The Husband Games

Every girl has dreamed of someday meeting One Direction, and having at least one of the band members fall in love with them. In all reality, it'll probably never happen.
One Direction's management has created a competition in hopes of making up for all of the 'wrongdoings' they have done in the boys' careers, and gaining support from Directioners everywhere.
It's called the Husband Games.
Ever since all of the boys have broken up with their girlfriends, they've been increasingly lonely, and it's taking its toll on their performances. Modest will accept twenty female applicants to attend a two month program that will shape them into ideal girlfriends-- and possible wives-- for the boys.
It all comes down to a final elimination at the end of the two month period, where the guys will select the girls of their dreams.
Who will it be?
And may the odds be ever in your favour.


5. Tour the Place

"Follow me, ladies," the blonde woman directed us into the large, white marble mansion that stood before us. "I'll show you to your rooms."

Britta clung close to me, obviously feeling inferior around the other girls, that all looked like European models of some sort. I was well-along height-wise, but every girl here seemed a lot more pretty than I was. What chance did I stand?

The woman led us up a grand staircase to a long room with extremely high ceilings and ten bunk beds lining the left wall. At the end of the room-- facing out to where we were dropped off-- was a huge window, illuminating the whole room with rays of warm sunlight. We were told to drop our belongings on the bunk of our choice. Britta and I chose two bottom bunks placed next to each other, a nightstand between us. 

"We will have dinner at six o'clock," the blonde lady said loudly. "Then, we will give you the whole spiel on this competition. If you are tired, now is the time to relax and freshen up." She left quickly, shutting the door behind her. The room was fairly quiet, that is, until a tall, thin girl with wavy brown hair and deep green eyes stepped to the front of the room. She was very well-dressed and rich-looking, so I immediately fell inferior. 

"Well!" she said cheerfully. "We're all here... so we should try to get to know each other, yeah?"

No one said a word, but just stared at her. 

"Oh, come on," she clapped her hands once. "Let's get off to a good start."

Slowly, one by one, girls filed from their bunks and took a seat in a circle with the girl with green eyes. Twenty of us total-- which made an extremely big circle. Britta and I joined them on the hardwood floors, sitting close to eachother.

"Let's go around in a circle," the girl smiled. "I'm Adrienne." I only noticed her Australian accent when she said her name.

The girl next to her with warm, brown skin, light green eyes, and straightened caramel hair scowled a bit, "Yvette," she said simply.

I kind of zoned out for a few minutes, but when Britta shifted in her seat next to me, I payed attention once again. We were about ten girls down the circle, and now it was a red-head's turn. She was petite, fox-like, and had a very mysterious vibe about her. 

"Theadora," she said shyly, glancing away from us nervously. 

It was now Britta's turn, and she confidently said her name to the others, "Britta."

Right after Britta, I immediately said my name, hoping that people's attention wouldn't be on me for too long, "Annalie," but then I sputtered. "But you can call me Anna."

"Alright, then," Adrienne raised her eyebrows. "No need to be nervous, mate."

"Sorry," I mumbled, scooting closer to Britta. I was already making a fool of myself in front of all of these superior girls. They were all freakishly beautiful, Britta included, and I was just... not.

We continued around the circle, some girls rambled on after saying their names, and some didn't say their names at all. At least I wasn't the worst of it.

"Dinner time, ladies," the blonde woman was back in our room. We all followed her down the stairs to a large dining room with a long table in the centre of it. On it sat plates and piles of food, steaming and making my mouth water. Everyone took their seats, eager to dig in.

"One of the most important parts of being a lady is having good etiquette," the blonde lady said, interrupting some of the girls' attempts to dish themselves spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and corned beef. She raised an eyebrow at one girl, who slinked back into her seat with a mumbled, "Right,".

"I am Ms. Phyllis," she informed us, placing a hand on her chest. "You may call me Ms. Phyllis and nothing but that. I will be your guide and mentor in this competition." We all stared at her quietly, our eyes wide and still nervous. Well, all except Adrienne. She looked confident as ever, so I tried my best to imitate her by softening my expression and giving a sincere smile on my lips. I glanced over at Britta who simply looked bored. Something in me wanted to warn her to pay attention, because Ms. Phyllis could possibly get her off on a bad note.

"While you are here, I expect the best and only the best behavior from each and every one of you," she began. "Throughout the two month stay, you will be shaped into perfect and well-mannered girls that may fit the bill when it comes to being in a serious relationship with the boys of One Direction.

"It's not going to be easy, but it's doable. You will be on strict diets and rules while living here at Marble Manor. Starting now.

"There will be no arguing. I have no tolerance for it, and once I hear or see it, it'll result in point deduction on your record. Your bed must be kept neat, and your belongings shouldn't be left in the bathrooms or scattered around the house. There will be no snacking. The chefs will be preparing your meals each day, so you don't need to be in the kitchen. The only exception to this is when we do our cooking lesson."

Ms. Phyllis went on for a good ten minutes on different rules and requirements. I eventually got bored and fiddled with a small piece of my hair, but acted like I was paying attention. When she had finished talking, we were released to eat. I was careful not to completely pig-out-- which was quite common for Britta and I. The girl that had tried to dish up some food before Ms. Phyllis had given us permission-- whose name I recalled to be Julie-- was eating slowly and hesitantly, occasionally glancing at Ms. Phyllis to make sure she wasn't watching her. I felt bad for her, but also felt that she deserved the 'eyebrow-raise' from Ms. Phyllis.

When we had finished our meal, we were sent back to our room to shower and get prepared for bed. I had some small-talk with a few friendly girls, but eventually drifted off to the bathroom to bathe. The showers were lined up against the left wall of the bathroom, sinks on the right wall, and toilets on the back wall. They wasn't much privacy, but it was enough that I was comfortable with. I noticed an empty shower and made my way towards it. From the shower to my right, an arm reached out for the towel that hung to its side, knocking it to the floor. 

"Shit," I heard the girl inside curse under her breath. The curtain opened wide, the naked girl inside stepping out into the open bathroom. I quickly shielded my eyes before I could see anything I shouldn't. The girl simply laughed at me, realizing my reaction. "Sorry."

"It's fine," I sighed. 

"Could you hand me that?" she stepped back into the shower, covering her body up and pointing at the towel on the floor.

"Sure," I nodded, handing it to her.

"I'm Dakota, by the way," she smiled, laugh lines forming by her eyes. She was pretty in a way I couldn't describe-- though her nose was small and round, it complemented her face well. 

"Annalie," I replied, smiling back. "Where are you from?" I stepped into my shower, pulling the curtain shut and undressing. 

"Alaska," she replied. I could see her shadow through my curtain. "And you?"

"Miami," I said as I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it out of the shower. 

"I'll talk to you when you're done," she told me as I tossed my jeans out. 

"Okay," I poked my head out. "Nice meeting you."

She seemed fairly nice and tomboy-ish, which was similar to me. I was hoping to meet someone who didn't take this competition very seriously that I could relate to. Even though she really seemed like she would be that person, I was almost sure that she would be competitive-- especially because of her beauty. 

I guess I'm just out of luck.





(A/N: Hey, readers!


Well, now I'm going to introduce some of the other characters. Here it goes!



Name: Adrienne

Age: 19

Height: 5'9.5

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Light green

Name: Yvette

Age: 19

Height: 5'9

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Green

Name: Theadora

Height: 5'7

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Name: Dakota

Height: 5'9.5

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Sooo.... Who do you think has a chance in the Husband Games? Comment below! I want to know what you guys think!

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