentally threw at her.


"I will not shush!" Veronica said. I glared at her and mother looked at expectantly, as if she expected me to tell her whom I was glaring at.

"Kora dear, dinner will be ready soon." She said finally and left the landing. I glanced at Erich who was still perched on the bookshelf. Waiting to talk of the incident. I returned to my room and closed the door. I then sat on my favorite mushroom chair and looked at Veronica, wanting her to explain what the hell just happened.


"Veronica, what the hell just happened?" I whispered harshly. She looked at Erich who was staring at her the same way my mother would before reprimanding me. Veronica rolled her undead eyes and began,


"I don't know the extent of my powers just yet, apparently I can share my memories with others." She whispered looking down at the floor. She seemed to have lost all her Olde English accent and was talking as I would. Erich sounded the same. 


"Wait in the memory you two talked way different, what happened?"


"As the times changed as did the accents of Americans as we are called now. Unfortunately Ron and I are stuck as Colonists." Erich answered. "We picked up on it." he finished. 


"I have to go," Veronica said, "I have to wander around the forest some more you know." Before I could say anything to keep her here, she Flickered and was gone. 


"What was that about?" I turned to ask Erich, but he too was gone. I sat on the edge of my bed and sighed. I was alone, in a strange new town and only one human friend and two ghost friends. I looked over to my wall and saw my old friends, we were laughing at the Hollywood sign pointing up to it and Justin my best friend was pretending to hold it up on his shoulders like the God Atlas. I sighed and noticed something else, Thomas Whales Jr. was staring back at me through my window. I gasped in shock and horror as the murderer who killed my aunt stared deep into my shocked eyes.


He wasn't at peace. Or in Hell. He came back from wherever he came from. This year just got a lot more interesting...


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