One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


31. Danielle and Niall


I don't know much about Ireland, so I'm really sorry!


Niall throws our bags into his car, and opens the car door.

"Excited to see the country Danielle?" He asks. I nod. We drive through the country, moss and greenery covering everything. We drive into a city, that looks just like any other city.

"How do you like it?" Niall asks, looking at me.

"I like the country. But not as much as the view I have here," I giggle, looking a Niall, in a white shirt with a navy button up open over it. One hand rests on the top of the wheel, while the other plays with his bottom lip. He smirks at me, as we drive back out into the country. Flocks of sheep cover the mountain sides, as we drive up to an house, in the middle of nowhere. Trees line up the driveway, sparkly lights in each one.  As we pull up to an old house, I see a campfire by the door.

"Surprise love," He murmurs, kissing my cheek. We hop out, and Niall takes the bags up to our room. I wait for him, as he emerges, blankets and pillows in his arms. Niall puts out the many blankets, and sets up the pillows, as I climb into our little bed on the ground. Niall snuggles up next to me, bringing another blanket over us for warmth.We watch the fire and the stars, pointing out constellations.

"There's the little dipper!" I yawn, pointing to it. I look over at Niall, who just closed his eyes.

"I think maybe we should sleep Dani. I'm quite tired." I snuggle down next to him, and plant a kiss on his cheek. There we fall asleep, by a fire, and in each others arms.

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