Confessions of a Cheerleader

Marcy is cheer captain of Cheer Extreme Senior Elite and they're going to Worlds 2013 in Walt Disney World, Florida. When the competition has a special preformance by the Birtish/Irish boyband One Direction, will Marcy fall for one and risk her preformance?


1. Chapter 1

    ‘2013 Cheerleading and Dance Worlds’ was on a banner draped across the Wide World of Sports Complex in Disney World. “We’ve made it.” I sighed throwing my hair up into a ponytail. “Finally! That bus ride was horrible!” My best friend Gabby said. I turned to all the girls that were squealing as they got off the bus. “Now girls, this is strictly work, you don’t get to play until after Worlds.” I said. “Yes, Marcy.” They sighed. I was cheer captain and I came here to win, not second or third, but first. “Gabby, can you come with me so we can get the schedule?” I asked. “Of course!” She said. “Alright girls, we’re going to be right back feel free to sit and get some water.” I said.

     We walked in and immediately got glares. Our name was intimidating to them, good. We had ‘Cheer Extreme Senior Elite’ on out jackets. “Well look who it is! Slut 1 and Slut 2!” I heard a familiar voice say. “Hey Brianna.” I said with fake enthusiasm. “We came here to win you know, so I hope second place is good for you.” She said. “First, we are here to win. Second, stop trying to start drama; you’re just pissed at me because you were kicked off the squad.” I said. “Stupid bitch!” She said coming at me. She got in my face and smirked. “I was too good for your squad.” She said. “As if. C’mon Gabby, we don’t want to waste our time.” I said pulling her away.

I walked to the check-in and grabbed a schedule. I scanned down and looked for our division. I looked and saw ‘Division International Open All Girl 6 US Worlds Trials Check-In’ which had all of our details.

IO 6 #2

Warm-up Floor- A

10 Minute Warm-up- 3:25 pm

Check-In Time- 3:50 pm

Competition Time- 4:05 pm

     “Hah, guess who we’re after!” I laughed. “Let me guess, Queen Bitch over there.” Gabby said pointing to Brianna. “Yup! We need to make sure we relax today because tomorrow it’s going to be blood, sweat, and tears.” I said. “Agreed.” She said as we walked back.

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