One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


9. Ashley and Niall

"Ashley, wait! I can explain!" Niall cries. I take my bag, and slam the door to our flat. A car slows by the driveway, and the window rolls down.
"C'mon sis, let's go!" Harry, my brother, calls. I head down the sidewalk, as the door opens.

"Ashley Please!" Niall calls. His sneakers hit the pavement, and hear him race over the grass. I pop the trunk, and put my suitcase in. I'm about to shut the case, when Niall's hand covers mine.

"Ashley, listen to me. She doesn't mean anything. I was drunk," Niall follows me as I walk to the driver's seat.

"I don't have feelings for her, I have feelings for you." He pleads, as I open the door. Niall puts his hand on the door, and won't let me inside.

"Please Ashley. Don't leave me!" Niall's eyes start to water.

"C'mon Ash. You can sleep at my place," Harry murmurs, not meeting Niall's eyes.

"Why Harry? Don't you believe me? You were there!!" Niall yells, as I climb into Harry's car.

"Sure I do mate. But Ashley's my sister. I have to help when you two fight. I'm just giving her a place to stay. I'm not in this at all." I click on my seat belt, as Niall steps away. Tears fall down his cheeks. He even left the door to the house open.

"I'll come by later for the rest of my things," I whisper.

"No Ash." Niall whispers, as we pull away.


It's the last inning in my softball game. Two outs, bases loaded. We're down by three. I take a couple practice swings, and step into the box.

"GOOO ASHLEY!!" Harry yells from the stands. I take a deep breath, as the pitcher wind up. She shoots the ball at me, and I hit it with all my might. I watch it soar in the sky, and I take off. I see it go into left field, and lands next to the fence. I fly past first, and second. I round third, and the coach yells to go to home. I sprint, and see a yellow ball fly into the infield. I slide head first into home, the ball flying into the catcher's glove.

"SAFE!" The ump yells. I climb up from the ground, as my team surrounds me. They pick me up, and hand me the trophy, for winning state. I raise it, and we celebrate.


I pick up my bag from the dugout, and head out to center field. I find the spot where my hit landed, and smile.

"Congrats Ash." I turn around, and see Niall in a tux, with his old sneakers on. In his arms, are a million roses.

"I had a great time watching you," he murmurs, stepping closer.

"Thanks. Thanks for coming." Niall hands me the roses, which I take.


"Don't say anything. I just came to support you, and say I'm sorry. I can't believe I did that to you. If you come back to me, I promise, I won't LOOK at another girl in my life. You're my one and only."

"I forgive you Niall!" I say, giving him a huge hug. When I pull away, there's dirt all over Niall's suit.

"Aha sorry about your suit," I say, wiping his shirt.

"It's okay, as long as you sleep at our house tonight, and move back." Niall puts his arm around me, as we walk back to the dugout.

"I would love to move back in with you."

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