A Winter Experience

Emma just expected to spend a quiet week at her grandma’s lake house, but little did she know that Harry Styles’ grandma just moved to the same lake. But when Harry starts to fall for her, will someone or something get in their way?


3. Meeting for the First Time

Emma’s POV


 I played cards for a little bit with my mom and grandma before making lunch. I decided it would be nice to make them lunch and my sister decided to help me. We made pancakes and chicken nuggets for lunch, and is was pretty good. I asked my sister if she wanted to come outside and skate with me but she said no because it is too cold for her. So I put on my winter attire and went outside with my skates. I really wanted to be a professional skater and this is the perfect place to practice. I practiced some twirls and some were successful, and some were not. I had just about to give up when a snow mobile zoomed up to the edge of the rink and stopped. A guy stepped off and took of his helmet. I started at him in disbelief. Could it be? I must be dreaming! It was Harry Styles, as in the Harry Styles from One Direction! I skated over to him and came to a sharp stop in front of him. Before I could say anything, he spoke up.


 “Hi, I’m Harry.”


 “Nice to meet you Harry, I’m Emma.”


“Sorry to scare you. I, uh, saw you skating this morning and I, uh, well, wanted to talk to you.” He said rubbing his neck. I could tell he was a little nervous, and I was nervous too so we just stood there in silence for about 30 seconds.


Well, did you bring skates?” I asked ending the silence. Little did I know that that was the last moment of awkward silence we’d have for the rest of the day.


    “Ya, can I join you?”


    “Well I wouldn’t have asked you if you brought skates and then if you said yes, I’d say well too bad go away!” We both laughed and I lead him over to the chair so he could put his skates on.


    “Just warning you, I’m not that good!” Harry said with a nervous smile on his face. Goodness, he’s so cute! I thought to myself. I held out my hand to help him up. He grabbed it and his hand was so warm and muscular, I loved it.


    “Well, here I go!” He said and I just smiled like a fool.

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