His other side

Justin's just a regular 18 year old in a tiny town in Stratford , Canada. He has the perfect life. The perfect girlfriend Britney. Atleast he thinks she's perfect until he finds Britney doing something with Justin's bestfriend Oliver at a party. How does Justin react to this?Does he still date her? Does he become a Bad boy?A player?? Read if you wanna find out. ****** VIEWERS MUST BE MATURE ENOUGH TO HANDLE THE SEX SCENES. THERE IS A LOT*****


1. The beginning

                    ~JUSTIN'S POV~

    Justin: What the hell is that annoy noise? I mumble as I look out the window to find out what the noise was coming from. My Hazel eyes land on a mother bird chirping really fucking loud as she feeds her youngsters food. I'm so tempted to fall back asleep and almost do until I hear another sound. But this sound was so cute and filled with love and warmth. It was coming from Britney my girlfriend. She was lying right next to me on my bed just snoring a tiny bit. The sexist thing in the world is a girls cute snore. I quietly chuckled at her as she began to open those beautiful big green eyes of hers. Justin:" Good Morning Beautiful, How did you sleep??" I asked her in a sleepy hoarse voice. Only a slight moan escaped those perfectly plumb lips. I could tell she was really tired so I started slipping back to sleep until I hear Britney mumble a few words. Britney: Babe what time is it? Justin " 7:30 in the morning". Britney: "Babe why the hell are you up so early???" Justin: Just wanted to see my baby girl while she was still asleep" I say as I gently peck her soft yet warm plumped lips. Justin: " I'm so hungry babe. I going to make some breakfast want some?" Britney: " Yes please". I pull the blankets off my body. It's so cold In here I thought to my self. I look around my room to find something to put over my chilled body. I came across a hoodie that I thought was mine but it wasn't. It might be Oliver's i thought. He's always here at my house. I was interrupted by a sound downstairs that was very unexplainable. Sounded kind of like Chewbacca giving birth to a full grown great white shark while being eaten by Bigfoot. I turn around to find my bed empty. Justin: "Britney??" i whispered. I head downstairs an im am shocked about what I see in front of my very eyes.  ***AUTHORS NOTE****  This is my very first Fan fiction!! Hope you like it!! What do you guys think Justin finds??  -Naomi(author)

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