Life As We Know It 4

Life As We Know It 4; In the last series, Maryse and Mike got married, not mention Randy and Stacy also got married. In this one, Kim and Harry are engaged, along with John and Kelly. Read on and see which couple gets their engagement called off and which couple gets a divorce. Also, read on how this twisted love triangle story ends before the last series.


1. 1.1

Kim: I can't believe we are getting married Harry! *kisses harry* 

Harry: I'm really glad you agreed babe. I can't wait to marry you neither. You're gonna be my wife. *smiles* 

Kim: You know what's even gonna be better. *smiles* 

Harry: *chuckles* What? 

Kim: *unbuttons her shirt and kisses harry* 

Randy: Babe, where's the formula? Keith is crying and I can't find the formula anywhere. 

Stacy: It's in the cupboards. 

Randy: Ok. *leaves* 

John: Kelly, there's something I been wanting to ask you. 

Kelly: *smiles* Yeah? 

John: I want to ask you something before I leave in a bit. 

Kelly: Ok. *smiles* 

John: *gets on one knee and pulls out a ring* Kelly, will you marry me? 

Kelly: *chuckles in tears* Yes John, yes I'll marry you. 

John: *puts the ring on kellys hand and kisses her* 

Kelly: *chuckles* I love you John! *kisses john* 

John: *kisses Kelly back* 

Harry: That was amazing babe. 

Kim: *laughing* Yeah, it was the best one in a long time. *lays on harrys chest* 

Harry: When do you want to set the date for our wedding? 

Kim: You know, I'm thinking after you're big tour. 

Harry: That's next year. 

Kim: Yeah. I mean, I don't want to get married with you and have you be gone all the time because you want to spend time with your wife and our anniversaries. 

Harry: I can always work around my schedule to see you. *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah, but I don't want that Harry. I want us to get married next year after your stadium tour. 

Harry: That's a long time though don't you think? 

Kim: No, I think that's perfect for us to get married. I mean, I can finish college while you're on tour and you can see me whenever you want to. I'll be here with Eleanor. 

Harry: Yeah, but Eleanor isn't important in our relationship. She's just our friend; she's not in our relationship with us. 

Kim: Still, I mean at least I got something to do while you're gone. 

Harry: Then why can't we get marry sooner? It's just gonna be the same thing. 

Kim: No it's not. 

Harry: *sits up* Being engage while I'm away on tour. Getting married and I'm away on tour, same thing babe. 

Kim: Eh, I still think we should get married after your big tour. 

Harry: Ok, if that's what you want then, that's fine with me. *smiles* 

Kim: Aw, you're such a great person babe. *pulls harry and kisses him* 

Mike: *calls kim* 

Kim: Hold on, someone's calling me. *looks at her phone* Hmm, weird. Hello? 

Mike: Kim, guess what. 

Kim: What?  

Mike: I'm having a kid. 

Kim: *screams* Really! Shut up! No way! 

Mike: Yeah, Maryse's is two months. 

Kim: I'm so happy for you two! Oh my gosh, Mike, that is amazing! You two are so meant for eachother.  

Mike: *chuckles* Thank you. 

Maryse: *grabs the phone* Thanks for the love Kim, I can hear you through the phone. 

Kim: I'm very happy for you two Maryse! *chuckles* 

Maryse: You don't really wish death upon my child like you said back then right? 

Kim: Huh? No. Listen, I was immature and plus we didn't get along back then, but now we do and I'm happy for you two! *smiles big* 

Maryse: *laughs* Well thank you Kim. You're the first I told, I haven't told the other's yet. 

Kim: Want me to do it? 

Maryse: No, you had your chance, I want to... 

Kim: No I didn't, Eve did it for me. 

Maryse: Well I'm seeing her in a few days, I'll tell her then. 

Kim: I can't believe she didn't come here to Truth. She loves dancing! 

Maryse: I don't know, maybe she might transfer there. 

Kim: I really hope she does. 

Maryse: *phone beeps* Oh, Kim, my phones about to die, I'll call you another time ok. 

Kim: Ok. Take care. 

Maryse: You too. *smiles and hangs up* 

Mike: We're gonna be parents! *smiles happy* 

Maryse: *smiles big* I know, I'm so happy. 

Mike: *kisses Maryse* 

Harry: Who was that? 

Kim: Mike and Maryse, they're gonna be parents. 

Harry: Has it really been that long since they got married? 

Kim: Yeah, it's almost been four months Harry. 

Harry: Wow, time sure did fly by. 

Kim: Yeah, I can't wait until we get married. 

Harry: Next year. 

Kim: Yes and that's final. *leaves the room* 

John: Well, it looks like my time is now. *smiles at Kelly* 

Kelly: *looks at the ring* It's beautiful, I can't wait until we get married John. 

John: I can't wait either Kelly. *kisses Kelly* 

Eve: Well would you just look at you two. *chuckles* 

Kelly: Eve. *smiles* 

John: Check this out Eve, Kelly and I are engaged. 

Eve: What! *grabs kellys hand* Oh my gosh! That is such a beautiful ring! Congrats! *hugs Kelly* 

Kelly: *chuckles* Thank you Eve. Is your flight right now too? 

Eve: Yes, it is, what about yours John? 

John: Yeah, my flights boarding. 

Eve: Alright, well congrats again, I wish I can celebrate with you two, but I have to go, so I'll see you guys at your guys wedding or whatever. *chuckles* 

John: Thank you. *smiles* 

Eve: Bye. *leaves* 

John: *looks at Kelly and grabs her hands* Well this is it. 

Kelly: *smiles shy* Are you really leaving already. 

John: Yeah, I'll be back in 6 months, just like last time. 

Kelly: Not really because you went to see Kim first. 

John: Has it really been that long? 

Kelly: I guess. *smiles* 

John: Alright, I'm making sure I'm seeing you first this time. *smiles* 

Kelly: Ok. 

John: *kisses Kelly* 

Kelly: Go before you miss your flight. 

John: Ok then. *smiles and leaves* 

Kelly: *smiles and walks off* 

Michelle: Welcome back to school newly parents. 

Stacy: Thank you. 

Michelle: Who's watching the baby? 

Stacy: Randy and I hired a babysitter. 

Michelle: Interesting, I can't wait to see him again. He's so cute. 

Randy: Like his father. *smiles cocky* 

Michelle: Randy, I wouldn't brag to much if I was you.  

Stacy: *chuckles* Randy is a good person. I'm glad we're married and we have a kid together. 

Michelle: Yeah, you guys are meant to be. Not you two were really meant to meet eachother. 

Stacy: I'm sorry? 

Michelle: You know, if it wasn't for Kim. Randy would have came here to Stanford a long time ago. 

Randy: Michelle, let's not go there. 

Michelle: I was just saying, but I have to go, it was nice running into you two. *smiles and walks off* 

Stacy: *turns to look at randy* Is that true? 

Randy: Yeah, I um, I actually applied for here at Stanford and got accepted, but went to Truth with Kim. 

Stacy: You're such a dick Randy. *walks off* 

Randy: Hey! *catches up with stacy* At least we're married now, and, and we have a son. *fakes a smile* 

Stacy: Blah, blah, blah. *ignores randy* 

Randy: *gets upset* 

Maryse: Eve! 

Eve: Maryse! *runs and hugs Maryse* 

Mike: Hey, hey, be careful Eve. 

Eve: *chuckles* What? 

Maryse: I'm pregnant. 

Eve: *gasp* No way! *hugs Maryse* I'm so happy for you and Mike!  

Maryse: Thank you. *smiling* 

Eve: John and Kelly are also engaged. 

Maryse: Kelly? She's so young, she's only a junior. 

Eve: John and Kelly are really in love. They're meant to be Maryse. They can be engage, but they'll have to postpone their wedding until she's eighteen. 

Maryse: Yeah, but she's so young. 

Eve: So are you guys. 

Mike: Hey, we love eachother as much as John and Kelly loves eachother. 

Eve: I know, I was just saying. 

Maryse: *rises her eyebrow* 

Eve: You'll be a good parent Maryse, just hope god doesn't punish you for what you said to Kim when she was pregnant with Miracle. *walks off* 

Maryse: *upset* 

Mike: Don't, don't listen to Eve. She didn't mean anything she just said. 

Maryse: *crosses her arms* Now she's making me worried. Kim said the exact same thing too. 

Mike: *comforts Maryse* Everything's gonna be ok. Just look at Randy and Stacy with Keith. 

Maryse: *smiles sad* You're right. *kisses mike* 

Eleanor: Hey Kim. *smiles and hugs kim* 

Kim: Eleanor! *hugs Eleanor* I missed you babe. 

Eleanor: I missed you too, how was visiting home? I heard. 

Kim: Yeah, it was ok. I mean, I wish my mom was still alive, but life goes on. 

Eleanor: Yeah. *smiles big* Well I'm glad to see you! 

Kim: I am too; I can't believe it's been a year. 

Eleanor: You're sophomore year will fly by here Kim. Mine did because I met you. *smiles* 

Kim: Aw, you're so sweet Eleanor.  

Louis: *walks up to kim and Eleanor* Hey. *smiles* 

Eleanor: Hey babe. *hugs Louis* 

Louis: What are you two up to? 

Eleanor: Oh, we're just catching up. 

Kim: *chuckles* You two are so cute together, but I'm gonna go, I'll see you guys around. 

Eleanor: Ok, I'll see you. *smiles* 

Kim: *smiles and walks off* 

Layla: John! 

John: Layla! *hugs Layla* 

Layla: Am I happy to see you! 

John: Yes you are! *chuckles* 

Layla: *laughs* I'm so glad to be here for another semester with you. 

John: Yeah, I am too. *sees torrie* 

Torrie: *smiles* Hi, are you John? 

Layla: *stops smiling and is now concerned* 

John: Yeah, I am. 

Torrie: *smiles big* I'm Torrie, I heard a lot about you in our school sports paper. 

John: Oh, yeah. *chuckles* 

Torrie: Wow, you are a lot more cute in person. *chuckles* 

John: Thank, thank you Torrie. *smiles and looks at Layla* 

Layla: *annoyed* 

John: Listen, it was nice to meet you Torrie, but my friend and I were about to go buy books, I'll catch up with you sometime. 

Torrie: Oh, I was on my way to buy books too. Can I come with you two? 

John: Uh, yeah sure, why not. *smiles* 

Torrie: *smiles* Hi, I'm Torrie. 

Layla: *rolls her eyes and walks off* 

Torrie: That wasn't your girlfriend right? 

John: No, she's just a friend. 

Torrie: Ok, good because I'm interested in getting to know you. *smiles* 

John: Oh? I'm sorry, I'm engage actually. 

Torrie: *chuckles* I don't see a ring on you. 

John: Yeah, it's because I asked my girlfriend of 2 years right before my flight. We haven't gotten a chance to get me one. 

Torrie: Where are you from? 

John: California. 

Torrie: Oh I see, do you like it here in Miami? 

John: Yeah, it's great actually. 

Torrie: *smiles* So what classes are you taking? 

John: Um. *chuckles and scratches his head* 

Torrie: You don't have to tell me. *chuckles* 

John: Ok, good. *chuckles* 

Randy: Babe, are you seriously still mad at me? 

Stacy: *puts keith down in the crib* Don't talk to me. 

Randy: Stacy! Really, I didn't even know you were at Truth! 

Stacy: I waited to see you again Randy. 

Randy: We're married! 

Stacy: Yeah, but it doesn't seem like you really wanted to be with me. Like if you still have interest in that slut! 

Randy: She's not a slut! She's, she's a very nice... girl. 

Stacy: Nice girl!? Exactly Randy! Do you ever not talk about her or not ever sleep with her?! 

Randy: What! Sleep with her? Baby, we're married now. I haven't slept with anyone since I met you at Truth! 

Stacy: Prove it to me. 

Randy: Did you see me with any other chicks when I was at Truth. 

Stacy: *crosses her arms upset* 

Randy: Kim doesn't count because you know her already. 

Stacy: I didn't care if you talked to other girls, but Kim! I don't like her! She's a slut that sleeps with every girls guy and that's just not cool at all Randy. 

Randy: I didn't have sex with her when you and I got together! 

Stacy: Who knows Randy! Aren't you two sex buddies!? 

Randy: *gets furious* I can't believe we are arguing right now about the most fucken stupid shit ever! 

Stacy: *screams* Because of your dumb bitch that's why! 

Randy: *stares down at stacy and leaves* 

Keith: *cries* 

Stacy: *picks up keith* I know, you're father's a dick. I'm sorry he has to be your father. *rocks keith* 

Kim: Uh hi. 

Randy: Kim? 

Kim: Yeah, this is her, what do you want? 

Randy: Are you alone? 

Kim: Yeah, I'm alone. Harry's at rehearsals. 

Randy: Can you talk? 

Kim: Yeah, what's up? 

Randy: I don't know, but I really miss you right now Kim. 

Kim: Really? Aren't you happy with Stacy, I mean you two have a son together, which I'm not happy about still. 

Randy: I know, it was a mistake marrying her and having a kid with her. 

Kim: *chuckles* You sound like you want out. 

Randy: I do want out Kim! I want to see you so bad right now. 

Kim: *laughs* So bad? What so we can have sex to make it all better? Randy, you're married, and I'm engaged. 

Randy: Yeah, I know you are, but can we meet up somewhere? 

Kim: Meet up? We're far from eachother Randy. 

Randy: I don't care. 

Kim: I'm sorry, but I can't. 

Harry: *opens the door* Babe? 

Kim: I have to go Harry's home. *hangs up* Hey babe. *smiles* 

Harry: Who were you talking to? 

Kim: Just a friend. *smiles* 

Harry: *kisses kim* I missed you. 

Kim: Aw, I missed you too babe. *kisses harry* 

Harry: The guys want to go eat together, do you want to join us? 

Kim: Are the girls gonna be there? 

Harry: Yeah. 

Kim: *smiles* Ok, I'll go get ready then. 

Harry: *kisses kim* Ok. 

Kim: *leaves* 

Niall: Uh, yeah I'll get a number 4, 2, 9, and 6, add number 1 to it too. 

Waitress 1: Ok. Anything else for you guys? 

Louis: *looks around the table* No, I think that'll be all. 

Kim: I thought you said the girls were gonna be here? 

Harry: I thought they were, but I guess they didn't. 

Kim: *gets upset* How dare you lie to me. 

Harry: What? I didn't lie about anything babe. 

Kim: No, give me the keys. I'm gonna go home and one of your friends can bring you home! 

Zayn: What's going on? 

Harry: Nothing, it's just a misunderstanding. 

Kim: Give me the keys! 

Louis: Kim, what's up? 

Kim: Harry told me that the girls were gonna be here, so I came. And what happens when I get here! I'm the only female! 

Liam: Danielle couldn't make it because she had dance rehearsals. 

Zayn: Yeah, same with Perrie. 

Louis: Eleanor had homework to do. 

Kim: *looks at harry* Hurry up and give me the keys! 

Harry: *gives the keys to kim*  

Kim: *snatches the keys from harry*  

Harry: *sighs* I love you. 

Kim: I don't love you right now. *leaves mad* 

Niall: Wow, are you sure you want to marry her Harry? 

Harry: Yeah, I love her, she's an amazing girl. 

Louis: No she doesn't. 

Harry: You guys just have to get to know her. 

Liam: Harry, she put you on the spot. 

Harry: So? She was upset. 

Zayn: When are you two planning on getting married? 

Harry: Well, she set it for next year after our big tour. 

Louis: She doesn't want to marry you then. 

Harry: What? 

Louis: She's setting the wedding date after our stadium tour. That's next year. 

Harry: She said because she doesn't want me to be distracted. 

Zayn: What makes engaged and married any difference? 

Harry: Guys, we're gonna get married next year. There's no rush on us getting married. I respect that she wants to wait after our big tour. 

Liam: He's right; we should be happy and supportive of that. 

Zayn: I still think she doesn't want to marry you Harry. 

Harry: She's not marrying you. 

Zayn: I'm not taking you home. 

Harry: *makes a serious face* So. 

Louis: I can't, I'm meeting up with Eleanor. 

Liam: I have to go pick up Danielle. 

Harry: *wants to cry* 

Niall: I'll take you home Harry. I'm not in a rush to get back into my dorm anyways. 

Harry: Thank you Niall. 

Niall: *smiles* 

Kim: *talking on the phone* Can you believe it! He lied to me Maryse! He lied! 

Maryse: Maybe he just didn't know, you should apologize to him for putting him on the spot like that. 

Kim: Apologize! I don't! Apologize to anyone Maryse! 

Maryse: Ok, I know you and you haven't changed at all. 

Kim: Why am I even talking to you! Goodbye.  

Maryse: *not caring* Goodbye. *hangs up* 

Kim: *hangs up* 

Niall: You ok? 

Harry: *cries* I don't know why they would criticize my relationship with Kim. She's not a bad person at all Niall. She's nice when she wants to be and sometimes she just needs to see a therapist or go into an anger management class and she'll be fine. 

Niall: I know Harry, we'll just don't hold it in too long. 

Harry: Yeah, I know. I'm gonna go in before things get more out of hand. 

Niall: Ok, take care. *hugs harry* 

Harry: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *opens the door* Oh, so brought you home huh! 

Harry: *ignores kim* 

Kim: *throws her shoe at harry* I'm talking to you Harry! 

Harry: *turns around crying* When are you ever gonna stop having a fit! I'm so sick and tired of you whining and complaining all the time Kim! 

Kim: *feels bad* Why, why are you crying? Did something happen? 

Harry: *crying* Yeah! Everything happened Kim! 

Kim: Like what? 

Harry: Everything! *leaves the house and slams the door mad/crying* 

Kim: *calls liam* 

Liam: Hello? 

Kim: *smiles* Hi Liam, Harry just got home right now and he's crying, did something happen when I left? 

Liam: He's crying? No, nothing happened. 

Kim: Liam! I need you to tell me the truth! 

Liam: He wanted a ride home and we couldn't because we had to be somewhere. 

Kim: That's it? *chuckles* 

Liam: No, not really, there was something else, but it didn't involve you or anyone. 

Kim: Oh? Ok, well he's not crying because he couldn't get a ride home? 

Liam: No, look I have to go Kim. 

Kim: Ok, bye. *hangs up* 

Liam: *calls Louis* 

Louis: Hello? 

Liam: Louis, Kim called me. 

Louis: What happened? 

Liam: She said Harry was crying. 

Louis: He was crying? 

Liam: Don't you think you and Zayn were a little too harsh? 

Louis: No, I really don't think Kim wants to marry him Liam. 

Liam: What if she does? What if she wanted to wait until after the big tour so they can settle down and have a family? 

Louis: She does not want kids Liam. 

Liam: How do you know? 

Louis: I don't, I'm just saying. 

Liam: Ok, well Danielle's here, I have to go. 

Louis: Ok, bye.  

Liam: Bye. *hangs up* 

Louis: *calls zayn* 

Zayn: Hello? 

Louis: Liam called me and said that Kim called him and told him that Harry was crying. 

Zayn: He was crying? Why what for? 

Louis: I don't know, Liam said maybe we were a little too harsh on him. 

Zayn: What! No we weren't, he knows were right. Liam and Niall knows were right. Kim doesn't want to marry Harry. 

Louis: Exactly what I told Liam. 

Zayn: If she wanted to really marry him, she wouldn't make him wait that long. 

Louis: Exactly, and if she really loved him, she wouldn't be putting Harry on the spots. 

Zayn: Yeah, exactly what I was trying to tell him before he told me off. 

Louis: Look, I'll talk to him sometime; don't worry too much about it. 

Zayn: I'm not mate. 

Louis: Alright then mate, I'll see you tomorrow. 

Zayn: Alright, you too. *hangs up* 

Liam: *calls harry* 

Harry: *sniffs* Hello? *cont. sniffing* 

Liam: Do you want me to come over? 

Harry: No, don't. 

Liam: Why are you crying Harry? *makes a sad face* 

Harry: I'm just upset about what Louis and Zayn said earlier. 

Liam: I know it was harsh and they should apologize for criticizing you and Kim's relationship. 

Harry: Exactly. *cries* Like, all they have to do is really get to know Kim. She's a nice girl and she's been very supportive of the group. The most they could do is respect her. *sniffs* 

Liam: Harry, things will get better ok. Don't worry too much, or don't even sleep on it tonight, just forget about it.  

Harry: How can I? I feel like I just lost their trust and their friendship. 

Liam: You didn't, they're still your friends Harry. 

Harry: *crying* I don't know anymore Liam. 

Liam: Don't cry Harry. I'll talk to them tomorrow and I'll let you know what happens ok. 

Harry: Yeah. 

Liam: I'm gonna go, it's late. I'll see you tomorrow. 

Harry: Alright, goodnight. 

Liam: Goodnight. *hangs up* 

Harry: *walks in the house* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Hey. 

Harry: Hi. 

Kim: Are you feeling better now? 

Harry: Yeah, why? 

Kim: Nothing, where'd you go? 

Harry: To get some fresh air, what did it look like? 

Kim: You, you didn't go see any girls did you? 

Harry: No! *walks to the room* 

Kim: Are you having a bad attitude with me today?! 

Harry: Why don't you just get out of my face! 

Kim: *chuckles* Excuse me! Get out of your face! You know what, this is my house! How about you get out of my house and... 

Harry: *gets up from the bed* I will! *grabs his pillow and keys* 

Kim: Where are you going? 

Harry: I'm leaving! 

Kim: Wait, where are you going? 

Harry: *turns back and looks at kim* I don't want to see you anymore tonight. *leaves* 

Kim: *crosses her arms upset*  

Torrie: Hey John. *smiles* 

John: Torrie? Hi. 

Layla: He's seeing someone already, can you leave him alone! 

Torrie: *gives Layla a dirty look and then looks at john and smiles* Look, I had a really great night with you yesterday. 

John: Oh? *looks at Layla* 

Layla: *eyes gets big and leaves* 

John: I'm sorry, can I talk to you later. *catches up with Layla* Layla! 

Layla: You slept with her last night!? 

John: I was drunk, I didn't know. 

Layla: Didn't know! You're engage John! 

John: I know I am, did you not hear me? I said I was drunk. 

Layla: I can't believe you would... I have to call Kelly. 

John: No! Don't, please Layla, I'm begging you don't call her. I love Kelly. 

Layla: Love her? That's why you slept with that slut over there! 

Torrie: *walks to john and Layla* Hey! I am not a slut! He wanted it just as bad as I did ok! 

John: I was drunk, I didn't know Torrie. Why didn't you stop me. 

Layla: Because she's a slut John!  

John: She's not a slu... 

Layla: All white girls are sluts! 

John: So you're saying Michelle is a slut too? 

Layla: *gasp* Michelle is far from being a slut John! You know she's a Christian! *walks off* 

Torrie: Look, I'm very sorry for all this drama, but call me sometimes and we'll work things out. *smiles and leaves*

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