I Still Love You

18 year old Kennedy Brady hasn't seen her boyfriend Zayn Malik in over 3 months. One Direction had been split up for 8 years and no one talked to each other really but Kennedy and Liam. Kennedy is about to have Zayn's baby. Liam was the only one there for her.... what will Kennedy do with the baby?


3. 3

I was walking alone to my new Bradford home. I see a little girl in the park crying. Hi sweetie. What's wrong? I ask. I can't find mommy and daddy. She cries. I'll help you hunny. I say. She looked familiar to me. She was about four. The same age Heather would be. Sweetie what's your name? I ask . Heather. She says. My heart stops. Is your mommy and daddy Liam and Danielle? I ask. She nods. I pick her up and hug her. I plant a kiss on her head. I see Li Li and run up to him still holding Heather. I found her crying . She lost her mommy and daddy. I say. K-Kennedy? Li says. Hi Li . Hi Danielle. I say. Kennedy! What are you doing here?!?! Dani smiles. I live a few blocks away and was on my way from work. I say. Mommy who is she? Heather asks. I nod to Danielle. Baby she is your real mommy. She says. Really? Heather asks. Yes. Dani says. Can I live with her? Heather asks. Wouldn't you miss mommy and daddy? I ask. But you are my mommy. She says. Kennedy you can take her back. She needs you. Li says. Really? I ask. Yes. Dani and Li nod. I pick Heather up and kiss her. *next day* After going to get the rights to Heather back I take her to see Epic. After the movie we walk home. Mommy that was so fun! She yells. I know! I say. Liam and Danielle came while we were gone and set up Heather's room. Mommy where is my daddy? Heather asks in her thick Bradford  accent that reminded me of Zayn's. Baby I don't know. I say. Mommy do you miss him? She asks. Yes,. I say.  Will I ever get to see him? She asks. Baby I don't know. I say. I love you mommy. She smiles. I love you too Heather. I love you so much. I say. I feel the tears trying to spill over. I look down at Heather and smile at how much she features her father. She's beautiful truly she is. I just wish Zayn could see her. He would love her.

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