Young Love

Alex Jillian Monrue was just another tom boy, she loved skate boarding, and most boys clothes AKA jeans, and shirts, and hats. She never expected to run into her old mate Liam Payne, who was now in One Direction. Alex used to love him, as a 15 year old girl. Now at 19, she doesn`t, she has no boyfriend, and no family, but that`s never been new, Alex didn`t have family from the age of 13, so she had turned to Liam, who was her best friend. Will the old feelings become there again? Will Liam like her too? What will happen when Harry has dated her before? And What will happen when Harry is still in love with her and wants her back and goes crazy in the process? Read Young Love to find out!


3. Chapter 2


She thinks that she doesn`t love me. PFFT! She does, just doesn`t rmember it.  I will make her remember, somehow. 


"Harry, mate, hand me a glass of water or something wet." I felt something wet in my hands. A washcloth. I was hoping for a glass of water but ok. I laid it on Alex`s face and heard her cough. 
"Liam? Why is this on my face?" She asked taking it off. I laughed. 
"You fainted. I had to wake you up somehow. Thanks, mate" I told Harry, "Mate, can I talk to you for a moment?" I asked him. He nodded and we went into my room. 
"What?" He asked, rudely. 
"Why are you here? I thought you were gonna go visit Gemma and your mum" I told him.
"I am, in a few days. I came to see Alex. My sweet Alex" He smiled to himself. What is wrong with him? I know while he`s here Allie wil go crazy, crying and shit like that. I don`t want that. I want my old Alex. The one I loved. The one I have always loved. I only dated Dani to get my mind off of Alex, and failed. 
"She`s my best friend, and you are gonna make her cry" I said, folding my arms over my chest, "So, go home" I strictly said. 
"Oh Daddy Direction. Nice, but no. I need Alex. I need her with me. Forever" He said, looking a bit scary to me, which usually doesn`t happen. 
"No you don`t. But I want my old Allie back, and while you are here, she will b scared or well not her. Please Harry. I want to get to know Alex again" I pleaded. 
"I will get her, I promise. She has always had my heart. Forever. She looks hot now." There`s usual Harry. I have to call Louis or one of the other boys to see if they can get him to go home, "I will go, but I will be back be fore we have to go back" He lied. I could tell he was lying because one of his eyebrows twitched.
"I`m serious Harry" I stated, before I knew it he was out of my house. Thank god. I want me Allie now. 
"Alex?" I stepped out into the living room and was tackled from behind. 
"Hi!" She smiled. I shook my head, laughing. 
" You are so weird" I stated making her smile bigger. This is gonna be interesting. 

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