Young Love

Alex Jillian Monrue was just another tom boy, she loved skate boarding, and most boys clothes AKA jeans, and shirts, and hats. She never expected to run into her old mate Liam Payne, who was now in One Direction. Alex used to love him, as a 15 year old girl. Now at 19, she doesn`t, she has no boyfriend, and no family, but that`s never been new, Alex didn`t have family from the age of 13, so she had turned to Liam, who was her best friend. Will the old feelings become there again? Will Liam like her too? What will happen when Harry has dated her before? And What will happen when Harry is still in love with her and wants her back and goes crazy in the process? Read Young Love to find out!


5. Chapter 4

I woke up in the morning, thanks to Harry calling me. 
"Hello?" I said groggily.
"Morning, Alex. How are you?" He asked, like he`s been up for hours.
"Morning. I`m tired. Why did you wake me up at fucking 5 in the morning Harry?" I asked.
"I wanted to hear your voice." He said. I smiled.
"Come to my house, or I can come to your hotel I`m guessing." I questioned.
"I`ll come over, since I`m already here" He said , I looked out m window and saw Harry in my front yard.
"Hold on" I hung up and went outside and ran up into his arms, "You are crazy, Harry" I said.
"But you love me" He said and I laughed.
"Yes I do. You know you should go and see your family" I said, "I have to go back to bed, I`m still tired. Come with me?" I smiled. Harry chuckled, and followed me. I cuddled up to him as I fell asleep again.

I woke up again, to someone shaking me, Liam. 
"Where`s Harry?" I asked,groggily from my mid morning nap. 
"He left after I got here about two minutes ago. He left you this though." Liam handed me a note


I know you wanted me to stay longer, but my mum is in the hospital. And I don`t know if 'us' is a good thing right now. I mean, the boys and I go on tour later. I`m sorry to break you, but we aren`t meant to be. I was hoping we were though. I know I`m probably lying to myself if I say that I don`t love you. I do, I just don`t want you getting hurt. Stay strong, go after Liam maybe. I love you forever and always, Alex Monrue. You are mine and I am yours. I promise I will get back to you someday, I will have you no matter what. But not now, I have a feeling I`m going insane about you right now. I can`t have that happening to me. I love you forever and always, remember that.       
Harry Xx

I started to cry, he did just what I did to him. Breaking up by note. I cried into Liam`s shirt as he hugged me.
"I`m so stupid.' I mumbled to myself. Liam lifted up my chin so that I was looking him in the eyes. 
"No you aren`t, Alex. He wanted to break you like you broke him at one point." He stated, I smiled and hugged him. I missed Liam so much over the two years. 
"I love you, Allie." He said.
"I love you too, Li. As a friend" I regretted saying that because Liam got up and left me. I`m so alone without him, the girls left yesterday to go on tour to radio stations. I need someone. Maybe I`ll just ride today.

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