One Direction Imagines

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7. Jazzy and Harry

"So Louis. Where are we going?" I whine, tugging at the blindfold.

"Stop! I'll show you! Just don't mess with the blindfold." I put my hand down, and settle into Louis' car seat. I feel the car go faster, as we zoom down the road.

"But seriously. Where are we going?"

"Fine! Jazzy, I'm setting up a blind date with you. And the guy, is AWESOME!" Louis laughs.

"Louis, you know that I don't have to be blind for a blind date," I reason. "And, I don't need my cousin's help to get a boy to date me." I mutter.

"Oh. Well, take off the blindfold then." I pull it off, and see we are going to a fancy resturant. No wonder I'm in a cocktail dress.

"And, you DO need my help.How long has it been since your last date? Exactly." I roll my eyes, and look out the window.

"Who's the guy?" I whisper.

"He's a very good friend of mine."

"Is he in your band?"


"Do I know him?" I question.


"When will we be there?" I say, frustrated.

"Now!" Louis cheers. He pulls into a parking lot, and parks in the front. A man stops us, and we climb out. The man gets in, and takes the car away. Louis walks us in, my hand on his arm. He nods at a man, and the man leads us through tables. A string quartet plays, as we weave to the back. We stop at a table, where a boy and a girl sat. The girl looked up, and stood.

"Jazzy!" El squeals. We hug, as the boy stood. He turns, and I know him instantly.

"Hi. I'm Harry," Harry smiles, putting out his hand.

"Jazzy," I smile.Louis and El sit down at the table next to us.

"Louis told me he had hot cousin,'' Harry starts as we sit. "But not a gorgeous one."

"Louis also told me that you were ugly in person. Clearly he is blind," I joke, feeling my cheeks burn.

"I know it's been, oh, five minutes, but I already think I love you.''

"The feeling is the same."


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