One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


14. Shivani and Niall

Niall opens the door to our flat, my hands full of groceries.

"M'lady," he grins, and picks up his groceries.

"Thanks," I giggle, walking into the house. Niall flips on the lights, and I set down the bags.

"I love shopping with you Nialler. We get crap food, that I would never get by myself," I reach across the table, and kiss him.

"I love shopping with you too Shivani." I pull the food out of the bags,and Niall puts them away.

"Grab the garbage can,and watch my magic," I laugh. Niall holds the can, and I crumple the bag into a ball. I shoot, and make it in.
"Nice!" Niall says. He puts down the can,and grabs one. We shoot at the same time, mine making it. His flops to the side, and he huffs.

"How are you good at everything?! Shooting bags into a garbage can, singing, being beautiful, being my girl. What are you bad at?" He says, his arms sliding around my waist. We start kissing.

"Chess. I'm shit at chess," I say on his lips. Niall pulls away, laughing.

"Well, at least it's something I'm bad at. Come, let's eat our food and make out," he smirks.

"I like that idea!"

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