I Still Love You

18 year old Kennedy Brady hasn't seen her boyfriend Zayn Malik in over 3 months. One Direction had been split up for 8 years and no one talked to each other really but Kennedy and Liam. Kennedy is about to have Zayn's baby. Liam was the only one there for her.... what will Kennedy do with the baby?


1. 1

My name is Kennedy Brady and I am 18. I am or was with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. The band had broke up so no one kept in contact. Liam and I are the only ones who talk. I haven't seen Zayn in 3 months. I am pregnant with Zayn's baby and she would be here soon. I remember one time I spent with Zayn. *flashback* I want you now Kennedy. Zayn mumbles in my ear. Now? I giggle. Yes. He smiles. He carries me to our room and lays me on the bed. Slowly he crawls up on me. Zaynie. I giggle. His lips crash into mine. He pulls my clothes off. Slowly painfully slowly I undress him. Shit Kennedy hurry up. He growls. He grinds onto me and then he pushes in slowly. He pauses to let me adjust and carries on. Shitttttttttt!!!!!!! Zayyyyyyynnnnn!!!!! I yell . *flashback ends*  Lately Liam and I have spent time together and I got to know Danielle better. We were close all three of us. Dani  was like my sister. There was a knock on my door. Its open! I yell. Liam and Danielle walk in. You shouldn't leave your door unlocked someone could hurt baby Brady. Dani says. They both new she was Zayn's but no one wanted to talk about it or why I haven't seen him in 3 months. Liam drops to his knees and pushes my shirt up to the bra line. He kisses my belly. Hi uncle LiLi's baby. He says using mine and Danielle's nickname as he talks. She kicks. Move babe and let me talk. Danielle says. Li moves so she can talk. She bends down and starts talking. Hi auntie Danielle's baby girl. I can't Waite to see you. She says. 

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