One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


2. Maggie and Niall

"C'mon Babe, don't wimp out," I whine, as I pull into my parent's driveway.

"I'm not! B-but your dad won't, like, mess with my man parts, will he?" Niall's eyes fill with worry. I smile, and kiss him sweetly.

"No. He shouldn't at least," I climb out of the driver's seat. Niall hurries out, and grabs my hand. We walk up the steps, and I ring the doorbell. I hear hushed voices, and the door opens.

"Maggie!" Mom squeals, pulling me into a hug. Dad comes from behind Mom, and joins our hug. I pull away, and smile at Niall.

"Mom, Dad, this is my boyfriend. Niall," Niall sticks out his hand, and Dad ruffly shakes it.

"Nice to meet you sir," Niall says. Dad smiles.

"Nice to meet you too Niall. Now, tell me, how do you like grilling?" Dad pulls Niall towards the backyard, while I go help Mom with the dessert.

"Maggie, I didn't know you meant Niall, from that big boy band," Mom says, pulling out the jello. I shrug, and set it on the table.

"Yeah, he's in the band. But we still hang out a lot."

"Yes, I see that. Oh Maggie, he looks at you like your father looks at me," she puts a hand over her heart. Mine starts to race.

"Really?" I squeak, butterflies forming in my tummy.

"Really. Now, I have potatoes in the oven. Take them out, would you?'' I grab oven mitts, while she puts out cups and plates. I set the hot dish next to the jello, and grab some silverware. Niall and Dad walk in, hold a plate filled with brats, hamburgers, and hot dogs.

"Let's go wash up Niall," I say, pulling him into the hall bathroom.
"So, how's my dad?" I ask, starting the facet.

"He's great! He asked me about football, and we talked about you. He told me funny stories," Niall's hands weave into mine, as we wash up together.

"I'm glad you two like each other,'' I smile, turning my head to kiss his cheek.

"Me two. Let's eat, I'm starved," Niall grabs the towel, and dries my hands. We walk out, as my parents are sitting down.

"Come you two. Niall, you're so skinny. Doesn't Maggie feed you enough?" Mom laughs. I roll my eyes, and sit down at the table. Niall and Mom and Dad are really hitting it off. This will be easier than I thought.

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