One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


32. Nyla and Harry

I pull Harry's t-shirt on, and lay on the couch. Suddenly the door opens.

"Nyla! I'm home!" Harry walks in, wearing a wet jacket and jeans. "I have a surprise. Let me change a second love," Harry runs to the bedroom.

"Why aren't you working?" I yell, turning off the TV.

"Gig got canceled," Harry yells, walking in shirtless and sweats. He pulls out a big box, wrapped in ribbon. "Look at what I got!" He smiles, sitting next to me. He opens the box, revealing a million little chocolates.

"We are gonna eat one, and guess the kind," Harry smiles, pulling one out, and put it by my mouth. 

"Alright," I giggle, opening my mouth. Harry shoves the candy in my mouth, as I chew. cherry taste explodes from the inside of the chocolate cover. I make a face as I quickly chew. Harry laughs, and waits for me to swallow.

"How was it Nyla?" 

"Disgusting," I say, picking a chocolate for Harry. He opens his mouth, as I put it in his mouth. His lips wrap around my hand, and he pulls the chocolate out of my hand with his tongue.

"Ewwwww Harry!" I squeal, as his tongue runs along my palm. I pull my hand away, and wipe it on my shirt. He smirks as he chews.

"That one was pretty good." After half the box, I shove another in Harry's mouth.

"This one is good. You should try it," he says.

"How will I tas-" Harry's chocolaty lips hit mine, as we make out. The chocolate taste enters my mouth, as Harry starts to reach under my shirt. I giggle,and Harry finally pulls away.

"Definitely a good day," He kisses my cheek, and we walk towards our bedroom.


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