His other side

Justin's just a regular 18 year old in a tiny town in Stratford , Canada. He has the perfect life. The perfect girlfriend Britney. Atleast he thinks she's perfect until he finds Britney doing something with Justin's bestfriend Oliver at a party. How does Justin react to this?Does he still date her? Does he become a Bad boy?A player?? Read if you wanna find out. ****** VIEWERS MUST BE MATURE ENOUGH TO HANDLE THE SEX SCENES. THERE IS A LOT*****


2. expect the unexpected

I am staring at what looks like Oliver giving Britney a hickey on her foot. Justin:" Oliver why are you sucking my girlfriend foot?!?!?" I screamed in confused anger. Oliver: " Justin its not what it looks like . I-i-i-i promise " Oliver always stutters when he's nervous which pisses me off. He knows I can pound his face into the cement. But I never do because then my stupid soft side comes out and gets super apolagectic towards everyone. Ugh. Britney:" No baby it's not i promise i swear. I came down stair to get a glass of water and I saw the Hepto-Claudia (Biggest Poisonous spider in Canada) and i screamed and panicked and a ton of stuff fell on the ground and the spider came and ran across my big toe so i started kicking and it bit me and Oliver heard and ran down and tried sucking the poison out. Then you showed up and got really mad...." her voice was so sweet and innocent and she trailed off her sentence. Oliver: " It's true Justin. And MAN was that spider big! ive never seen anything or at least a Hepto-Claudia so big before. I think it was the momma spider. Justin: " Oh.. " i trailed off while staring at my feet in embarrassment trying to hide my face. The room was in complete silence for what felt like hours. Probably since it was really awkward as they kept staring at me. The sound of a car speeding of is what broke the silence. Thank god! We all hurried off to the big window by the front door and looked across the street. She was crying.. a lot. She looked like she was beaten up by someone for a long time. This girl could barley even walk upward. Without even thinking I ran outside and across the street to the girl with longish Brownish red hair with Brown eyes and curves everywhere. She was HOT! I went up to her and asked her what her name was. All i got out of that question were a few sobs. Not very loud. I felt bad for this chick. I stayed with her for about 15 minutes then decided to lead her to my house where Oliver and Britney are. I took a quick glance at the window and saw no one in the window frame. I guess they decided to watch Tv or something. As i was about to walk her over to my house. I heard her mumble something which sounded like Sadie. I guess thats her name. Justin: " Hey Sadie. Im Justin..Justin Bieber. I gave her a big hug.Which I guess was a little to weird since we just met..but whatever. I pointed to my house and she started walking towards it. I felt my eyes wandering downward towards her ass. Man she was actually smokin hot! She was wearing a black tight high waisted skirt, White blouse and nude colored heels. This girl wasn't nessisarily skinny but she had meat on her bones and i liked girls with meat on them. So i just kept staring at her big ass. It looked like a Jennifer Lopez ass lol. Justin you have a girlfriend remember i thought to myself. **authors note** Thank you guys for reading!! Hope you like the next chapter!! Chapter 3 begins... NOW!

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