The Odd One Out

Louis is a vampire.. The boys don't know... He's been walking this earth longer than thier life times combined.... How do you tell someone that?


1. Pineapples

-Louis' POV- 

I finished my meal I wiped my mouth with the sleeve of my latest victim. I got up brushing myself off. I quickly stashed the body and found my car, I drove back to me and the boy's home. I locked my car walking up and unlocking the door I hung my keys on the hook and walked into the kitchen where the boys were I stood with my hands on the counter. Niall was busy sharing a pizza with Zayn to look up at me. Harry and Liam were talking they noticed my entrance. 
"Hey Lou" Liam says 
"Hey Louis" Harry says he examines me then his brows meet.
"What's that on your shirt?" He asked I looked down at my striped shirt 
"What?" I asked 
"That." He said coming forwards and pointing out a stain I gulped... Blood. 
"Is that blood?" He asked 
"No it's just cherry jam I was over at my moms." I said he nodded
"Oh I thought you got like mugged or something" he said a smirk on his face I chuckled 
"Yeah, I better take Paul with me to walk me to and from the door" I said with a roll of my eyes 
"I'm going to go shower and stuff ok?" I said he nodded I walked out of the room with a sigh of relief. 
I walked up the stairs into my bathroom I took off all of my clothing and started the shower. 
As the water soaked me washing away my day I rested my hands on the glass and closed my eyes as another flashback rolled in... 


The cool air of the winter night of December 17th 1865 wiped around the streets of London. 
My wife Isabelle gripped my arm as we walked down the snowy roads, her skirts brushing my leg. I shivered in my coat, man it was cold. There was no words between me and Isabelle nothing but silence. I didn't mind it, I liked the quiet. There was something bothering Isabelle
"Isabelle whats on your mind, Love?" I asked she looked up at me 
"Nothing, just thinking you know how my mind is" she said with a giggle I smiled 
"I sure do, how about when we get home we have a warm cup of tea?" I said she smiled 
"That sounds lovely." She said there was a whisk sound and Isabelle was on the ground laying on her back she had a large scratch down her stomach that was gushing blood. I ran forwards I took off my jacket putting pressure on her wound I went to scream when my mouth was covered I screamed against the hand until my head was tugged back and a sharp pain pinched at my neck. I felt like I was falling asleep getting fainter and fainter 
"Enough." A voice came I was let go my hands traveled up to my neck where I found a... Bite? 
"I told you we need numbers" a man spoke 
"I'm hungry" the other one I believed to be my attacker said 
"Then feed from the women, I want this one on my team..." He spoke there was pounds of agreement then I was grabbed once more. 

(End of flashback) 

I shook my head trying to get the memory out. I hated getting those flashes of memories. 
I got out of the shower and dressed and went down stairs I joined the boys in the living room I sat next to Niall he was nibbling on his thumb nail. 
"What movie is this?" I asked they all laughed at me 
"Twilight" Liam said 
"What?" I asked not remembering 
"That vampire movie?" Harry hinted I snapped my head towards where he was sitting on the ground between Zayn's legs on the ground, I looked up at Zayn he was sitting on the chair looking down at Harry who was scrapping a stick into stake type thing with a knife that made me swallow hard why did Harrys new hobby have to be carving? 
"Vampires are so overrated." Harry said with a shake of his head 
"Yeah I know like could you make a creature that seems any less realistic?" Liam said shifting to lay upside down feet pointed towards the ceiling Harry kept widdling the stick each scrap making me wince. 
"Bella" Harry mocked Edwards voice Zayn chuckled. 
"Why are you guys watching it if you don't like it?" I asked
"Because it's fun to make fun of it" Harry said looking at me I nodded I looked down at the stake like object in his hands and started to feel sweaty. I got up 
"I'm going out to get some.... Pineapples." I said 
"Pineapples? But Lou you don't like pineapples." Niall said I patted him on the head 
"Their good for the skin, don't any of you go on google? I wanna look young forever" I said before hitting the wall in an awkward rhythm I walked out of the room and made a fast walking beeline to the door opening it and getting in my car I felt around the inside area of the tire area and found the spare keys I got in and peeled off. 

-Zayn's POV-

"What was his deal?" I asked 
"The guy obviously wanted some pineapples" Harry said I smacked the back of his head
"Hey!" He whined I pulled one of his curls he turned around aiming his knife at me 
"I'll cut you" he says with a smirk I nod. 
"My deepest apologies" I said he nodded I chuckled lightly 
"Don't you guys think Louis has been acting different?" I asked 
" Zayn, Louis has been acting weird" Harry says 
"You agree with me?" I asked 
"Let me finish... he had been Since the day he was born. Louis is different that's just the way he is" Harry says I sigh
"I mean different than usual Harold." I said he nodded 
"I still don't see a difference I mean... Sure he's a little off but lets not jump a square." He said I nodded 
"But-" Liam cuts me off 
"He's right Zayn just leave it. If somethings really up he'll either tell us or we'll find out we always do" Liam said I nodded Liam always knew what to say. 
"Just let me know when he comes home?" I said he nodded I walked away going up the steps into my room. I played music to drown out my thoughts. 

-Louis' POV-

I carried my bag of purchases up a hill, a hill I regularly visit.  I had actually bought some pineapples. I don't like them but I don't know why is just as to buy them. I took one out of the bag. I examined it. I thought a moment, about how screwed I was. I stood up and whipped it. With my vampire strength it flew over and I watched till it disappeared. Sighing I leaned up against a rock. 
I just had to tell the boys... 

(30 mins later) 

-Zayn's POV-

I heard the door open and shut I walked down the steps and saw Louis walk into the kitchen he put the grocery bag on the counter and took out 4 pineapples. 
"Now what are you gunna do with them?" I asked he flinched I had shocked him. 
"Ha, Zayn you scared me" he said with a friendly smile. 
"What are you gunna do?" I asked again walking to his side 
"I'm gunna make a snack" he said 
"But none of us like pineapples." I said 
"Did I say snack...? I meant drink" he said with a wink and a smile I chuckled 
"Your such an alcoholic" I said he winked 
"You know wanna help me by blending up my pineapple so it's liquid?" He asked I nodded. 

-Louis' POV-

I've never really done anything with just Zayn in a while. Zayn started cutting the pineapple as I tasted what drink I wanted to mix. I was stuck between Jack Daniels and Smirnoff. I ended up mixing them both I put a wedge of pineapple on the edge of each tequila glass with a cute umbrella stuck into it. Zayn came over with the blended pineapple I poured some juice into each cup mixed them each put two cubes of ice in and put them on a tray.
I walked out. 
"Suuuuurprise!" I said happily they all smiled and cheered I put a glass in front of each of them and sat down with my own. 
"So this explains the pineapples..." Niall says I nodded they all took a sip and hummed yums I smiled and sipped my own. 
It actually did taste good.... 

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