One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


19. Tess and Liam

I walk into our home, slamming the door with my foot.

"Liam?!" I call. I walk into the kitchen, where a dirty pile of dishes looks at me. No doubt the boys were here with him. And they didn't clean up. Again. I start to fill the sink with water and soap, and walk around the house.

"LIAM!" I call, not finding my boyfriend anywhere. But the house is a disaster.

"I was only gone three days," I murmur. I walk back to the kitchen, and scrub the dishes. After about an hour of cleaning up in the kitchen, I head to my bedroom. Mess too, surprise there. I start picking up the clothes, and putting them into the hamper.

"That pop star is toast when he comes home," I grumble, starting another load of laundry. After cleaning the bathroom and bedroom, I head to the living room. Cups cover the floor, along with blankets, pillows, and crushed popcorn.

"Liam you are so in for it!" I scream. I pick up and vacuum the living room, and bring the last of the dishes into the sink to soak. I spend the rest of the time cleaning the whole house, by myself. As I walk into the kitchen, my phone rings. Liam's name flashes across. He's called about four times, and I've ignored them all.

"What?" I say bitterly.

"Hello to you too Tess," he chuckles.

"What do you want?" I say, switching the laundry instead of doing the dishes.

"I just wanted to know if you wanted me to pick you up from your mom's tomorrow," Liam murmurs, hurt in his voice.

"I came home today Liam! I came home to a disaster of a house, with no one is sight! I can't believe you Liam Payne!" I scream, slamming the door on the dryer and starting it.

"Oh shit! I thought you said tomorrow!" I hear him get up from where he is.

"Too late Liam! It's all clean! It's a good thing I cleaned the couch, because that's where you're sleeping!" I start the washer, and bring the dry clothes to the table. I start folding and putting them away.
"Wait Tess! Let me explain!"

"No Liam! I'm tired of feeling like a maid all the time! I do more cleaning here than when I lived alone!" I end the call, and throw my phone onto a chair. I put away the remaining clothes, and start on the dishes. I calm down, letting the suds stick to my hands. I put the last of the dishes away, and wipe down the counters. I dry my hands, and look around. A nice, clean house smiles at me.

"There. Just how I left it." I hear the front door open.

"Tess? Babe, are you here?" I walk down the steps to the washing machine.

"Go away Liam!" I scream, switching the laundry again. I walk up, and see Liam, standing in the hall, running his fingers through his hair. As soon as he sees me, a giant bouquet of roses comes up from his other hand.

"Tess I'm so sorry!" he hands me the flowers, and I smile a small smile. Small.

"We were recording today, and I was gonna clean up afterwards, to surprise you. I thought you were staying another day," I set down the flowers, and Liam hugs me.

"I missed you," Liam says. "The boys make too much of a mess, and don't smell as nice as you."

"I can see what a mess they can make," I giggle. Liam kisses my nose.

"Are you still angry? Do I have to sleep on the couch?"

"No," I laugh. "My family is too much to handle. I want you to sleep in our nice bed."

"Thank you!" He says twirling me.




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