A directioner dream <3

A nineteen year old girl named lilly has a semi normal life. The only thing different about her is that her dad is one directions manager, and she has to live with them until she turns twenty. Another thing is that she is bullied a lot by people who don't even know her! Will she finally have more than her father to love her, or will she be alone forever?


1. I'm gonna what!!!????

My dad woke me up at 3:40 in the goddamn Morning ,what could he possibly want?"honey, the new clients I have would like to meet you today, so I decided that you should stay there for at least 2 day and I'd you guys get along live with them for a while."   "So your telling me that I have to stay in a house full of strangers for 2 days!!??" " I'm so glad you agree honey, now hurry up and pack, you will be going to meet them in about 2 hours, ok?" "Ok." Great now I get to live with strangers, I hope that they are hot;)

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