A directioner dream <3

A nineteen year old girl named lilly has a semi normal life. The only thing different about her is that her dad is one directions manager, and she has to live with them until she turns twenty. Another thing is that she is bullied a lot by people who don't even know her! Will she finally have more than her father to love her, or will she be alone forever?


2. Meeting the boys

After a three hour plane ride, I finally got to my new house. I knocked on the door hesitantly, after about two seconds a boy with a huge, welcoming smile and curly hair opened the door." Hello beautiful you must be mikes daughter." "Yes, I'm Lilly." He stared into me with his big emerald eyes and said "hey, I'm harry, harry styles, come on in and I'll introduce you to the rest of the guys." He held out a hand and lolled at me expectantly, so I grabbed his hand and he led me through the hallway and into the living room." Hey mates, this is Lilly, mikes daughter." Everyone gave me a warm , welcoming smile and walked I've to introduce themselves . After that Harry led me to my new bedroom. " call out if you need anything." I nodded and smiled as he walked out my door closing it behind him. An with that I jumped on my new bed and quietly fangirled into my pillow."omg omg omg omg omg !"I quickly unpacked an said to myself" holy shit , I'm in a house with one direction.

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