The Husband Games

Every girl has dreamed of someday meeting One Direction, and having at least one of the band members fall in love with them. In all reality, it'll probably never happen.
One Direction's management has created a competition in hopes of making up for all of the 'wrongdoings' they have done in the boys' careers, and gaining support from Directioners everywhere.
It's called the Husband Games.
Ever since all of the boys have broken up with their girlfriends, they've been increasingly lonely, and it's taking its toll on their performances. Modest will accept twenty female applicants to attend a two month program that will shape them into ideal girlfriends-- and possible wives-- for the boys.
It all comes down to a final elimination at the end of the two month period, where the guys will select the girls of their dreams.
Who will it be?
And may the odds be ever in your favour.


3. Sign Up Day

"It's sign up day!" Britta cheered. She bounced onto my bed and tackled me in frenzy.

"Who let you into my house?" I groaned.

"Your mother," she laughed. "Come on, we have to submit our applications!"

"Okay, go get my laptop," I said, sitting up. My hair was a wild mess, and I did my best to tame whatever I could. Britta set the laptop on her lap and sat next to me, directing herself to the website.

We filled out each of our applications and held our breath as we submitted them, along with a photo of each of us. We watched the number of submissions climb on the monitor, making me worry a bit. The chance of us getting onto the games were very slim.

"When do we learn if we get in?" I asked after a long, quiet moment of watching the numbers.

"Tomorrow," she squealed. "The sign-up window closes tonight, so the girls will be chosen by tomorrow and posted."

"I'm starting to get nervous," I admitted. "What if only one of us make it?"

"Then we'll wish each other the best of luck," she shrugged. 

"Okay," I said quietly. I didn't want her to know that I kind of wanted to make the cut. I'd always had a major crush on the guys, but just didn't show it as much as she did. "Do you want to spend the night so we can see if we made it in the morning?"

"Yeah, I'll have my mom drop off my stuff," she nodded, walking off to the other room. I took the laptop onto my legs, typing into the searchbar: 'Husband Games One Direction'.

The first result was from an interview with SugarScape and the boys. I played the video, watching their facial expressions. They looked tired, stressed, and desperate. Especially Harry-- whose eyes were reddened and baggy. His face looked thin and pale, prominent jawline stone-still. The interviewer asked them how they felt about the Husband Games. Each of the boys seemed pained to talk about it.

"I'm just hoping that it'll be worth it," Niall said simply. His face was blank. I saw his red, blotchy cheeks stained with tears. It hurt me to see them hurting. Apparently, his girlfriend of only a few months had broken up with him. The other boys had told the press how much he loved her, but she practically dumped him on his arse with no reason at all. Niall was heartbroken, but so were the other boys, so they couldn't do much to comfort him.

Liam, who had broken up with Danielle quite a while ago, wasn't as affected. He did some to comfort the others, but wasn't much help. 

"Wait, I just realized something," Britta said in shock as she came back into my room. "Tomorrow in the UK is today. So technically, we should know the results by tonight!"

"You're right," I admitted. "But you're going to be the one keeping an eye out for results. I'm too tired."

"Well, we still have all day," she shrugged. "Let's eat. I'm starved."

I fried two eggs for both of us, which we ate quickly. We were both silent as we ate, scrolling through Instagram and showing each other pictures we thought were funny or stupid. It was going to be a long day of waiting, for sure.


By five o'clock, I was already falling asleep. I curled up on the floor in my bedroom while Britta lay on her stomach with my laptop propped up in front of her. 

"Stay awake," she warned me. 

"Yeah," I shook my head. "Okay."

Sure enough, I fell asleep almost seconds after that. When my eyelids grew heavy, and my breathing went even, I let myself drift off. I heard Britta humming 'Summer Love' along with the radio and her fingernails clicking daintily on the keys of the laptop.


"Britta, I had the craziest dream," I said slowly, emphasizing 'crazy'. "We both got in the Husband Games. We were about to go off to London, but then I woke up."

Britta just stared at me, face blank, and eyes scanning me as if I was the stupidest person in the room-- then again, I probably was.

"That wasn't a dream, Annalie," she laughed. "We both got into the Husband Games!"

"Stop lying," I slapped her knee. 

"See for yourself!" she yelled, shoving the laptop at me. I read the list of twenty names:


Congrats to the twenty girls selected to compete in the Husband Games!

We will personally message you with your plane tickets and additional information. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

1. Kelsey Lindt

2. Tamaya Brown

3. Lindsay Kilt

4. Penelope Braxton

5. Lucinda Miller

6. Samantha White

7. Annalie Davine

8. Theadora Pax

9. Lacey Browning

10. Adrienne Yahner

11. Katie Johnson

12. Britta Carlson

13. Julie Aintree

14. Evelyn Tiel

15. Anne Phillips

16. Cara Hilders

17. Faith Herring

18. Yvette Thompson

19. Valentina Ramirez

20. Dakota Juneau

My heart literally stopped for a second. A strange squeal/cry escaped my throat, making Britta jump. 

"Exciting, right?!" she squeezed the breath out of me. "We're going to London! To meet One Direction!"

"Yeah," was all I could manage. I double checked mine and Britta's name, making sure every letter was spelled out correctly. 

A-N-N-A-L-I-E   D-A-V-I-N-E

B-R-I-T-T-A    C-A-R-L-S-O-N

Everything was right. 

"Pinch me," I told Britta. She gladly obliged, twisting a chunk my skin between her fingers. "OW! Okay, this is definitely real." I rubbed the sore spot which had turned a bright red. Curse my white skin. I can't have marks all over my body! 

Crap, this means we're leaving within a matter of days.

We're leaving for London within a couple of days.

We're leaving for London.

We're leaving.

To meet One Direction.

I didn't know how I was going to do it, but my goal was to win the affection of one boy. One boy.

Who that 'One boy' was...

I didn't know.

And neither did he.


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