One Direction Imagines

Just comment what boy you love, what you want to happen, and your name! I hope I do a good job for you!!:)


27. Abi and Niall

I brush my hair, as my music plays in the living room. My boyfriend, Niall, is at work, writing for a new album. I look down at my oversize sweater, and shorts. I hear the piano part to I want, and grab my brush.

"LADIES AND GENTS, PLEASE PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER, FOR ABI!!!!" I scream, singing along with Harry. I jump on the couch, singing into my brush, and pretending to have screaming fans.

"I want, I want I want I want!!" I scream, jumping from couch to couch. I feel like a little kid again, and Love it.

"Be loved by youuuuuu, I wanna, I stay truuueeee, I wanna, if you kneeewwww what you put me through, but you want you want you want me to love you too!!!!" I sing loudly into my brush.  I play the air guitar, kicking my legs in the air.

"Looky here, I'm Niall. I  can play guitar!" I giggle, trying to sound Irish.  I whip my hair back and forth, feeling dizzy. I jump around more, the music blasting.

"LOved by Youuuu!" I scream, flopping into the chair. I press pause, and sit there, trying to get my breath back. A slow clapping comes from the doorway, and Niall emerges. My cheeks burn, as I realize he watched me.

"Were.... You there... The whole time?" I whisper, pulling my legs up. He nods.

"My favorite part was when you made fun of me, and whipped your hair around," Niall chuckles. I put my head into my hands, groaning.

"I want I want I want!" I hear Niall say, in  a high girly voice. I roll my eyes, and don't look up.

"Aw c'mon Babe, I thought it was really cute!" I feel Niall's arms around me.

"I didn't. That was really embarrassing." I mumble, turning away from him, so he doesn't see my smile. I feel Niall get up from sitting by me, and walk to the chest. I peak up, and see Niall standing on the couch.

"LADIES AND GENTS, PLEASE PUT YOUR HANDS TOGETHER FOR ABI AND NIALL!!!!" He starts the music, and points at me.

"I got a feeling on the summer day when you were gone!!" Niall screams, jumping on the couch. I laugh, and sit up.

"I crashed my car into the bridge, I wished I let it buuurrrnnn!" Niall grabs my hand, and I jump with him. At the end of the song, we collapse on the ground.

"That was fun," I laugh, as Niall closes his eyes.

"It was. Now, let's have a nap. I'm tired." He pulls me to him, and I grab a blanket. We fall asleep on the ground.






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