Young Love

Alex Jillian Monrue was just another tom boy, she loved skate boarding, and most boys clothes AKA jeans, and shirts, and hats. She never expected to run into her old mate Liam Payne, who was now in One Direction. Alex used to love him, as a 15 year old girl. Now at 19, she doesn`t, she has no boyfriend, and no family, but that`s never been new, Alex didn`t have family from the age of 13, so she had turned to Liam, who was her best friend. Will the old feelings become there again? Will Liam like her too? What will happen when Harry has dated her before? And What will happen when Harry is still in love with her and wants her back and goes crazy in the process? Read Young Love to find out!


6. Chapter 5


I ran out of Alex`s house, angry. I love her, more than a friend. I want her to know, but she doesn`t feel that way about me. 


Does Liam not love me as a friend? Why would he? I used to love him, not anymore. I got changed into a pair of dark skinny jeans, a whit tee with a flannel shirt unbuttoned over it and my red converse. I grabbed my board and went downstairs. 
"Morning! Or afternoon!" Jade said. 
"Good morning, sleepy." Perrie said.
"There is nothing good about today." I said laying over the girls. I sighed and looked at the ceiling for a moment before getting off of the girls and heading for the door. "I`m going boarding, I`ll be back later, maybe" I muttered the 'maybe' part. Does Liam hate me? My mind went a million places before realizing that I ran into someone, again! Stop doing your thinking while you are boarding, Alex. 
"Sorry. I`m clumsy." I said, getting, up and dusting myself up and I looked at who I ran over. Liam. "Liam." I started. 
"Don`t Alex. I need to say something. I love you, more than a friend. I just needed you to know that. I know you don`t feel the same about me, but I had to tell you, to get it off my chest. Even though I`ve only been here for a day." He started laughing. 
"Liam, I don`t know how I feel right now, I mean I still had a little crush, but I`m not sure anymore" I looked at my feet. Liam lifted up my chin with is finger and smiled, leaning in. I nearly dropped my skateboard on his foot when he kissed me, I felt sparks shoot up and down my body as he did. I pulled back, staring at Liam. " Please tell me you felt that too." I asked, stunned.
"Hell yes. It felt right though" He said, he took my hand in his. "Like we were meant to be" I felt tears sting in my eyes, remembering the note. " I won`t do that to you" Liam set his forehead on mine. 
"I know" I said, closing my eyes. "I love you, I always have, Liam" I blurted out, not thinking. I felt his lips on mine again. 
"I love you, Alex Jillian Monrue" Liam whispered.
"Walk with me?" I asked, opening my eyes, staring into his brown ones. He nodded and we just talked and laughed like we used to, like we hadn`t just kissed twice.  I love Liam and no one, not even Harry could change that.

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