Young Love

Alex Jillian Monrue was just another tom boy, she loved skate boarding, and most boys clothes AKA jeans, and shirts, and hats. She never expected to run into her old mate Liam Payne, who was now in One Direction. Alex used to love him, as a 15 year old girl. Now at 19, she doesn`t, she has no boyfriend, and no family, but that`s never been new, Alex didn`t have family from the age of 13, so she had turned to Liam, who was her best friend. Will the old feelings become there again? Will Liam like her too? What will happen when Harry has dated her before? And What will happen when Harry is still in love with her and wants her back and goes crazy in the process? Read Young Love to find out!


2. Chapter 1


The boys and I are taking a few weeks off from work, so we can visit our families. I can`t wait. Feels like there is someone there I NEED to see. 


According to everywhere, the boys are going to their homes. Like I care. I mean yeah I missed Liam, but he probably doesn`t even remember me. If he does that`s great, but I highly doubt he will remember me. 
I was just skate boarding, when someone knocked me off.
"Dude! Watch where you are going!"I got up and picked up my board and looked up into the chocolate brown eyes, that I would know anywhere. Liam.
"Sorry.. I was just heading home" He said. 
"I`ts fine, Liam. Just tell your mom I said hi. "I said, he laughed. "Can I come with you? I`m a friend of your moms" I stated. 
"Yeah, sure."He smiled. He and I walked to his house. 
"Oh Alex! How are you, dear?" Mrs.Payne said.
"I`m great, Liam knocked me off my board."I laughed.
"Not on purpose, Alex Jillian Monrue needs to watch where she is going!: He tackled me. I screamed. 
"Liam! Get off me!" I yelled. 
"NEVER! Ok fine."He said, glumly and got up, helping me. He actually remembered me! 
"How have you been, Allie" I heard from behind me.  Shit! Harry!
"Harry? Mate, what are you doing here?" Liam asked. I turned on my heel and looked at him, sexy as ever. But not as sexy as Liam. 
"Harry, go. I don`t like you! I haven`t liked you since we broke up when I moved here, remember when we were 12?" I asked him, making him cringe. I smiled proud of myself. Harry was trouble.
"Wait! You KNOW Harry? He`s in my band." Liam said, making me die inside. I`m pretty sure I fainted after he told me that, because the room went black, and I heard a slight thud of me hitting the wooden floor of Liam`s house

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