I Still Love You

18 year old Kennedy Brady hasn't seen her boyfriend Zayn Malik in over 3 months. One Direction had been split up for 8 years and no one talked to each other really but Kennedy and Liam. Kennedy is about to have Zayn's baby. Liam was the only one there for her.... what will Kennedy do with the baby?


5. 5

When we get home I walk upstairs. Zayn follows me. He pushes the door close.  Kennedy damn I've missed you. He says huskily. I've missed you too. I say.No you don't understand. I didn't only miss you I missed your fit body. He says. Shit where am I fit? I ask. All over baby girl. He says. Har  har! Funny! I say. He growls. Baby your fucking perfect! He says. I laugh . Good effort. I say. Suddenly I was up against the wall. He places wet kisses up and down my neck. Wanna make another little angel? He asks. Um.... why not. I smile. Really? He grins. Yeah. I say. So we can go for another one? He asks. Yeah. I really want a little boy. I say. He didn't reply we just kissed. Kissing led to stripping. Stripping led to intense kissing. Intense kissing led sex. That..... was.... amazayn(I had to do that)! I pant looking up at Zayn. Really great. He said catching his breath. I'm sure the neighborhood heard us. I laugh. I don't care. I missed you and the fun we had. He says. Yeah I've missed it too. I say. Then something started bothering me. Did you sleep with anyone while you were gone? I ask. No. Did you? He asks. No. I say. Good. He says. Why did you leave me? I start crying. Look babe someone tipped of my old tour manger Paul Higgins  that I was gonna be attacked.  You know how people are about my religion. So Paul had me in witness protection until the person was caught. He says. Zayn. I was pregnant! I cry. And babe I didn't know that! He says. I have gave up 4 years of our daughters life to Danielle and Liam because I thought she should have a real family! I cry harder. Yeah but now the rest is ours. He says. You don't understand! I missed her first word! Her first steps! Her first I love you mommy! Her first everything! That should have been mine! I yell. Yes but now you can be there for her first crush and her first love and he first kiss and her wedding! He says. Zayn we only get 14 years with her then she goes to collage. That should have been  18 years not 14! I cry more. Babe please don't cry. He says. He kisses me. And grinds  hims hips into mine. So sexy. I moan. You too. He winks. I need to feel you. I say. He moves his hips on me. The rest of the night was felt with amazing sex and heated kisses.

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