Life As We Know It 4

Life As We Know It 4; In the last series, Maryse and Mike got married, not mention Randy and Stacy also got married. In this one, Kim and Harry are engaged, along with John and Kelly. Read on and see which couple gets their engagement called off and which couple gets a divorce. Also, read on how this twisted love triangle story ends before the last series.


2. 1.2

Kim: *sees harry walking* Babe! 

Harry: *stops and turns around* What do you want? I have to get to class. 

Kim: Where'd you go last night? 

Harry: You wanted me out, so I left. 

Kim: Did you go sleep at another girls house? 

Harry: See, here we go again Kim. *gets furious* I'm not seeing any other fucken girls! I love you Kim! *takes off* 

Kim: *embarrassed* 

Eleanor: Kim? 

Kim: What! 

Eleanor: What's going on? 

Kim: *upset* Mind your own business Eleanor! 

Harry: *walks back to kim* Now you see how it feels to be embarrassed and put on the spot in front of unknown people! *leaves mad* 

Kim: *screams after harry* We're not having sex tonight! 

Harry: *stops and walks back to kim and screams in her face pissed off* I would careless about who you sleep with tonight! I don't want to see your face anymore! *runs off mad to class* 

Eleanor: Kim. 

Kim: *cries from being mad* Get out of my face Eleanor! *walks off to the car mad* 

Louis: Hey babe. 

Eleanor: Oh hey. 

Louis: What's wrong? 

Eleanor: Kim and Harry just got into a big argument right now in front of everyone. 

Louis: So much for being engaged huh. 

Eleanor: Hey, don't say that. 

Louis: Look, I don't even think Kim wants to marry Harry. 

Eleanor: Why do you say that? 

Louis: Zayn thinks so too. Liam and Niall thinks so too, but they won't admit it. 

Eleanor: Kim is a nice girl. 

Louis: Nope, that's what Harry said too, but I don't think she is. She's loud, rude, and immature. 

Eleanor: Louis! 

Louis: You know it too babe. *walks off to class* 

Eleanor: *sighs and walks to class* 

John: *eating/phone rings* Hello? 

Kelly: Hey. 

John: What's wrong babe? 

Kelly: Layla told me that you slept with someone there from college. 

John: *sighs big* Kelly, I'm sorry, I was drunk. 

Kelly: Do you know her? 

John: Yeah, I met her that same day. 

Kelly: Oh, so you already had it planned out? 

John: No. No babe. 

Kelly: You met her and slept with her in the same day John. Who is she? 

John: She's just someone I met randomly. She came up to and talk about the sports paper and we just bonded from there. 

Kelly: Bonded? So you were interested in her. Is she hot? 

John: She's a cheer... 

Kelly: *hangs up* 

John: *gets mad and calls Layla* 

Layla: What do you want John. 

John: *mad* Why did you tell Kelly for! 

Layla: I knew this was gonna happen, look I was mad at you and I just had to tell her. 

John: Just had to tell her! You haven't changed at all Layla! You're still that same ole Layla that followed Michelle around like a lost puppy! 

Layla: *gets offended* Excuse me! At least I wasn't the one that slept with another girl and got her pregnant just because of a break up! 

John: Hey! Don't talk about Kim and my daughter that way! 

Layla: I was talking about you John! If you don't really love Kelly like you say you do! Then take the ring back and let that poor girl finish high school! 

John: I love Kelly ok! I would never... 

Layla: Hurt her! You did it twice! Sleeping with Kim and getting her pregnant, then marrying her and now you slept with Torrie!? John that's not loving, that's not faithfulness, that's not trusting! 

John: *silent* 

Layla: We girls get hurt easily John. We have a lot of emotions; we are the way we are because we are looking for attention to see who really loves us for us. Kelly is an amazing friend and girl. I may not know her like you do, but she's a nice girl and she deserves so many more. The most you can do for her while being away is give her your trust. 

John: *calms down and feels bad* I have to go, bye. 

Layla: Look, John, I'm just looking out for you and Kelly. I'm not trying to break you two apart. If you really love her, stop telling her and show her. 

John: Thank you, I will. See you tomorrow, bye. 

Layla: Bye. 

John: *hangs up* 

Perrie: Kim. 

Kim: Perrie. 

Perrie: How are you lately? I feel like I haven't talk to you in so long. 

Kim: Yeah, I know right. I just been busy that's all. 

Perrie: *looks at kims hand* So when do you and Harry plan on getting married? 

Kim: Um, I'm not sure, but we're gonna wait until next year to settle down and everything. 

Perrie: That's good, do you love him? 

Kim: Love him? I love with my heart and soul Perrie. He's the best thing that's happened to me. I'm glad we're gonna be getting married next year. 

Perrie: Why next year? 

Kim: I don't know. 

Perrie: I heard it's because you want him to finish the big tour first correct? 

Kim: Yes! Exactly that Perrie. 

Perrie: *smiles* Well I'm happy for you two.  

Kim: *smiles* Thank you Perrie. 

Danielle: *walking with Eleanor* Hey girls. 

Perrie: Hey Danielle. 

Kim: *smiles* 

Danielle: I heard the news from Liam. 

Kim: What news? 

Danielle: I'm excited! Next year! It's gonna be the biggest wedding of the year! 

Eleanor: We're really happy for you and Harry. *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a chuckle* Well thank you girls, it means so much. 

Eleanor: So, should we start looking for dresses? 

Kim: I'm not getting married next month. 

Danielle: She was just saying. We know you don't want to marry Harry that quick. 

Kim: That quick? Are you guys trying to say that the reason why I won't marry Harry now is because I don't want to be married to him at all? 

Perrie: What? No, we would never say that Kim. We are very supportive of you and Harry being together and getting married. *smiles* 

Harry: *interrupts* Hey. 

Kim: *stares at harry* 

Harry: Can I talk to you Kim. 

Kim: Yeah, just say it right here. 

Harry: No, I want to talk to you alone, just for a minute please. 

Kim: *walks off with harry* 

Perrie: What do you think he's gonna tell her? 

Danielle: I don't know, must be serious. 

Eleanor: I'm sure it's nothing. 

Danielle: Yeah, let's hope so. C'mon. *walks off* 

Kim: What do you want to talk about? Why are we here? 

Harry: *opens the car door for kim* 

Kim: *sits in the car*  

Harry: *goes around and sits on the drivers side* 

Kim: So? Where we going? 

Harry: Nowhere, I just wanted to talk to you Kim. 

Kim: Ok, what is it? 

Harry: I miss you babe. 

Kim: *smiles* Aw, I miss you too Harry. 

Harry: Can I come home now? 

Kim: You're always welcome to come back home Harry. I don't know why you don't come. I mean, it is your apartment now too. 

Harry: Yeah, but everytime I come home or see you, we always argue.  

Kim: Well... 

Harry: Let me ask you. Is there ever gonna be a day where we're not gonna argue and just make love and enjoy it? 

Kim: *chuckles* Don't we always enjoy having sex? 

Harry: I don't just want to have sex with you Kim. I want to make love to you. 

Kim: *silent* 

Harry: I want us to get marry sooner. I don't want to wait that long to marry you Kim. I'm gonna be away on tour soon and then come back and leave again. I don't want us to lose those feelings for eachother. 

Kim: We're not Harry. 

Harry: I feel like we are already. 

Kim: No baby, we're not. I love you and I'm very happy that you're gonna be going on the big tour next year. I can wait until you are done to get married and settle down. 

Harry: What makes being engage and married any difference? Isn't it just the same? 

Kim: No, engaged, you can always call it off or push back on the wedding date and married, you have to be committed and be together forever. 

Harry: So you want to call it off? Is that where you're going? 

Kim: No! Why would I want to call off the engagement with you!?  

Harry: See, here we go again. Arguing, arguing without any reason. *looks to the opposite side* 

Kim: Harry! If you don't want to get married or want to be engage anymore, just say so! 

Harry: I want to marry you Kim, and I want to get marry this year! I love you Kim, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and only you. I also want to start a family with you. 

Kim: Exactly, that's why we wait until you are done with your tour next year to start a family.  

Harry: Just please can we get marry this year. 

Kim: No! 

Harry: *frustrated* You know what, this was exactly what I saw coming. Get out of my car. 

Kim: Excuse me?  

Harry: *gets out the car* 

Kim: *gets mad* Oh, no he did not just do this. 

Harry: *walks off and then walks back to the car* Are you gonna get out my car or not! 

Kim: *gets out of the car and slams the door* 

Harry: *locks his car* 

Kim: Argh! *walks off mad* 

Harry: *walks off the other direction* 

John: Hey Layla. *smiles* 

Layla: *fakes a smile sad* Hey John. 

John: Look, I'm really sorry about last night, I shouldn't have called and yelled at you like that. 

Layla: No, it's ok. I shouldn't have told Kelly. 

John: No, I'm really sorry for calling Michelle a... 

Layla: Slut. 

John: Yeah. 

Layla: She's not John. You know Michelle, she's far from that. 

John: I know and I apologize for that. 

Layla: It's ok. It's just she's my best friend and saying that about her really upset me. 

John: Yeah, I know I shouldn't have said that. 

Layla: Yeah. 

John: *silent* So. 

Layla: I'm gonna go to class, I'll see you around sometimes. 

John: Yeah, ok, me too. 

Layla: *smiles sad* Bye. 

John: Bye. 

Layla: *walks off* 

Louis: Hey babe, you wanted to meet me? 

Eleanor: Yeah I did. 

Louis: Ok, what's up? 

Eleanor: I wanted to have a last dinner with you here. 

Louis: Yeah? Why? 

Eleanor: Your guys tour starts in a couple of days and I just want to remember you here with me for the last time before you leave. 

Louis: Well thank you Eleanor. *smiles* 

Eleanor: *kisses Louis* I'm really happy for you guys making it this far. 

Louis: *smiles* I am too babe. *kisses Eleanor back* 

Liam: Babe, have you seen my suitcase? 

Danielle: *typing her essay* No I haven't why? 

Liam: I have to pack, I have to leave next week already. 

Danielle: Use mine babe, I'll go buy another one or I'll look for yours. 

Liam: Are you sure? 

Danielle: Yeah. 

Liam: Thank you babe.  

Danielle: *not paying attention* Uh huh. 

Liam: *walks up to Danielle and kisses her* 

Danielle: *laughs* 

Liam: I love you babe. 

Danielle: I love you too Liam. 

Liam: I'll see you in a bit, I'm gonna go pack. 

Danielle: *smiling* Ok babe. 

Liam: *leaves and goes pack* 

Perrie: Babe, don't you have to pack? 

Zayn: *reading his notes* Yeah, but I'll do it tomorrow. 

Perrie: Babe, you leave in two days. 

Zayn: Yeah I know, I'll do it tomorrow I said. 

Perrie: Zayn. 

Zayn: What? I'm studying. 

Perrie: You don't need to. You have a tour coming up, go pack, I know you; you're always the last one to get ready. 

Zayn: I have a test tomorrow babe, I'll do it tomorrow. 

Perrie: *grabs zayns notes* Zayn, go pack babe. 

Zayn: Ok, can I just have my notes back. 

Perrie: Are you gonna go pack? 

Zayn: Yeah, I'll do it after I'm done studying. 

Perrie: Ok, fine then. *gives the notes back to zayn* 

Zayn: Thank you. *study his notes again* 

Liam: *calls niall* 

Niall: Hello? 

Liam: Are you all set Niall? 

Niall: Yeah, I'm just about to be finish packing, what about you? 

Liam: Yeah, I just got done, when you're done do you want to meet up and grab something to eat? 

Niall: Yeah, that's fine, we can go right now. I can come back and finish packing. 

Liam: Ok, we'll meet me at my place then. 

Niall: Ok, I'll be there in ten. 

Liam: Alright. 

Niall: Alright, bye. 

Liam: *hangs up* 

Harry: Are you sure you don't want to come with me? 

Kim: *working on her homework* Babe! I have a test tomorrow can I do my homework and study. 

Harry: I'm just asking you a simple question if you wanted to come with us on tour. 

Kim: No! *sighs* I'm sorry, no, no I don't want to go with you. 

Harry: Ok, that's all you had to say, you didn't need to get mad about it. 

Kim: I'm sorry. 

Harry: *walks and sits next to kim* 

Kim: *works on her homework* 

Harry: I love you babe. 

Kim: *turns to look at harry* I love you too Harry. *fakes a smile* 

Harry: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *smiles* What was that all about? 

Harry: I don't know, it was just a kiss. I'm not gonna get to see you for a while. 

Kim: Aw. *grabs harry by the chin and kisses him* 

(8 months later) 

Harry: *opens the door* 

Kim: *smiles* You're home. 

Harry: Yeah, I am. 

Kim: *smiles* How was tour? 

Harry: *smiles* It was great, but not as great as seeing you. 

Kim: *smiles big* Really?  

Harry: Yeah, I been away on tour and I think it's time I come home to my beautiful fiancé. *smiles* 

Kim: *chuckles* Aw. *walks to harry and kisses him* 

Harry: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *jumps on harry kissing him* 

Harry: *walks to the room kissing kim* 

Stacy: Babe, can you help take out the trash and do the dishes please. 

Randy: I'm watching Keith, why can't you do it? 

Stacy: I'm exhausted Randy! I just had your baby not too long ago and he's always up crying. 

Randy: That was eight months ago Stacy. 

Stacy: Still. 

Randy: You go do the dishes and when you're done, you can watch Keith and I'll go throw the trash out. 

Stacy: No, I'll watch him, you go throw out the trash and then do the dishes. 

Randy: No, that's not fair for me.  

Stacy: Just tonight ok Randy! It's not that hard! 

Randy: Why are you always so upset with me! What am I doing wrong that you're always yelling and screaming at me! 

Stacy: *silent* 

Randy: Are you seriously still upset with Michelle?! 

Stacy: No! 

Randy: Yeah you are, I know you Stacy. I have known you since we were in elementary. 

Stacy: And you still haven't changed at all Randy. 

Randy: Neither did you! *leaves with keith to the room* 

John: *calls Kelly* 

Kelly: Hello? 

John: Hey Kelly. 

Kelly: *smiles* Hey. 

John: I made it back safe to Miami. *smiles* 

Kelly: *smiles* I'm really happy. I can't believe you were really here with me for a month. 

John: I'm very happy that I saw you and I'm happy we both chosen a ring for me.  

Kelly: *chuckles* I can't wait until we get marry next year. 

John: Me too. 

Kelly: You're not upset that we're getting married after Kim and Harry right? 

John: No, I mean they were engage first. They should get married first. 

Kelly: *smiles* Thank you for understanding John. 

John: Yeah babe. Look, I just called to tell you that I landed and to tell you that I love you. 

Kelly: Ok, well thank you and I love you too. 

John: Talk to you soon. 

Kelly: You too, bye. 

John: Bye. 

Kelly: *hangs up* 

Harry: I can't believe we just did this. 

Kim: *puts her head on harrys chest* I know right? *sits up* I knew you couldn't wait that long. *smiles* 

Harry: *chuckles* Neither did you. 

Kim: Yeah, I know. *looks at her ring* Just another eleven months and then we're married. *smiles* 

Harry: Yeah. *chuckles* Then you're officially my wife. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles sad* When do you go back on tour? 

Harry: In two months. 

Kim: *silent* 

Harry: We can get married within these two months. 

Kim: No, we can't. 

Harry: Why? Are you seeing someone else? 

Kim: No, it's just... *serious tone* I want you to finish this big tour Harry. It's a big thing for you guys, it's a stadium tour! And, and when you guys are done with the big tour, we'll get married and we can start a family. 

Harry: *sits up silently* 

Kim: What? 

Harry: I really want to marry you now Kim. I waited a year already. 

Kim: I know Harry, but just, just another eleven months. *smiles* You can do it. 

Harry: *sighs* Yeah, I can.  

Kim: *smiles big* See, I knew you can. 

Harry: *fakes a sad smile* 

Kim: *kisses harry* 

Maryse: I think this is it Mike. 

Mike: *confused* What? 

Maryse: I think the baby's coming. *screams* 

Mike: *panics* No, no, I'll call the ambulance. *calls for an ambulance* 

Eve: *runs into mike* Where is she? 

Mike: She's in the room, they're checking up on her. 

Eve: Is she ok? Is the baby ok? 

Mike: Yes, they said the baby is healthy and ok. 

Eve: And her? 

Mike: She's fine. 

Eve: Ok good. Did you call the others? 

Mike: They're so far away Eve. 

Eve: They can fly here and the ones that are her true friends would fly to be here. 

Mike: You're right, um, I'll call some and you can call the others. 

Eve: Ok. I'll call Kim, Michelle, and Layla, you call the rest. 

Mike: What rest? They're only John and Randy. 

Eve: Oh, yeah, call them. *calls Layla* 

Layla: Yeah, I know John. I'm happy that you and Kelly are getting married next year after Kim and Harry. *smiles* 

John: Thank you Layla. 

Layla: *phone rings* Sorry, hold on. Hello?  

Eve: Maryse's is gonna have her baby. 

Layla: What?! 

John: *looking at Layla curiously/phone rings * Hello? 

Mike: Hey John, just wanted to call and tell you Maryse's is in the hospital. I think this is it. 

John: No way!? Ok, I'm coming there right now, I'm gonna go pick up Kelly first. 

Mike: Alright. 

John: *look at Layla happy* 

Layla: *gets off the phone*  

John: Maryse... 

Layla: Is gonna have her baby! *screams in happiness and hugs john* 

Kim: No way! Ok, I'm gonna book a flight and come there right now Eve. Thank you so much for letting me know. 

Eve: Yeah, we'll be here. 

Kim: Ok, bye. 

Harry: What happened? 

Kim: Maryse's is having her baby. 

Harry: You're gonna go there? 

Kim: Yeah, she's my friend. 

Harry: Ok, can I come along? 

Kim: Yeah, of course! *grabs her clothes and stuffs them in the suitcase* 

Maryse: *screaming*  

Mike: *holding maryse's hand* It's gonna be ok babe. 

Maryse: I can't do this. *cries and screams* 

Mike: You can do this babe, I know you can. 

Maryse: *pushes* 

Dr. Lake: Almost there Maryse, just a few more push. 

Maryse: *pushes again* 

Dr. Lake: *pulls the baby out* Congrats, it's a girl. 

Maryse: *smiles in exhausted pain* 

Mike: *smiles in tears* 

Dr. Lake: Here's your baby. *hands the baby to mike* 

Mike: Hey baby. *smiles* 

Randy: Hey. 

Mike: Randy, you made it. 

Randy: I couldn't resist it, where is she? 

Mike: She and the mother went for a checkup. 

Nurse Alice: Alright, here you go. 

Maryse: Thank you. *smiles* Randy, Stacy, it's so good to see you two again. 

Stacy: Congrats. *smiles* 

Maryse: *smiles* Thank you. 

Randy: What's her name? 

Maryse: Roseanne Mizanin. 

Stacy: She's beautiful. 

Randy: Can I hold her? 

Maryse: Yeah. *hands the baby to randy* 

Randy: Hey Roseanne. *smiles* You are a beauty. 

Kim: I'm here, where is she?! 

Mike: Kim? *chuckles* You made it. *hugs kim* 

Kim: *hugs mike and sees randy holding the baby* 

Randy: *smiles* Hi Kim. 

Kim: Randy? I wasn't expecting to see you here. 

Randy: Of course I'll be here. 

Kim: *smiles and looks at Roseanne* Wow, she's beautiful Maryse. 

Maryse: *smiles* Thank you Kim. 

Kim: I'm really happy that she's a healthy baby. *smiles sad* 

Maryse: I'm happy she is too. *smiles sad* 

Kim: *gets kind of jealous* Can I hold her? 

Randy: Yeah. *hands Roseanne to kim* 

Kim: *smiles* Hey baby, what's her name? 

Maryse: Roseanne. 

Kim: Hey Roseanne. *smiles* You are so beautiful you know that. 

Mike: So when's the wedding? 

Harry: I don't know, she wants to wait until next year after my big tour. 

Mike: Wow, that's a long time from now. 

Harry: Eleven months, yeah it is. 

Mike: Can you wait that long? 

Harry: I told her I wanted to get married within these upcoming two months. 

Mike: Yeah? Why's that? 

Harry: Because I'm on break. *smiles* and I want to be married before I go back on tour.  

Mike: That's awesome, you two should get married already. 

Harry: Yeah, I want it to be a surprise when I go back. *laughs* 

Mike: *laughs* That'll be awesome news to the fans. I'm sure they're really supportive right? 

Harry: Yeah, yeah, they are and I love them all for that. 

Kelly: Hey, we're here. *smiles* 

Maryse: *smiles* Hey Kelly, hey John. 

John: Hey Maryse. *walks up and kisses maryses cheek* Congrats. 

Maryse: Thank you. *smiles* 

Layla: Aw, she is so cute Maryse.  

John: *walks up to kim and Roseanne* She's adorable. 

Kelly: *smiling* She looks just like you Maryse. 

Maryse: *laughs* Yeah, everyone tells me that. 

John: *looks at Roseanne and then kim* 

Kim: *smiles sad* Isn't she lovely? 

John: She's perfect Kim. *smiles* 

Harry: *walks in and sees kim and john talking* 

Kim: *tries not to cry* This could have been our baby.  

John: *staring at kim* Yeah, she would have been a little over two. 

Kim: *smiles with tears* Yeah. 

John: *hugs kim* It's gonna be ok. 

Kim: Do, do you want to hold him? 

John: Yeah. *takes Roseanne from kim* 

Kim: *smiles* 

John: *smiles at kim and then looks at Roseanne* 

Kim: *walks out*

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