One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


26. Nad and Harry

"You are so worthless!" My mother screams at my father. I jolt up in my bed. I was asleep, but I guess my parents are fighting. Again. I fumble for my phone, and dial my boyfriend.

"Hello?" A scruffy voice sounds. I look at the clock. 1:12.

"Harry," I sniffle, "My parents are fighting again."

"Unlock and open your window Nad. I'll be right there." I hang up, and walk to my window. My room is on the third floor, and my parents stay in the basement a lot. That's where they fight. I open my window, and pull on one of Harry's shirts he's left here. I crawl under the covers, listening to yells. A couple cars pass, on parking at the end of my street.The old Ladder covered with flowers groans, meaning Harry is here. When my parents started fighting, we put the ladder there, decorating it with vine flowers. I hear sneakers hit the roof in front of my window, and Harry slips in.

"Hey Babe," he whispers, winking. I smile, with tears in my eyes. Harry swiftly pulls back my covers, and climbs in bed with me. A crash sounds, probably a lamp. Harry kisses me, knowing I get fuzzy kissing him. We make out, until the  yelling subsides.

"Thanks for coming again Harry," I whisper into his bare chest, as He strokes my hair.

"I'll always come. Until the day we get married, I will come." He kisses my hair, and I kiss his tattooed shoulder. Harry leans us back, pulling the blanket with. The yelling dies out, as I fall asleep on my boyfriend.


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