I Still Love You

18 year old Kennedy Brady hasn't seen her boyfriend Zayn Malik in over 3 months. One Direction had been split up for 8 years and no one talked to each other really but Kennedy and Liam. Kennedy is about to have Zayn's baby. Liam was the only one there for her.... what will Kennedy do with the baby?


4. 4

After dropping Heather off at preschool I head to work. My job is at a small CD store. I get off work at 1 so Heather should be out of school then. I stroll into work and smile when I see Candi. She's only 16, but she works to support her 1 year old son. Her boyfriend works the night shift here. Hey Candi guess what! I say. Humm? She asks. I got Heather back yesterday! I smile. I'm happy for you. She smiles. How's Jackson? I ask. Grumpy that mommy isn't home in the day. She says. And Josh? I ask. He's got a really bad arm spring. She said. What happened ? I ask. Fell of my horse Lucky. She says. God how did he not break it? I ask. Idk. She says. *when I get off work I pick Heather up and we go to the park to meet Liam and Danielle.* I walk up to them with Heather on my back. Hey Kennedy. Liam says. Hey. I smile. Liam? I hear a Bradford accent ask. I look behind Li to see Zayn. I hand Heather to Dani and run into Zayn's arms. Zayyyyyyynnnnnn! I scream. Hey babe! Damn I've missed you. He says. I press my lips to his. I've missed you too. I say. He grabs my hand and we walk up to Li Li , Dani, and my daughter. Well hi cutie. Zayn says. Hi. Heather blushes. Is she yours? He asks Liam. Does she look like me or Dani? Liam asks. No. He says. I grab her and whisper into her ear. She reaches out to Zayn and he grabs her. Hi daddy. She says. What? He asks. Look at her and listen to how she talks. I say. I love you daddy. She says. That's a Bradford accent. And she looks like me. Is she mine? Zayn asks. I nod. Ours. I say. That's amazing! He says. She didn't know me for a long time. I gave her to Liam and Danielle but I got her back yesterday. I say. Well now she has us both.  Zayn smiles. Really? I ask. Yes. I want to live with you. He says. OK. I say. Can I spend time with her? He asks. There is no school tomorrow but she is staying with Danielle and Liam tonight. I say. Well then the two of us will spend the day together. He smiles cheeky.  That's perfect! I smile. God she is a angel a true angel. He smiles. Well Heather we need to get going. Liam says. OK. She smiles. Uncle Liam if she comes back with a scratch or even a small bruise I'll need to kick your ass. Zayn says. Zayn hunny she has lived with them for  4 years. She will be fine. I say.  Fine. Zayn says. Let's go home. I suggest. OK. He smiles.

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