One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


18. Maddie and Niall

Author's Note!

Okay, before I start, I wanna say this is totally ironic! My name is Madi, but it's spelled different, and my fav is Niall! So, this is totally cool!


"Bye Mr.Mallory!" I call, heading out of my math teacher's room.

"Bye Maddie! Don't forget the test on Monday!" He calls. I walk down the empty halls, my combat boots making noise against the tile. I open my locker, and pictures of my boyfriend, Niall Horan, cover the door. I shove books into my bag, and walk to the exit. The doors open with a creek, and I see an empty parking lot. I live two blocks away from school, so I hike up my bag, and start walking. The spring air hits me. Being a senior, I take every day slowly. As soon as I graduate, I'm moving in with Niall, in London. A car catches my eye, and I turn. I see Niall, white shirt and jeans on. He's sitting on the bed of my dad's truck, with his sunglasses on. He's texting someone.

"Niall Freaking Horan!" I squeal, sprinting towards him. Niall looks up, and tosses down his phone. He hops off, and runs towards me. He picks me up when we meet, and spins me around.

"Maddie! It's been months!" His Irish accent greets me. I kiss him hard and heavy. I pull away, and Niall pouts.

"Ready for England?" He asks, wearing a big smile.

"Very. I hate living in a different country than you.Only one month left." I laugh, as Niall takes us back to my dad's car. He sets me on the truck bed, and he hops up next to me.
"I can't wait to see you every night. Sleep without waiting for your parents to knock on the door, asking if I'm wearing clothes," Niall laughs, but his eyes flicker to my lips. I kiss him, and we start making out.

"Get a room Maddie!" I hear Mr. Mallory yell. I pull away, and wave. I hop off, and pull Niall towards the front of the car.

"Wanna help me pack?"

"I would love to Maddie."

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