A Winter Experience

Emma just expected to spend a quiet week at her grandma’s lake house, but little did she know that Harry Styles’ grandma just moved to the same lake. But when Harry starts to fall for her, will someone or something get in their way?


4. Seeing Her

Harry’s POV

    I skyped for a long time with Louis and the rest of the band before I went downstairs to grab some lunch. I looked out my window to see if the girl was out yet, but she wasn’t. I decided to head in town to get food. I went to Culvers and got food. It was so peaceful in this littleish town. I didn’t have to worry about crazy fans and paparazzi. It was nice and everyone there was so friendly. I ate my food and then headed back to my grandma’s house. I hoped that the girl would be back out. To my surprise, she was! I grabbed my skates, and the keys to the snowmobile. “Grandma, I’m going out on the lake with the snowmobile!” I yelled before running out the door. I was so excited to find out who she was. For some reason I’m attracted to her.


    I steered the snowmobile towards her part of the lake and made an abrupt stop at the edge of the rink she made. I stepped off and looked at her. Man, she’s gorgeous. Her wavy brown hair was tucked under her purple hat. And her cheeks were a bright pink. I looked at her eyes, and I almost got lost in them. “Hi, I’m Harry.” I said. Man I sound like a geek I hope she doesn’t think I’m a loser!


    “Nice to meet you Harry. I’m Emma.” She said and smiled at me. Emma, what a beautiful name! Just like her. She asked me if I brought my skates and of course I did. I really hope I don’t make a fool of myself! I don’t want to make a bad impression. I put my skates on and she was just smiling and it was so cute! I knew that I was going to fall hard for her and I hope she falls for me too.

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