My new family

Amanda is a regular girl who gets bullied a lot and her parents don't care for her much. One day she meets a girl named Lottie and they become best friends but little does she know that Lottie has a very famous brother. When Lottie and Amanda stay with Louis she has the time of her life but when she comes home a tragic accident happens. What will happen? Where will she go? Follow Amanda in her life With One Direction!!


2. Meeting my soon to be best friend

I got to school and went straight to class. Before class I was just doodling in my notebook ignoring everyone when someone sat next to me. It was a really pretty blonde girl. She saw I was looking so she said "Hi I am Charoltte but you can call me Lottie." I said hi back and said my name was Amanda. after class I went to get my other books. When I opened my locker there was shaving cream all over it. It ruined all my 1D pictures and books. I couldn't  handle it I felt the tears starting so I ran to the bathroom. As I was running to the bathroom I saw that girl I met and it seems like she actually felt bad. I locked myself in the stall and just cried. after awhile someone came in. I wiped my tears and went out. When I walked out I saw it was Lottie. I said hi and instead of her saying hi back she gave me a hug and told me everything is going to be ok. She sat with me a while letting me talk to her and she was really nice about it. When we walked out it was already time for lunch. We must have been in there awhile. She told me I could sit with her at lunch so I did. We talked about ourselfs and I told her how I love One Direction and she kinda tensed up and said I love them too. We walked to the rest of the classes together and we were becoming pretty good friends.

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