A Winter Experience

Emma just expected to spend a quiet week at her grandma’s lake house, but little did she know that Harry Styles’ grandma just moved to the same lake. But when Harry starts to fall for her, will someone or something get in their way?


5. About Me

Emma’s POV

    He was smiling and his dimples were so cute. I got butterflies in my stomach and I couldn’t help but smile and skate. I was holding his hand and helping him balance. His hand was so warm and he wasn’t wearing a glove, but they had a sort of muscular, yet soft, touch to them. They were so big compared to mine. “So tell me about yourself.” He said.


“Well, what do you want to know?” I questioned.


 “Just like, where do you live, stuff about you and your family. Just that kind of stuff.”


    “Ok. I live in Iowa but my grandma lives on this lake and we come to visit her about 3 times a year. I have 2 siblings. Both older. Jack who’s 21 and Lily who’s 18. They both are in college. My mom is an author and has 4 published books and my dad works with kids. My dad is 6’6 and he’s a big guy, he can be intimidating at first, but once you get know him, he’s a really sweet guy.”


 “Wow! That’s really cool. Well my grandma just moved here.”

 “Do you and your grandma want to come over for dinner tonight? My grandma loves to meet new people and she’s a super kind woman.”


“Um ya! That sounds great!” We then skated around some more and my feet were getting tired.


 “Do you want to come inside for a bit? I need to talk to my parents and we can play cards if you like.”


   “Let me just run home quick. Do you want a ride on the snowmobile first?”

 “Really? That would be awesome!”


 “Hop on!” With that he handed me a helmet and we rode off towards his house across the lake.

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