I Still Love You

18 year old Kennedy Brady hasn't seen her boyfriend Zayn Malik in over 3 months. One Direction had been split up for 8 years and no one talked to each other really but Kennedy and Liam. Kennedy is about to have Zayn's baby. Liam was the only one there for her.... what will Kennedy do with the baby?


2. 2

*two weeks later* Liam and Danielle were asleep in my spare room . My water breaks as I get up to cook. Liam! The baby is coming! I yell. He runs into my room with Danielle on his heels. Hold on Kennedy. He says and rushes me to the car. He puts me in the car  and rushes to the hospital. Excuse me. Yes she is going into labor. Liam says. What's the name? The doctor asks. Kennedy Brady. Li says. * while later* One more big push. Your doing good. Liam says. I  push and hear crying. Miss Brady it's a girl. The doctor says. What are you naming her? Liam asks. Heather Marie Malik. I say. Y-your giving her his last name? Liam asks. Li Li he is the father. I say. OK. He says. The doctor returns with the birth certificate. I sign her name and mine and leave the father blank. Can I ask a question? I ask the doctor. Yes? She asks. I want to give the the baby to Liam here. He can protect her better than I can. I say. That will be like an  adoption. The nurse says. But she has to keep her last name the same. Liam says. OK. The doctor says and nods to the nurse to follow.  What the hell did you do that for ? Li asks. I want you to take her far away and protect her. Shield her from Zayn. From me. Protect my baby. I say. Anything. He says. I kiss him in my favorite place. His birthmark. Take her Li Li. I say. I plan a kiss on Heather's head.  I still love you Heather. I say. I look at her skin. It was as dark as Zayn's. Her eyes as brown as his and her hair as brownish black as his. I kiss her once again and let Liam take her.

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