His other side

Justin's just a regular 18 year old in a tiny town in Stratford , Canada. He has the perfect life. The perfect girlfriend Britney. Atleast he thinks she's perfect until he finds Britney doing something with Justin's bestfriend Oliver at a party. How does Justin react to this?Does he still date her? Does he become a Bad boy?A player?? Read if you wanna find out. ****** VIEWERS MUST BE MATURE ENOUGH TO HANDLE THE SEX SCENES. THERE IS A LOT*****


3. Sucks for Justin

~ Britneys POV~

While Justin went outside to help this girl across the street. Me and Oliver both looked at each other with the crazy eyes. I ran upstairs to Olivers room which is technically the guest room. I started stripping and running at the same time. We knew we didnt have much time but whatever we could get was what we got. So as soon as i was just in my underwear and 36C cup bra. I hide behind Olivers door waiting for him to arrive. I didnt take him that long to arrive because he is the football Quartar back. Oliver picked me up and threw me against the bed. He took his shirt off to show off his high defined 8 pack. I started Kissing his neck as if the world depended on it. He started nibbling on my ear lobe. Then his lips smacked mine and tried to get his tongue down my throat so i opened my lips and we started playing tongue wars with each other. i then started biting his lips gently. I felt him getting hard through his basketball shorts he had on this morning. I tugged on his shorts telling him to take it off. Which he did. I unbuckled my bra. Oliver cupped my tits together and kissed and licked them everywhere. He slowly began to make his way to my underwear. He decided to take my panties off with his teeth. Britney: " Oliie baby " i moaned. He started rubbing me and i got so wet. Oliver: " Mmmhhh baby your so wet ;)" He started to put him inside me. He went slow because he was teasing me because he knows how much i want him. Britney: "Faster Ollie Faster!!" Oliver:" You want me to go faster?? OK!" Ollie began speeding up faster and faster and faster. This felt so good. He thrusted and thrusted and we both stopped to catch our breaths. We rolled over and I was now on top. I love being on top because I feel in control. I was running my hands threw his thick black sweaty hair. Got he was so hot! This went on for about 10 minutes. As he began to give up I moved downwards and sucked his dick. Thank god I dont have a gag reflex because it was 9.5 inches of pure goodness in me right now. We both stopped and i put my clothes back on and fixed my hair and he did the same. We both rushed to the couch and turned on the tv. Just in time because Justin walked in with that bitch. Justin:" Oliver ,  Britney this is Sadie she's gonna be staying with us for a while." Sadie:" Hi britney Hi Oliver". Justin:" Sadie.. this is Britney my girlfriend " Aww he looks so cute when he says "my girlfriend". Too bad im cheating on him. Sucks for him.

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