The Husband Games

Every girl has dreamed of someday meeting One Direction, and having at least one of the band members fall in love with them. In all reality, it'll probably never happen.
One Direction's management has created a competition in hopes of making up for all of the 'wrongdoings' they have done in the boys' careers, and gaining support from Directioners everywhere.
It's called the Husband Games.
Ever since all of the boys have broken up with their girlfriends, they've been increasingly lonely, and it's taking its toll on their performances. Modest will accept twenty female applicants to attend a two month program that will shape them into ideal girlfriends-- and possible wives-- for the boys.
It all comes down to a final elimination at the end of the two month period, where the guys will select the girls of their dreams.
Who will it be?
And may the odds be ever in your favour.


1. Intro.

Annalie's POV

The ring of my phone made me jump out of bed, tumbling to fetch it from the other side of my bedroom. Who would call me this early?

"Really, Britta?" I groaned as I saw caller ID. I answered, rubbing the sleep from my drowsy eyes.

"OH MY GOD!" Britta screamed through the phone.

"Do you need emergency services?" I reacted quickly. "Are you hurt? Is someone robbing you? Are your parents being held hostage?" I paused when I heard her squeals-- not the cute, girly ones-- but the fangirl squeals. 

"What is it now?" I groaned, realizing this probably had something to do with One Direction. "Did they make a perfume or something?"

"Anna, you don't understand," she said through a deep breath. "Something amazing has happened."

"Please," I begged sarcastically. "Do go on."

"Management has announced a competition for directioners to meet the boys!" she screamed. I winced, drawing the phone away from my ear. 


"But it's like a boot camp! It's in London. You have a chance of being one of their girlfriends!" 

"Britta, you really need to sort out your priorities," I said as I sat back down on my bed. I glanced over at my clock-- 3:47 AM. 

"Dude, this is the chance of a lifetime," she said serious as ever. "Sign-ups are in two days, and only twenty get accepted."

"Why don't you sign up?" I said mechanically, sounding like a no-emotion robot.

"Oh, I will," she snorted. "And so will you."

"Um, no thanks," I retorted. "I'm not shipping myself off to London to be around a bunch of love sick fangirls."

"Excuse me," she shouted. "I just happen to be one of them."

"Right," I laughed. "Remind me why I'm friends with you?"

"Very funny," she chuckled. "But seriously. I thought you were a directioner?"

"I am," I admitted. "Just not like... you."

"What's that supposed to mean?" she raised her voice.

"You're just a lot more dedicated than I am," I laughed. "Calm down. I'm going to sleep."

"Anna," she whined. "At least think about it?"

"I will," I lied, hanging up.

I'd have to deal with this for a while, now.

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