Life As We Know It 4

Life As We Know It 4; In the last series, Maryse and Mike got married, not mention Randy and Stacy also got married. In this one, Kim and Harry are engaged, along with John and Kelly. Read on and see which couple gets their engagement called off and which couple gets a divorce. Also, read on how this twisted love triangle story ends before the last series.


3. 1.3

Randy: Hey. 

Kim: Hey? 

Randy: I haven't seen you in a while, you look great. 

Kim: *looks at stacy* Thanks Randy, you don't look bad yourself neither. 

Harry: Babe, I'm gonna go get something to eat, did you want to with me? 

Kim: Uh yeah, I'll go with you. *fakes a smile* 

Randy: *looks at kim leave with harry* 

Stacy: *pushes randy* 

Randy: *turns around*  

Stacy: Is this why you came? Because you knew she was gonna be here? 

Randy: No! Maryse and Mike are friends of mine. I want to be here for them how they were there for us. 

Stacy: Liar.  

Eve: Kim. 

Kim: Eve! *hugs eve* Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you in so long, how are you? 

Eve: I'm great. *smiles and looks at harry* Hi Harry. 

Harry: Hi Eve. *smiles* 

Eve: *hugs harry* How are you? How, how as tour? 

Harry: It was great, I had a terrific time, but I'm really happy to be back home for a while. *smiles* 

Eve: That's good, any plan of getting married soon? 

Harry: Um, no Kim wants to wait until my last tour is done, so another year to wait. *smiles* 

Eve: Oh ok, well don't forget to invite me. *chuckles* 

Harry: *laughs* I won't. 

Eve: Ok, well I'll see you two in a bit, I have to drop these off and go see Maryse. 

Harry: Ok, we'll see you in a bit too. 

Kim: Give baby a kiss for me too. *smiles and walks iff* 

Eve: Ok. *walks off* 

Michelle: Lay? 

Layla: *turns around and screams* Chelle! *runs and jumps on michelle* 

Michelle: *hugs Layla* I missed you flawless. 

Layla: No! I missed you more! 

Michelle: I missed you most. *smiles* 

Layla: I missed you more than all! *laughs* 

Michelle: *hugs Layla again* Yay! It's so good to see you again. 

Layla: Yeah, I know right! It's been so long. *chuckles* 

Michelle: *smiles* Too long. 

Randy: Well if it isn't the reunion of Laycool.  

Layla: Uh yeah. 

Michelle: Wasn't expecting to see you here Randy. *sees stacy* Oh hi Stacy. 

Stacy: *fakes a smile* Hi Michelle. 

Dr. Lake: *checking up on Maryse* Well, it looks like you're all ready to go home. *smiles* 

Maryse: Really? *smiles* 

Dr. Lake: Yeah. 

Maryse: Well thank you so much. *smiles* 

Kelly: Kim, can I talk to you? 

Kim: Yeah, what's up? 

Kelly: I don't know how are you Harry's engagement going? 

Kim: I don't know Kelly, I love him, but I don't think I want to marry him anymore. 

Kelly: Me neither, I mean with John. 

Kim: Why? You two been together through hell and back for so long. 

Kelly: I know, but I just, I don't trust him anymore. 

Kim: What did he do? 

Kelly: He slept with another blonde. 

Kim: What?! How'd you know? 

Kelly: *crosses her arms upset* Layla called and told me. 

Kim: *gasp* Why would he? 

Stacy: Hi, can I join you two? 

Kim: *looks at stacy* Sure, why not. 

Stacy: *sits next to kim* Hi, sorry to interrupt, but I overheard you two talking. 

Kelly: Yeah, we're talking what does it look like Stacy? 

Stacy: I came over here because I wanted to also discuss something with you Kim. 

Kim: *looks at stacy* Discuss what? 

Stacy: Randy and I aren't getting along anymore. I mean, you been with him for a long time. You know him. 

Kim: Yeah, he gets bored quick with the same girl. 

Stacy: Yeah, I think he's starting to get that feeling with me. 

Kim: So what are you trying to say? You're gonna cheat on him? Or he's cheating on you? 

Stacy: I don't know if I want to be married to him. 

Kelly: *gasp* 

Kim: *gasp/chuckles* Wow, first you steal him from me and then sleep with him and get pregnant by him and take off. Not just that, but you also married him, and now you want to divorce from him? *chuckles* Stacy, you are one of a different girl I ever met. 

Stacy: I don't know, he just hasn't been giving me good sex, he's lacking from it and it's just not fun anymore. 

Kim: What happened to him? He used to be so hot and attractive. Like he was the bad boy and now he's just like an old boring person with a son. 

Stacy: Hey! 

Kelly: Look, maybe you two don't want to get divorce. Just work things out and it'll be ok. 

Kim: *looks at Kelly* And you're telling her that? 

Kelly: *looks at kim* You're right, I should take that advice too.  

Stacy: You just said you don't want to marry Harry. 

Kim: I do too! I just want to wait until next year, when he's done with tour. You know, I'm done with this conversation! *gets up and leaves* 

Mike: Can you believe our baby is two months today. 

Maryse: I know it's been a great experience. I love your daughter, she's so beautiful. 

Mike: Just like her mom. *kisses Maryse* 

Maryse: I don't know what I would do without you babe. 

Mike: I wouldn't know what to do without you neither. *smiles* 

Maryse: *laughs* 

Harry: Hello? 

Louis: We're gonna go eat with our girls for the last time, so bring Kim an come meet us up. 

Harry: Ok, we'll be there. 

Louis: Alright. *hangs up* 

Liam: Kim! *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles* Well hi Liam. *chuckles* 

Liam: How was the trip? How was the baby? 

Kim: She's beautiful; I can't wait to start a family with Harry. 

Liam: I'm sure you and Harry will be great parents someday. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Thank you Liam. 

Zayn: So when exactly is the wedding? Have you planned it out? I mean it is early next year right? 

Kim: *silent* Uh, no I haven't thought the official date yet, but I might push it back just a little. 

Louis: Why? 

Kim: I want Harry to have some free time and space after the big tour. I want him to have some freedom before actually tying down the knot with me. I mean once we get married, he can't really do anything without me anymore. 

Harry: That's the point of being married though. I want to be with you Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, I do too. *smiles* 

Harry: Then let's get married on one of my days off on tour. 

Kim: No, then it'll be hard for you to go back. You'll just want to stay with me and that wasn't the plan. 

Harry: Yeah, I know. 

Perrie: I think you two should get married already Kim. It's been so long since you two have been engaged. 

Kim: It's almost here, it's just next year Perrie. 

Danielle: No, Perrie's right. You two have been engaged long enough, it's time to tie the knot and settle down. 

Kim: You guys don't get it, tie the knot and settle down? He has a big tour to do tomorrow. I don't want to distract him from his dreams. 

Zayn: You already are Kim. 

Kim: Excuse me? 

Zayn: You're actually distracting him more right now. He's miserable on tour. He doesn't stop talking about the wedding or you. 

Kim: *smiles* Really? 

Harry: *blushes* That's enough Zayn. 

Zayn: *chuckles* 

Waitress 2: Alright, here's your guys order. *sets the food on the table* 

Niall: Let's eat everyone. *grabs food onto his plate* 

Kim: *smiles* Well that was an interesting dinner.  

Harry: Really? How so? 

Kim: You talking about me nonstop; that was really sweet and cute of you. 

Harry: *chuckles* Just look at you babe, you're amazingly beautiful. 

Kim: *smiles and kisses harry* I'll see you in bed. *walks off* 

Harry: *quickly takes off his shoes and tie* 

Kim: *laying in bed waiting for harry smiling* 

Harry: *walks to the bed and kisses kim* 

Kim: *pulls harry on top of her* 

Harry: *kissing kim and pulls the cover over them* 

Perrie: Alright, I got your stuff ready for you in your suitcase. 

Zayn: Thank you babe. *kisses Perrie* 

Perrie: *smiles* I'm gonna miss you babe. 

Zayn: I'm gonna miss you too, I never been this far and long from you. 

Perrie: Yeah, eleven months is long babe. 

Zayn: I'll make time to come see you. *smiles* 

Perrie: Aw thank you babe. *hugs zayn* 

Zayn: *hugs and kisses Perrie* 

Kim: *grab her bag* I'm gonna go to school, have a good and safe flight ok. 

Harry: Do you have a minute? 

Kim: A minute? Yeah, sure, what? 

Harry: Sit down. 

Kim: I don't like to sit down, that means it's something bad. 

Harry: Ok, you don't have to sit down then. 

Kim: What? 

Harry: I have been thinking a lot last night after we had sex. 

Kim: What were you thinking? 

Harry: I don't know how to say this Kim, but... I want the ring back. 

Kim: *tears fill in her eyes* What? 

Harry: There's no way that I'm gonna be going away on tour for a year and have you stay here again just as my fiancé. I want to come back home and see you as my beautiful wife. 

Kim: *tries not to cry/mad* It's just eleven months Harry! 

Harry: I know, but maybe it's time we take a break. 

Kim: No! Let's just stick with our plan, you go off to your big tour and I'll go to school and when you come back, I'll go with you from time to time and it'll be ok. When you're done with the tour, we can get married. Simple as that Harry! *cries* We planned this for so long. 

Harry: *sad/hurt* I'm sorry, I can't wait another year to marry you. I waited a year and prayed you would change your mind, but you kept saying next year and just yesterday at dinner you said you might just want to push it back a few more months after I'm done with tour. 

Kim: *cries from being angry* Yeah! Because I want you to have some fun and free time before we get married! 

Harry: I don't want fun and free time before we get married. I want to have fun and free time with you, as my wife. 

Kim: *crosses her arms upset* You had sex with me last night Harry! 

Harry: I know, I wanted it to be a last and remembered one before I left. 

Kim: *wipes her tears mad* 

Harry: Can I have the ring back? It's my grandmother's. It belongs to my family. 

Kim: *takes off the ring mad* Here!  

Harry: *puts the ring in his pocket* I love you Kim. 

Kim: *angry* Get out of my face. 

Harry: *kisses kim and leaves* 

Kim: *cries* 

Eleanor: *smiles* Hey Kim. *sees kim crying* What's wrong? 

Kim: *crying at the table*  

Danielle: What's wrong? 

Perrie: Kim, what happened? Did someone hurt you? 

Kim: Hurt me? No one hurts me! 

Eleanor: What happened? 

Kim: I hurt someone. I, I called off the engagement with Harry. 

Eleanor: What? 

Kim: *shows her hand* See, no ring. 

Danielle: Why? 

Kim: It was a hard decision to make, but I had to end it. 

Perrie: Is that why you kept saying after the tour? 

Kim: Yeah. *cries* I couldn't hold it in anymore guys. I had to, it was for the best. 

Eleanor: Well you know... 

Kim: Louis doesn't even love you Eleanor. 

Eleanor: What? 

Kim: Yeah, I just know it. I can tell by the look on his face. He doesn't love you nor does he want to be with you anymore. He doesn't even find you attractive anymore Eleanor! So open your eyes and see it! 

Eleanor: Louis loves me Kim. 

Kim: Wrong. Have you not been paying any attention?! He doesn't really do anything with you anymore! He's hardly seen around you and he's hardly with you, he always wants to leave early and be by himself. 

Eleanor: *hurt* 

Danielle: That's enough Kim. 

Kim: Oh no, that's not all Danielle. Liam doesn't want to be with you neither. 

Eleanor: That's enough Kim! *grabs her bag and leave the café* 

Kim: *laughs* I overheard him talking to Zayn. He told Zayn that he wants to go his separate ways with you Danielle. You two don't see eachother much, and you are always going away and so is he. You two don't spend time with eachother as much like before anymore. 

Danielle: *fakes a chuckle* Even if it's true or it isn't. Liam and I aren't breaking up. *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Perrie: *scoots next to kim* He called it off didn't he? 

Kim: *cries* 

Perrie: I know you Kim, we use to be roommates. Why don't you go see a therapist or go get some help and someone will start loving you for you. Stop hurting others just because someone hurted you. It's not fair to them. *grabs her bag and leaves* 

Stacy: *bumps into Perrie* Oh, hey. 

Perrie: Stacy? 

Stacy: Yeah, I came back here. 

Perrie: Well it's nice to see you back here. I was just leaving to class. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: *looks and sees stacy* What are you doing here? 

Stacy: *sits across from kim* I'm back here and working here again. 

Kim: Why, because you divorced Randy. 

Stacy: Yeah, we did actually. 

Kim: Why? Why Stacy. 

Stacy: Does it really require you to be involved? 

Kim: Yeah, because he's my ex-boyfriend that you took from me! 

Stacy: If you're so in love with him why don't you get back with him since you and Harry aren't together anymore! You two are perfect for eachother! *gets up and leaves* 

Kim: *gets mad and crosses her arms* 

John: *talking with torrie* 

Torrie: It was an amazing year getting to know you and all, but I'm transferring out, I hope to still keep in touch with you. *smiles* 

John: *smiles* Yeah, I really hope so too Torrie, I mean you were a great friend. 

Torrie: *hugs john* 

John: *hugs torrie back* 

Torrie: *sees Kelly* 

Kelly: John? 

John: *turns around* Kelly?! 

Kelly: *hurt* Is this Torrie? 

Torrie: I'm Torrie, who are you? 

Kelly: So it was true, you are still seeing her. 

Torrie: Oh, are you his fiancé? 

Kelly: *silent/hurt* 

John: This is Kelly, my fiancé Torrie. 

Torrie: *smiles* It's nice to finally meet you Kelly. John's a great guy, you're really lucky to have him, but I was lucky enough to get to slip into his schedule to sleep with him again.  

Layla: *sees Kelly from afar* 

Kelly: *upset* John, we are so over. *takes off the ring and give it back to john* 

Torrie: I guess this is the part where I say goodbye? *smiles and leaves* 

Layla: *smiles* Hey, what's going on? 

Kelly: *cries* I trusted and believed in you John! How could you do this to me again. 

Layla: John? 

John: Layla, I was seduced by Torrie once again. 

Layla: You had sex with her again? 

John: This one was out of nowhere. 

Layla: *hugging Kelly* Why would you even see her again! Or why would you even hang out with her?! 

John: Layla, Kelly, babe, I'm sorry. 

Kelly: We are so over John. *walks off* 

Layla: You deserve this John. *screams after Kelly* Kelly! *catches up with Kelly* 

Michelle: Hey Randy, I heard. 

Randy: What'd you hear? 

Michelle: I heard that you and Stacy are divorced. 

Randy: Oh that, yeah we are.  

Michelle: I also heard she went back to Truth. 

Randy: Yeah, that's where she really belongs. 

Michelle: Yeah, I guess, so Keith? 

Randy: Oh, he's living with my father. 

Michelle: Oh, so she didn't want the baby? 

Randy: No, it's because I'm a better parent than she is. 

Michelle: The truth comes out huh. 

Randy: Yeah, look. I'm looking for a friend to hang out with, do you think you can be her? 

Michelle: *laughs* Randy, I'm not gonna be your other tall blonde sex buddy. I'm sorry, I don't roll that way. 

Randy: I meant just be my friend. 

Michelle: I'll think about it Randy. 

Randy: Thanks. *hugs michelle* 

Kim: *rings the doorbell* 

Samuel: *opens the door* Kim?  

Kim: *fakes a smile* Hey dad. I'm home. 

Samuel: Home? 

Kim: Yeah, semester's over and I think I'm ready to come back home and go to college here. 

Samuel: Why is that? 

Kim: I don't know, I really don't like Truth. 

Samuel: Ok, well you're more than welcome to stay here with me again. 

Kim: *smiles and hugs Samuel* Thank you dad. 

Kelly: John and I are so over. 

Kim: Really? Why, what happened? 

Kelly: I caught him hugging Torrie. 

Kim: That's it? 

Kelly: No! Layla told me that he slept with her a long time ago remember. I would of thought they stopped seeing eachother after that incident, but I guess they didn't. 

Kim: Are you upset? 

Kelly: Upset! I'm hurt Kim! And why aren't you wearing your engagement ring?! 

Kim: *moves her hand* Oh, um... 

Kelly: Wait! Did you break off the... 

Kim: *silent/tries not to cry/serious* Actually, Harry broked it off. 

Kelly: Why? I thought he wanted to marry you? 

Kim: Yeah, but apparently he kinda knew and called it off the day he was leaving. 

Kelly: Wow, I'm so sorry about that Kim. 

Kim: It's ok, I mean, I'm totally fine with it. 

Kelly: You can do so much better Kim, maybe you can get back with John. 

Kim: What!? No! I would never get back with John. 

Kelly: Please, for me. 

Kim: No! What's gotten into you Kelly?  

Kelly: I don't know, it's just that college is coming up and I'm excited to see new guys from there. 

Kim: Really? 

Kelly: Yeah. *smiles big* 

Kim: Well since I'm staying here, I can attend that college with you. 

Kelly: I thought you were gonna head back to Truth? 

Kim: Yeah, but it's just bad memories, I wanna start off new too. 

Kelly: *smiles* Well then you can start with me.  

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* 

AJ: Oh, hey. *smiles* 

Kim: AJ? I haven't seen you since you were a freshman. 

AJ: Yeah, I know. I'm gonna be a senior soon and then afterwards; I'll be off to Stanford. 

Kim: Stan... Stanford?! No! You can't attend there! 

AJ: Why? Because Randy goes there. *smiles* 

Kim: Uh yeah. 

AJ: Were meant to be Kim. *smiles evil* 

Kim: Oh no, no you're not meant to be AJ.  

AJ: I'll be legal and then Randy and I can start off where we left off. *smiles and skips off* 

Kim: *chuckles* She did not just... 

Kelly: You should go before she does. 

Kim: I have to call someone. *leaves* 

Randy: Hello? 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Randy. 

Randy: Kim? 

Kim: *changes her tone* Yeah, it's me. Look, I just called you to tell you that you're little psycho ex-girlfriend is coming back for you next year. 

Randy: Who? You? *chuckles* 

Kim: I said psych.... Oh? No, I was talking about AJ. 

Randy: AJ? Oh you know, she is a gonna be a senior now isn't she? I can't wait to see her here, she'll be all grown up and just... 

Kim: Ok, bye. *hangs up* 

Randy: *chuckles* 

Michelle: Who was that? 

Randy: Kim. 

Michelle: Kim? What did she want? 

Randy: AJ is coming here next year. She'll be legal and finally we can start where we left off. 

Michelle: Randy, it's time you move on from your schoolmates and ex's. 

Randy: Not AJ, she's amazing and that crazy side of her. I just love it. 

Michelle: Ew, well look, I'm gonna go to class. I'll see you later. *leaves* 

Kim: *on the phone* So how was college? 

Kelly: It was great, I mean I didn't meet anyone yet, but it was a fun experience.  

Kim: Want to come over? It's just me home. 

Kelly: Yeah, I'll be over in a bit. 

Kim: Ok. 

Chris: *rings the doorbell* 

Kelly: Who else did you invite? 

Kim: No one, just ordered pizza for us. *opens the door* 

Chris: Pizza delivery. 

Kim: *checks chris out*  

Chris: Are you gonna take your pizza? 

Kim: *smiles* Why don't you bring it in for me and set it on the table while I go get my money.  

Chris: Ok? *walks in the house* 

Kim: Kelly, have I told you I have a new boyfriend. His name is *looks at the name tag* Chris. 

Kelly: *confused* No you didn't, but it's nice to meet you Chris. 

Chris: Um yeah you too? 

Kelly: How long have you two been together? 

Chris: Uh? *looks at kim* 

Kim: Just now. 

Chris: *smiles* 

Kim: Ok, you can leave now. 

Chris: Do you want my number? 

Kim: No. 

Chris: Ok. *leaves* 

Kim: You know, I might just attend UCLA with you. 

Kelly: You should it's a great campus. 

Kim: Yeah, I'll go with you tomorrow. 

Kelly: Ok. *smiles* 

Samuel: I'm home. 

Kim: Hey dad, care to want some pizza? 

Samuel: Is there enough? 

Kim: Yeah, there's plenty. 

Samuel: I'll have a slice. *grabs a slice of pizza* 

Kim: Dad, I want to attend UCLA with Kelly. 

Samuel: UCLA? I don't see why you can't honey. You're a very smart girl. 

Kim: So I can? 

Samuel: Yeah. 

Kim: *screams* Thank you dad! *hugs Samuel* 

Kelly: So, do you know what classes you are taking? 

Kim: No, not exactly. 

Chris: Hi. 

Kim: Do I know you? 

Kelly: *smiles big* Chris right? 

Chris: Yeah. 

Kelly: I'll see you later Kim. *smiles and walks off* 

Kim: I'm sorry, how did we meet again? 

Chris: Last night, I dropped off pizza at your place. 

Kim: Oh! *checks chris out* Wow, you look a lot different. *chuckles* 

Chris: Let's start over. Hi, I'm Chris Evans. 

Kim: Chris Evans? You look familiar. 

Chris: *chuckles* I'll give you a hint, Marvel.  

Kim: Captain America?! 

Chris: Yes! 

Kim: *laughs* Oh my gosh, you are so hot! I can't believe I'm standing right in front of you! 

Chris: *chuckling* Yeah, aren't you engage? 

Kim: Pardon me? 

Chris: Um, engage, aren't you getting married to... 

Kim: Oh no, we're not anymore. *shows her hand* See no ring. *smiles* 

Chris: Would you like me to take you out to go eat sometimes? 

Kim: That would be awesome. 

Chris: How about tonight? 

Kim: Yeah, just call me? 

Chris: I don't have your number.  

Kim: *gives her number to chris* 

Chris: I'll call you tonight. *smiles* 

Kim: Ok. *smiles* 

Chris: Um, I'll see you around then I guess. 

Kim: Yeah. *smiles* 

Chris: *smiles and walks off*

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