Life As We Know It 4

Life As We Know It 4; In the last series, Maryse and Mike got married, not mention Randy and Stacy also got married. In this one, Kim and Harry are engaged, along with John and Kelly. Read on and see which couple gets their engagement called off and which couple gets a divorce. Also, read on how this twisted love triangle story ends before the last series.


4. 1.4

John: *calls Kelly* 

Kelly: What do you want John? 

John: I just wanted to call you and ask how you are doing. 

Kelly: I'm great, I'm happy, I'm living a happy life in college right now. 

John: Can I make an appointment to come see you? 

Kelly: For what? We're not together anymore. 

John: I miss you Kelly. 

Kelly: John, I, I don't miss you at all. 

John: *hurt* I just want to see you for the last time and maybe I can make it up to you? 

Kelly: No John, I'm busy with homework right now, bye. 

John: Please. 

Kelly: *silent* 

John: I love you Kelly. 

Kelly: *silent* I love you too John. 

John: So can I? 

Kelly: Um, I'll think about it. I have to go, bye. *hangs up* 

Kim: *calls Kelly* 

Kelly: What!? 

Kim: Oh, geez, sorry bad timing. 

Kelly: Kim! Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, I thought it was John. I just got off the phone with him. 

Kim: John? Are you two... 

Kelly: No! 

Kim: Are you sure? 

Kelly: I don't know, he called and asked if he can come visit me. 

Kim: Is he in town? 

Kelly: No, I don't think so. 

Kim: Ok, whatever, but guess what. 

Kelly: What? 

Kim: I slept with Chris. 

Kelly: Kim! Do you even know him? 

Kim: Yeah, I do, he's actually really good in bed. I never really had a blonde to myself. *laughs* 

Kelly: Ew, that's disgusting Kim.  

Kim: I mean Harry was great too, but Randy, he's still the best. Mike was ok and Chris is good. 

Kelly: And the others? 

Kim: What others? 

Kelly: The other forty plus guys you slept with? 

Kim: Oh they were just one night stands. 

Kelly: Look, I have to do my homework; I'll talk to you tomorrow. 

Kim: Everything ok? 

Kelly: Yeah, I'm just busy. Bye. 

Kim: Bye? 

Kelly: *hangs up* 

John: *rings the doorbell* 

Kelly: *annoyed* Ugh! Who's here at this time. *opens the door* 

John: *smiles* Hi. 

Kelly: John? What are you doing here? 

John: Can I come in first? 

Kelly: Yeah, sure. *stands aside from the door* 

John: Look, I just... I want us to get back Kelly. 

Kelly: Why? 

John: Because I still love you. 

Kelly: John, you cheated on me twice! 

John: I haven't since you last saw me. 

Kelly: Yeah because we're not even together anymore. 

John: Yeah we are because I never said it was ok for us to... 

Kelly: John, you accepted the ring back. 

John: Yeah, but I'm here to give it back to you. 

Kelly: What? 

John: C'mon Kelly, I know you want to get married with me too right? We been talking about this since you were a sophomore. 

Kelly: That was three years ago. 

John: So, we were engaged 4 months ago. 

Kelly: No John, I don't want to marry you. 

John: Fine, then can I just get a last kiss and I'll go my own way. 

Kelly: *hurt* 

John: Please? 

Kelly: *slowly moves towards john* 

John: *kisses Kelly* Goodbye Kelly. 

Kelly: *stares at john* 

John: Why are you looking at me that way? 

Kelly: *kisses john* 

John: *really kisses Kelly* 

Kim: Why didn't you pick up my call last night Kelly?! 

Kelly: I was busy, I told you. 

Kim: With what?! 

Kelly: *shows kim her hand* 

Kim: *gasp in happiness* What?! Did you and John... 

Kelly: Yeah, we made up last night and it was great. 

Kim: You two had sex didn't you? 

Kelly: What? *chuckles* 

Kim: Kelly, I know that look. 

Kelly: Yeah, we did. 

Kim: *laughs* I'm so happy for you two. 

Kelly: Thank you Kim. *hugs kim* 

Chris: Hi Kim. 

Kim: *smiles* Hey Chris. *tries to kiss him* 

Chris: *backs away* No. 

Kim: *confused* What? *chuckles* 

Chris: I don't think we should continue seeing eachother. 

Kim: Why? What made you change your mind? 

Chris: What made me change my mind? Kim, you're just a sex tease. You're not serious about relationships. 

Kim: I can be. 

Chris: You're only in it for sex. I'm not all about or into sex only. I want a committed relationship that actually communicates and bonds with other subject other than just sex. 

Kim: *hurt* Fine, it wasn't like I was interested in you anyways. 

Chris: Bye. *walks off* 

Kelly: Kim, I'm so... 

Kim: Save it. *walks off* 

(1 year later) 

Father: Do you John take Kelly to be your beloved wife until death does you parts? 

John: I do. 

Father: Do you Kelly take John to be you beloved husband until death does you parts? 

Kelly: *smiles* I do. 

Father: I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may now kiss. 

John: *kisses Kelly* 

Kim: I'm really happy for you two. You two really belong together. 

Kelly: *hugs kim* Thank you Kim. 

Kim: *smiles jealous* Congrats John.  

John: *smiles* Thank you Kim. 

Kim: Best of luck to you two. *smiles and walks off hurt* 

Randy: *sees aj* AJ! 

AJ: Randy? *runs and hugs randy* 

Randy: How have you been kitten? 

AJ: I'm all grown up now. *chuckles* 

Randy: I don't see that, you're still the same height, but older. *smiles* 

AJ: I'm really happy to see you. 

Randy: I am too. I mean. *whispers to aj* 

AJ: *looks at randy and then attacks him with a kiss* 

Randy: Whoa! *laughs* 

AJ: Sorry, I just... I missed doing that. *smiles big* 

Randy: I do too. *kisses aj* 

Michelle: Uh would you just look at them. Back to high school it looks like. *walks off and calls kim* 

Kim: *crying* Hello? 

Michelle: Kim? Are you crying? 

Kim: I'm just happy for Kelly and John. 

Michelle: Why? 

Kim: They finally got married. 

Michelle: They did?! How come I wasn't invited? 

Kim: It was a small private one. 

Michelle: How come you were invited, but not me? Was anyone else there? 

Kim: No, just family. I just happened to be in town that's why. 

Michelle: Well congrats to them, look Kim, I got some news for you and you're not gonna like it.  

Kim: What? 

Michelle: AJ's here. 

Kim: *shocked* I'm, I'm not surprised at all. 

Michelle: Who am I to kid, you're engage. You're gonna be getting married any time soon. When's the wedding? 

Kim: Uh Michelle, I'm not getting married anymore. 

Michelle: What? 

Kim: Harry called it off when he left.  

Michelle: Why am I just now knowing this?! 

Kim: I don't know, but I have to go. 

Michelle: Ok, talk to you later. 

Kim: Bye. *hangs up* Dad! 

Samuel: Yeah? 

Kim: Can I attend Stanford. 

Samuel: Why? 

Kim: Because Michelle's there and I want to be there with her. 

Samuel: Or is it because Randy's there? 

Kim: Ew, he has a girlfriend. He's with that AJ girl again. 

Samuel: Isn't he married to Stacy? 

Kim: No, they got divorced last year. 

Samuel: Wow, everything happened so quickly. 

Kim: Yeah, I know right, so can I? 

Samuel: Yeah, you're a grown adult now Kim. 

Kim: *hugs Samuel* Thank you! 

AJ: I had a really great time with you last night Randy. I haven't had that kind of fun in a long time. *smiles* 

Randy: I hadn't either AJ. *smiles and about to kiss aj and sees kim* 

Kim: *smiles at randy* 

AJ: What? *turns around* Kim!? 

Kim: Hi AJ, hi Randy. *smiles* If it's not a surprise to see you two reunited. I mean, c'mon! *laughs* What are we? Still in high school?! 

AJ: We're in college now Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, I know that. But if you think about it, it is the same. You're a freshman, and Randy's a senior. Same thing AJ! 

Randy: Why are you here Kim? 

Kim: Why am I here? Because I can Randy. *smiles and looks at aj* 

AJ: I have to get to class, Randy, can you drop me off to... 

Kim: He doesn't have to. You're not a child anymore AJ. You're what do you call it again. Legal! 

AJ: That's right, so that means I can sleep with Randy all I want. *smiles and skips off* 

Kim: *gasp in chuckles* Did you just hear that Randy? *chuckles* She hasn't gotten over you at all. 

Randy: You aren't either. 

Kim: *rises her eyebrow* Excuse me? 

Randy: *crosses his arm* Isn't that why you're here? 

Kim: No. 

Randy: I know you too well Kim. Don't worry, I'm only using her. 

Kim: *laughs* No! I am here is because...  

Randy: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *stares at randy* 

Randy: I'm sorry, I been wanting to do that for a while now. 

Kim: *grabs randy and kisses him* 

AJ: *sees kim and randy kissing* What the hell! 

Randy: *moves from kim* AJ?! 

AJ: I came back to tell you I love you and you're kissing that slut! 

Randy: She's not a slut, she's a beautiful girl AJ. 

Kim: *smiles cocky at aj*  

AJ: It's over between me and you Randy! 

Randy: *laughs* It wasn't like I was interested in getting back with you anyways AJ. I been wanting to get back with Kim since my divorced. 

AJ: *slaps randy and leaves* 

Randy: *groans* 

Kim: Randy! Are you ok? 

Randy: I'm fine! *walks off mad* 

Kim: Whatever. *smiles and laughs* Kim, you are so smart. Plan went just exactly how you planned it. *smiles and turns around* 

Michelle: Who are you talking to? 

Kim: Michelle? I was just...  

Michelle: Being you? 

Kim: Yeah, being me I guess you can say that. 

Michelle: You still haven't changed at all you know that. 

Kim: I'll always be me Michelle. *walks off* 

(End Of Next Semester) 

Mike: *teaching Roseanne to walk* 

Roseanne: *falls* 

Maryse: Get up baby, walk to mommy. 

Roseanne: *crawls to Maryse* 

Mike: *grabs Roseanne* No, you have to walk to mommy. *walks Roseanne to Maryse* 

Roseanne: *taking baby steps* 

Maryse: *grabs Roseanne and kisses her* Yay! 

Mike: *kisses Maryse* I love you babe. 

Maryse: I love you too. *smiles* 

Dr. Jane: Do you hear that? That's her heartbeat. 

Kelly: *smiles* 

John: *chuckles* That's amazing, 

Dr. Jane: Congrats on having a girl. 

Kelly: Thank you Dr. Jane. Are you ready to leave babe? 

John: Yeah, let's go. 

Kelly: *leaves with john* 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Randy: Who is it? 

Kim: It's me. 

Randy: *opens the door* You're here. *smiles* 

Kim: *kisses randy* Of course. 

Randy: Here, let me take that for you. *grabs the grocery bags* 

Kim: Look, I just came by to drop that off for you, I have to get back to school, I can't be late. 

Randy: Just skip it. 

Kim: I can't. 

Randy: Why? 

Kim: Randy, you know I take school seriously. 

Randy: Right, I'll see you later then. *kisses kim* 

Kim: *gives randy a serious look* 

Randy: *chuckles* What? 

Kim: I want to ask you something, but I'll do it when I get back. 

Randy: Ok. *smiles* I'll be here. 

Kim: *kisses randy* I love you. 

Randy: I love you too babe. *smiles* 

Kim: *walks off* 

Layla: *calling michelle* 

Michelle: Hello? 

Layla: Guess who's going home! 

Michelle: Layla. 

Layla: Yay! 

Michelle: Guess who else is going home! 

Layla: You are?! 

Michelle: Yay! I'm so happy, I can't wait to see you Lay. 

Layla: Me too Chelle, it's gonna be a great reunion for us. 

Michelle: I know right. 

Layla: *with michelle* Like real talk. 

Kim: AJ. 

AJ: What? 

Kim: Look, I know we started off in high school and here in college not like eachother, but we're grown-ups now, we should move on and not live in the past. I just want to say that whatever we had back then. I'm forgetting it all. 

AJ: Really? You're gonna forgive me after what I did to you? 

Kim: I really don't care about it anymore. Randy and the rest of us seniors in college are graduating again and this time, we're entering the real adulthood. I just want to make peace with you and move on. 

AJ: *confused* Ok? 

Kim: Can I get a hug? 

AJ: *smiles* Sure? *hugs kim* 

Kim: *annoyed of aj* 

AJ: So, this is it huh? You guys are leaving back home. 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Yeah, we are. And some of us are moving out to where we want to live and to pursue our career. *smiles* 

AJ: Well good luck to you guys. *smiles* 

Kim: Thank you AJ. 

AJ: Ok, well I have to get to class. I'll, see you sometimes. 

Kim: Yeah, take care. 

AJ: You too. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *watches aj leave* 

Mike: So this is it huh, we're leaving Harvard and going back to LA. 

Maryse: Yeah, it is, four great years of memories and one happy one to leave with. *smiles* 

Mike: *looks at Roseanne* Let's go home baby. *leaves the apartment* 

Maryse: *follows behind with Roseanne* 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Randy: Oh, you're back already? 

Kim: Yeah, I just went to talk to AJ, that was it. 

Randy: Why? 

Kim: I can't believe I did this, but I apologized to her and we made up. 

Randy: So you two are friends now? 

Kim: Eh, not really, just distant friends. 

Randy: *chuckles* Well I made us dinner. 

Kim: Really? You're done already? 

Randy: Yeah, it's a surprise, I'll to blind fold you and take you to it. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok. *closes her eyes* 

Randy: *puts the blind fold over kim* 

Kim: Are we almost there? 

Randy: Yeah, just let me untie this for you. *takes off the blind fold* Tada. 

Kim: *sees the romantic dinner set* Wow, you did this? 

Randy: Yeah, just for you babe. *smiles* 

Kim: *kisses randy* This is beautiful, I love it Randy. *chuckles* 

Randy: I'm glad you do. *walks and pulls the chair for kim* 

Kim: *sits down*  

Randy: *pushes kim in* 

Kim: *talking to randy* 

Randy: *eating* So what did you want to ask me earlier? 

Kim: *silent* 

Randy: What? *chuckles* 

Kim: *stands up and walks to randy* 

Randy: What are you doing? 

Kim: *grabs randys hand and kneels to one knee* 

Randy: *fakes a chuckle* Kim? 

Kim: *looks at randys hand and then into his eyes serious* Randy, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? 

Randy: *looks at kim in eyes serious in silence*

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