One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


12. Payton and Harry

The sound of the front door closing sounds as I do my yoga.

"Hey babe!" I call.

"Hey!" Harry calls, setting down his keys. I bounce on my yoga ball, following the instructor on the TV. I hear Harry lean on the doorway.

"Nice outfit Payton," he comments. I look down. Shoot. I'm in my sports bra and spandex.

"Thanks curly fries," I laugh. Harry chuckle is deep. I turn, and his eyes are on me. I get off the ball, and kick it towards him.
"I know you love kicking this. Don't break anything, or distract me! I need to do my yoga," I pretend scold. I start following the video, but a warm pair of hands rest on my hips. Harry spins me around, and kisses my neck.

"You look really hot doing your yoga," Harry says, kissing me full on. I mumble a thank you as my hands lock in his curls. I totally forget about my yoga, because Harry lifts me up, his hands on my thighs. Instead of getting something done today, I make out with my hot boyfriend.

Author's note!!:)

Hey guyss! So, I've been trying to keep up, and I want to thank you all for asking me to do your imagines! I'm really honored! And thanks to the girls that say I do good ones, I love you!!(In a sisterly way, promise!) So, that's all I've got! If you guys could check out my other stories, (My best friends, one direction, and Dating Niall Horan 13+) I would love that! Thanks, and I hope you like your imagines!!


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